Wings of Mercy Benefit (Welsh/Harten) no update found

September 29, 2009

Benefit press release
Update: Wings benefit

Flight 1549 posts


I’ve spent more than an hour trying to track down a story of how the Wings of Mercy Hangar Benefit, featuring Flight 1549’s Flight Attendant Doreen Welsh and ATC Patrick Harten, went. I checked the Wings of Mercy website, the air traffic controllers and flight attendants websites, the airport website and tried to find something in the local papers around Buffalo Minnesota and at checked KTKA TV in Pittsburgh and the Beaver County Times which have both done stories on Doreen Welsh before.


That’s enough wasted time. If I come across something I’ll post it.

I did however find something about Doreen Welsh and Sheila Dail that I’ll post. (see link above)

3 Responses to “Wings of Mercy Benefit (Welsh/Harten) no update found”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Welcome Beth.

    You’re totally awesome!

    I looked and couldn’t find anything. Thank you. Doesn’t look like the video will embed here but will get a post up today.

    Thanks also for the info on Sullenberger and Skiles. You’re really up to date. I’ll post on that as well. Have some interesting pix.

    Thanks for stopping by. Paddimint and the rest of the Flight 1549ers will be very happy.

  2. Beth Says:

    I don’t know my way around this website well enough, but wonder if you would also be interested in Sullenberger/Skiles being named new co-chairs of the EAA Young Eagles program, succeeding retiring (actor) Harrison Ford.

    On the EAA’s current front page at
    there is an article, as well as a link to a really interesting radio interview with Captain Skiles, who has just bought an antique airplane 75 years old!

    I appreciate your website and wanted to contribute back, Beth

  3. Beth Says:

    Does this help? Here is a short video from
    3415 University Ave.
    Saint Paul, MN 55114-2099

    It can be found at:

    There are short interviews with both Doreen and Patrick on site at the Wings of Mercy hanger. Looks like might have talked to them just before the event.

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