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Gibbs H1N1 vaccine shortage: blame manufacturer not barry

October 31, 2009

October 30, 2009


Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

Gibbs spins on the H1N1 vaccine shortage…it’s the manufacturer’s fault.

The press corps is starting to ask real questions. Unfortunately, it just makes them look even more ineffectual because Gibbs still is not answering them and they don’t seem to mind.

WH transcript

Q    On H1N1, is there anything that you guys, looking back, could have done differently to have sped up this vaccine?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, let me say I think we have — the numbers that I got earlier today I think there are now 26.2, I believe, million doses that are now — have been now made available.

Q    And there was supposed to be over a hundred million.

MR. GIBBS:  Right.  Well, we have — obviously had problems in the delivery of the vaccine from manufacturers.  The 26.2 million, though, is 3 million more than we had just two days ago.  Look, I think it’s accurate to say the President has been and is frustrated with ensuring that this vaccine is delivered on time, and won’t be satisfied until those that want to be vaccinated from HIN1 have the opportunity through the vaccine to do so.

They knew all that when they gave a total.

Q    Anything the government could have done differently?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, again, I think we have — the manufacturer — the manufacturing of the vaccine, which certainly takes about six to nine months, in this case is taking closer to six months. But it hasn’t been as fast as we were told, or as fast as we had hoped.  But we’ll continue — I know that John Brennan and others meet daily on this topic to ensure that we have the vaccine that we need as quickly as possible.

France” Sanofi Pasteur seems to have had no problems with their vaccine production. They can get out $10 million does in a week and will be delivering all their vaccine on time – to Asia, North and South America.

Q    Was it a mistake believing the private sector on this?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, I think we certainly had hoped that their predictions on this would be correct.

barry declared an H1N1 while they had hoped.

Q    With whom or what is the President frustrated with about the vaccine?

GIBBS:  Well, I think the President is frustrated that all those who want to be vaccinated thus far haven’t had an opportunity to do so.  We had hoped that the vaccine would, as we had been told, be here faster.  It has not.  But the President believes that, and the team believe, they’re making progress.  I noted that there’s 3 million additional doses of the vaccine than there were just two days ago.  And we’re working with state and local authorities to ensure that there are — all that can be done is being done to ensure the speedy delivery of that vaccine.

Q    Is it a bureaucratic breakdown or a vaccine production breakdown?

MR. GIBBS:  I think the — I think right now — again, we’d hoped that what the manufacturer had said in terms of getting the vaccine here earlier would have been true.

Of course. It’s the manufacturer’s fault. There’s supposed to be five separate manufacturers – he mentions one.

How can barry declare an emergency if there’s adequate doses of vaccine?

And why is it folks who don’t want it are being forced to take it and folks who want it can’t get it?

Jill Dougherty – Secretary Clinton in Pakistan

October 31, 2009

October 29, 2009

JILL DOUGHERTY, CNN FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT is traveling with Secretary Clinton in Pakistan- as is MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Ms Dougherty needs to learn a little respect and get rid of the “she” and “her”. Does she call barry “him”?

(via telephone to American Morning): Kiran, the secretary is really trying to get across a message that the relationship between Pakistan and the United States goes way beyond just the fighting terrorism, although that’s a key part, of course, about the relationship.

But you would have to say that that attack in Peshawar, especially because it was a market where women and children were the main victims, really is having an effect. And so at almost every stop since that happened yesterday, she has been mentioning it, saying that we are with you. And so at the same time that she talks about this relationship going beyond terrorism, she has to return to it. It is a scene and many Pakistanis are worried that in working with and cooperating with the United States in this war and fighting against terror, that it’s actually making their lives less secure. And that’s what the secretary is trying to chip away at.

October 30, 2009

JILL DOUGHERTY did a videotaped interview with Secretary Clinton in Pakistan. Clinton says trust is a two-way street….it’s hard to believe that no one in the Pakistani government knows where al Qaeda is or how to get them….mentions the importance of meeting with as many non-government officials as possible and answering and asking tough questions.

DOUGHERTY: Quotes about al Qaeda. Are you saying someone in government is complicit with al Qaeda? Or not following through on getting al Qaeda?

HILLARY CLINTON, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: What I was responding to is what I’ve been really doing on this trip which is that there exists a trust deficit certainly on the part of the Pakistanis toward the United States, toward our intentions and our actions. And yet we have so much in common. We face a common threat. We certainly have a common enemy in extremism and terrorism.

