Tyra Banks teaches Larry King to “smeyes”

September 22, 2009′


Tyra Banks on Larry King talks about how essential it is for a model to smile with her eyes.

CNN video now embeds on WP.  Relevant conversation starts at (18:00)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

BANKS: Larry, a good model, I think she needs to know how to smeyes.
KING: How to —
BANKS: Smeyes. You know what that is?

BANKS: Smile with her eyes. To smile with your eyes. You have to be able to sell a magazine cover or sell that perfume or sell those clothes, and it all starts with the eyes. I actually did an interview with Lynn Hirschberg from “New York Times Magazine.” And she was like, Tyra, I hear that you know how to smile with your eyes so many different types of ways. And she coined that I can do 275. I’m not sure if I can do that many.

KING: Are you smiling now with your eyes?
BANKS: No, I’m not. Do you want me to do it?
KING: Yes.
BANKS: Do you want me to do it to the camera?
KING: Yes, do the camera.

BANKS: All right, so this is not smeyesing. OK? It’s just dead eyes. And this is smiling with your eyes.

KING: Do all the good models do that?
BANKS: Yes, all the good models know how to do that.
KING: You can’t trademark that.

BANKS: I wish I could trademark that. I could not trademark the actual image.
KING: Why do the eyes sell the product?

BANKS: The eyes, it’s all about the window to the soul. If you’re just dead, like this, you’re not going to sell that eye makeup. But if you’re like, “Buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it.” But it’s not something that just models — women can work this. You can get a second date by smeyesing. You can get a job by smeyesing on that job interview.

KING: Wait a minute. Can men smeyes?

BANKS: Oh, yes, you can smeyes, Larry. Will you try? No, too intense. Soften it. Soften it. Yes, yes, yes. Not with the lips. Only with the eyes. Novocaine mouth. Novocaine mouth. Dead mouth. Squint just a little bit. Not with the lips. Dead lips. Dead lips. Eyes. Nice. Work, work, work, work. Yes, you did it. You’re doing it.

KING: Jeez, I’m falling in love with myself.

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