And so part of what I’ve been doing is answering every single charge, every, you know, question. I’m going to continue today to put myself in as many different settings as possible because it’s not adequate just to meet with government officials.

But trust is a two- way street.

And I think it’s important if we’re going to have the kind of cooperative partnership that I think is in the best interest of both of our countries for me to express some of the questions that are on the minds of the American people. And I’m not prejudging the answer but I’m asking the question.

DOUGHERTY: But isn’t that your — is that your own question? Your own personal question?

CLINTON: Well, I’m an American and I think we have every reason to say, look, we are applauding the resolve you’re showing in going after the Taliban extremist who threaten you, but let’s not forget they are now part of a terrorist syndicate that in sort of classic syndicate terms would be headed by al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda provides direction and training and funding and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are certainly encouraging these attacks on the Pakistani government, which are so tragic and which the Pakistani people are determined to beat back.

So even given the success of the Pakistani military’s operation, which has been extremely courageous in Swat and now in South Waziristan, success there is not sufficient. It is necessary because you have to take on these threats wherever they occur, but it’s not sufficient to eliminate the threat that Pakistan faces.

As long as al Qaeda can recruit and send forth suicide bombers, which we’ve seen in our own country with the arrest of Zazi who was clearly connected to al Qaeda, trained at an al Qaeda training camp in Pakistan – I just want to keep putting on the table that we have some concerns as well. And that’s the kind of relationship I’m looking to build here.

DOUGHERTY: Did you underestimate the level of anti-Americanism here?

CLINTON: No, because I’ve been following the research and the polling that’s gone on for a couple of years. I knew that we were inheriting a pretty negative situation that we were going to have to address and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to have a long enough time – three days is obviously a long trip for a secretary of state but I was committed to doing it and finding the time in my schedule because I wanted to have these interactions.

I don’t think it’s – I don’t think the way you deal with negative feelings is to pretend they’re not there. Or to gloss over them or to come just with happy talk.

That’s why I wanted to elicit all these questions from the Pakistani press and the people I met with because I wanted to demonstrate that, look, we are not coming here claiming that everything we’ve done is perfect.

I’ve admitted to mistakes by our country going back in time, but I’ve also reminded people that we’ve been partners and allies from the beginning of Pakistan’s inception as a country. Pakistan has helped us on several important occasions and we are very grateful for that so let’s begin to clear the air here.

We are not going to always agree. That never happens in any relationship that I’m aware of. But we are going to honestly set forth our areas of disagreement but then we’re also going to work on all that we agree on and we’re going to try to demonstrate results from our partnership that the people of Pakistan and the people of our country can see.


Decisive action – not Kumbaya empty promises.

Hardball: Secry Clinton’s straight talk in Pakistan

October 31, 2009

October 31, 2009


Chris Matthews, Michelle Bernard, Jay Newton-Small  discusses Secretary Clinton’s straightforward statements.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dr Regina Benjamin confirmed as Surgeon General

October 31, 2009

October 30, 2009


WH visitors: Soros, ACLU, SEIU, Constitutional Law specialists

October 31, 2009

October 31, 2009

WH is claiming a “new era of transparency”. Transparency in and of itself would be new. They also claim it is “voluntary”.

Voluntary the way one takes a plea bargain to avoid the death penalty.

They were being sued by CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) and were going to have to release the records so they did it “voluntarily” and CREW dropped their lawsuits.

The Administration also thanks CREW for their participation in the development of the new voluntary disclosure policy.

Only names from after September 15 will be released – sometime in December.

January 20 to September 15 – requests will be considered if narrow enough and fit in the parameters.

The Vice President’s residence is the out – they’re only giving up the names of guests at special events there.

And what about Air Force One?

They just released name from 110 requests folks had for specific names from January 20 – July 31, 2009. More than a few interesting names came up and the WH had this to say:

A lot of people visit the White House, up to 100,000 each month, with many of those folks coming to tour the buildings. Given this large amount of data, the records we are publishing today include a few “false positives” – names that make you think of a well-known person, but are actually someone else.  In September, requests were submitted for the names of some famous or controversial figures (for example Michael Jordan, William Ayers, Michael Moore, Jeremiah Wright, Robert Kelly (“R. Kelly”), and Malik Shabazz).  The well-known individuals with those names never actually came to the White House. Nevertheless, we were asked for those names and so we have included records for those individuals who were here and share the same names.

Your choice to believe them.

How many William Ayers, Jeremiah Wrights and Malik Shabazzs are there?

Why “actually”? And what does “well-known individuals” mean?

Nothing. Unless they say specifically: It was not Malik Shabazz, the head of the New Black Panther Party, who said barry was well-acquainted with Louis Farrakhan. It wasn’t the same Jeremiah Wright, who said Hillary ain’t been called no ni**er. It wasn’t the Bill Ayers, who wrote barry’s automythology.


[CAPS are not a “well-known person”]

Al Sharpton

(22 visits) Andrew Stern (SEIU)

Anthony and Heather Podesta (lobbyists)

Bill Gates (Microsoft)

Camden Fine (President, Independent Community Bankers of America)

Cass Sunstein: (Harvard Law, Univ of Chicago ) Constitutional Law specialist, Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

David A. Strauss (Harvard, Oxford, Univ of Chicago) Constitutional Law specialist, argued 18 case before Supreme Court

David O’Reilly (Chevron CEO)

Edward Yingling (American Bankers Association CEO)

(4) George Soros (Master puppeteer)

James Dimon (JP Morgan)

Jeffrey Immelt (General Electric CEO)


Jesse Jackson

John Mack (Morgan Stanley)

John Stumpf (Wells Fargo)

Kenneth Lewis (Bank of America CEO)

Kim Gandy (NOW)

Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs CEO)


Maurice Greenberg (Former AIG chairman)

Rex Tillerson (Exxon Mobil CEO)


Nancy Keenan (NARAL)

Philip Gara LaMarche: (Columbia) President and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, Director, Open Society Policy Center, previous VP & Director, Open Society Institute = The Soros Foundation, former positions in ACLU, present boards of PEN American Center and The White House Project, member of the selection committee for the Sundance Documentary Fund and Leadership Council of Hispanics in Philanthropy. (read him defend barry)

Richard Trumka (President AFL-CIO – previous President UMWA)

(7) Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, M.D., M.B.A., President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a national leader in transforming America’s health systems so people live healthier lives and receive the health care they need.

Robert Kelly (BNY Mellon)

Ron Logue (State Street Bank)

Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO)

Tom Daschle (Tax evader)

Vikram Pandit (Citigroup)


And that’s only 110 requests spanning January 20 – July 31, 2009. Hard to believe MSNBC is behind

How’s barry communicating with bloggers?

October 31, 2009

October 31, 2009

Technorati’s “Top Ten Fallers”


Why Hillary was ruled out as VP

October 31, 2009

October 29, 2009

Hardball Sideshow

The latest campaign book is David Plouffe’s. In it he describes the VP selection. Madame Secretary didn’t make it past top six (top three: Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, Tim Kaine) because barry was afraid of Mr Bill stepping in.

Not quite believable.

The truth is he’s afraid of Hillary Clinton. He knows she will always be more powerful than him on the world stage no matter what he does. She’s already outperforming and outpolling him. Hillary Clinton is more popular and less unpopular than barry…by 12 points. Not that the press informs anyone. His highest job rating is in foreign policy and it’s not because he’s doing anything.

He has never and never will connect with women because outside his chosen flesh and blood he doesn’t care. He allowed his opponent (and her daughter) to be trashed on a daily basis – never once stepping up and saying stop – even after and while she campaigned for him.

He sucks up to the Arabs and is too cowardly to admonish them on the way they treat their wives and daughters. In order for that clenched fist to reach out it has to

In his Minneapolis and Denver speeches he never mentioned his mother, whose side he was not by when she not all that unexpectedly died. He used his grandmother, who made his life possible, to cover for that hateful, anti-American racist. He didn’t even respect his grandmother enough to stay for what he knew would be her last birthday and then left his sister to mourn and make arrangements all by herself.

That’s how he shows respect for his white relatives. The black “he” wrote a book about and in it portrayed his real family, who loved, fed, clothed, sheltered and paid for his education, as examples of typical white person racists. He was so thankful to his family for raising him that he for a long time kept his white mother a secret to his future mother-in-law.

Why would he care about women unrelated to him – whatever their color – if that’s how he speaks and thinks of the whiteys who raised him after his black genetic donor abandoned him?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

barry: I still think Hillary has a lot of what I’m looking for in a VP: smart, disciplined, steadfastness. I think Bill may be too big a complication. If I picked her, my concern is that there would be more than two of us in the relationship.

Shows how little he knows of the Clintons. Or history.

Besides not trusting “Hillary” to make sure it didn’t happen – Mr Bill owes a debt that could have been paid down.

VP Biden is such the picture of smart, disciplined, steadfastness and Change! It’s why we see and hear less from him than Emanuel and Axelrod.

Plouffe wrote that Biden was picked  “because of his grasp of the issues and his blue collar moxie”.

Nothing Hillary Clinton doesn’t have.

Truest reason: barry gets discovered — good old Hillary becomes president. Not happening.

Regis dresses up as Susan Boyle (video)

October 31, 2009

October 30, 2009


(Video) Meet the new Cubs’ owners: The Ricketts’ Family

October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

The Ricketts Family officially has control of the Cubbies.


Ricketts lined up by age: Pete (Omaha), Team Chairman Tom (Wilmette), Laura (Chicago) and Todd (Chicago)

They grew up in Omaha Nebraska and without WGN they might have been St Louis fans. Their father J. Ricketts’ graduated from Creighton.

Jim Hendry coached Creighton’s baseball team all the way to the College World Series and had number retired. The one and only CWS appearance and the one and only retired number in Creighton baseball history.

Probably enough to forgive last year, Soriano and Bradley. Kerry Wood, Mark DeRosa and Zambrano are another matter.


J. Joseph Ricketts, founded Ameritrade when Tom was 8 years old. The Ricketts’ childhood is described as normal middle class with their father working 80 hour weeks and worrying about paying bills. Ricketts senior let it be known that he wanted his children to establish themselves through their own hard work and would not be allowed to join TD Ameritrade until they reached the age of 30.

Tom Ricketts is the second oldest [runs a small investment bank] and lives with his wife Cecelia and their five children in Wilmette.

His older brother J. Peter Ricketts lives in Omaha [invests in startup companies] and was the unsuccessful Republican nominee for the 2006 U.S. Senate race in Nebraska.

Younger sister Laura Ricketts developed and runs and serves on the board of directors of Lambda Legal.

Todd Ricketts “manages his investments”, including a bike shop in Highland Park.

Joe Ricketts (68) is no longer CEO of TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., but he and son Pete remain on the board. The family is one of its largest stockholders at approx 17% of the shares – even after they sold 34M shares to buy the Cubs. Joe Ricketts still owns more than 90M shares = approx $1.8B.

I hope they sell a few more shares and buy back Mark DeRosa for whatever he wants.

The Ricketts’ coming out video.

Welcome to The Friendly Confines.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


[hand transcribed]

Ricketts goals/plans

  • Win the World Series
  • Improve and preserve Wrigley
  • Enhance the fans’ experience
  • They’re fans first
  • “Traditionalists”
  • Understand the “vibe of Wrigley”
  • Want to pass it on to next generation
  • Long term commitment to the team = good long term decisions
  • Reinvest the profits back into Wrigley
  • Lot of time and money to fix it
  • No name change – never even considered it
  • Haven’t considered personal seat licenses
  • Want to be good neighbors
  • Open-minded on new Spring Training location
  • No talks with Sandberg or “baseball people”
  • Payroll won’t be an issue (already $140M – 3rd highest)
  • Build the best franchise in baseball – bar none.

I think it already is…it’s just victory challenged.

TOM tidbits:

  • There’s no curse
  • Met his wife in CF bleachers
  • Has five kids
  • Favorite player: Andre Dawson

Strike one – should have said Ron Santo.


It’s going to be a big difference between family ownership and corporate ownership. For one thing, as you can tell from talking to us, we all have the same agenda, which may not always be happening inside a corporation.

We just want to win.We want to bring a championship back here.

Championship back? How many folks are alive to remember that last one?

Secondly, one thing we can do that Tribune may not have been able to do — or may have decided not to have done — is re-invest the profits here. We’re going to take the money we make and put it back into the stadium to preserve the experience for the next generation.

And I think the third thing is, with a family ownership, you can create a culture of accountability and excellence that maybe was more difficult to do when they were just one asset under the Tribune umbrella. We want to build the best franchise in baseball, bar none.

Everything we do is going to be first class. And we’ll just keep investing in this asset, and I think if we keep doing that, there may be ups and downs in the wins and loss column, but as long as we show we’re committed and people really know we’re committed, then I think it will go well, the public side of this whole package.

LAURA: (42) expects to be involved in community and government relations as well as the Cubs’ charities

We’d never want to tarnish the look and feel of this great tradition. And as always – the fans come first. That will be the most important factor when making changes.

I’m excited to have an opportunity to hopefully bring a championship to Chicago. We’re in a position now and we have an opportunity to make that happen.

We want to be good neighborsbe respectful of the community.

We’d really love to be known as the lovable winners instead of the lovable losers.

TODD: (40)

If you just win, everything else takes care of itself.

As a fan in the ’80s and ’90s, we’d all look at the roster at the beginning of the season, and the word ‘hope’ would always come out…For us, hope is just not a strategy anymore.

The reality is: this is about having fun.

If we’re not having fun, then we’re doing something wrong.

PETE: (45)

Leaving Wrigley:

Not if any of us ever wanted to set foot in Chicago again. We like coming to Chicago way too much.

Naming rights:

That would be a tough one to change. Not sure how you’d get away with that one.

Updating Wrigley:

We can look around and see, ‘How can we adapt these things for the Cubs?’…we have to look at what other people are doing — think creatively and apply it to Wrigley Field. When it comes to things like the Jumbotron, or whatever it’s going to be, we’ll have to see what other people are doing, but remember we have to preserve the Wrigley experience here to make sure it’s a Chicago fit.


[leaving Wrigley] never would’ve been a thought that crossed our minds. And we also understand there’s the actual game on the field and the actual experience of being in the stadium. We have to be respectful to both of those things. That’s what combines to make this the magical place it is.

You’d put us more in the camp of traditionalists, because we all have a feel for the Wrigley vibe. There’s something special about seeing a game here, that I think we all understand. … We’ll be open-minded to opportunities down the line to improve the stadium, but I think typically we’re going to be pretty close to the experience the fans love already.

Calling Wrigley Field a beer garden is unfair. Obviously, people come out here and socialize as well as watch a game. But there are a lot of people who come out here with a focus on baseball, and a lot of fans — real fans — when you talk to people around, it’s not like they just got their season tickets.

People have been coming here for 25 years or they came with their grandfather. [And grandmothers.] Obviously there is a social aspect to Wrigley that’s terrific, but I wouldn’t call it a beer garden.

Re: GM JIM HENDRY (3 years left on contract)

TOM: Jim is obviously under contract, but we like Jim and want to give him the opportunity to bring us a winner in 2010….We expect payroll to be comparable, if not slightly higher, next year. But, as you also know, the dollars leaving the door is not the issue. It’s the third highest payroll.

The issue is getting the right performance for the number of dollars you spend.

Soriano, Bradley, Zambrano, Greg, Hardin….

They don’t plan on being hands-on owners.

TOM: If we interject ourselves in those day-to-day decisions, then it’s going to be very difficult to hold anyone accountable at the end of the year.

And Milton Bradley?

TOM: That’s a question for Jim. We’ll just leave it at that.

Remember – he’s a fan first. Bradley is gone.

Re: LOU PINIELLA (1 year left on contract)


Lou Piniella is one of the best managers in baseball. He has an option to come back next year and we hope he does. I think he’s the right guy to improve on this year’s performance.

Lou of old maybe. Joe Giardi looks like the better pick now.


  • Developing the Triangle Building in the parking lot west of the ballpark, bordering Clark Street
  • Fans: food, players: weight room and clubhouse
  • Immediate improvement of restrooms and concessions
  • Improve flow of traffic on the concourse after the game
  • Possibly restoring beer vendors to the bleachers
  • Not sure about Jumbotron (in/out of park)
  • No discussion of more night games

They were nervous – only Cubfans would be nervous. Very reassuring as were their words: excited, excellence, opportunity, family ownership, traditionalists, same agenda, neighborhood, Wrigley vibe, preserve the Wrigley experience, down the road, long term, commitment, accountability, reinvest, next generation, franchise, strategy, fun.

A man who met his wife at Wrigley is not going to overhaul it, change the scoreboard or the name (as lomg as he remains happily married). That’s enough for me. If they can somehow get Ronnie into the Hall of Fame all the better.

As for the World Series? The last time I uttered those words they were preceded by: Only 5 outs away from.

Now if Mr Ricketts would stop calling it a stadium…

Source: Tribune’s PAUL SULLIVAN via WGN

Sullivan did not quote Laura Ricketts. Not a word. I imagine she will make that clear to him. Actually I can see her older brother taking care of it. Says alot about Sullivan and his should be seen and not heard view of women. What Laura Ricketts said and how she said it made clear they were raised Cubfans and she made sure to mention the neighborhood.

Speaker Pelosi re: Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Act

October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

After barry signed an extension of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Act, Speaker Nanci Pelosi issued the following statement:

Today’s signing of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act by President Obama offers a lifeline of care, treatment, and support to low-income Americans living with this disease. Every year, this legislation guarantees access to lifesaving medical services, primary care, and medications for more than 500,000 patients, nearly half of all those living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Reauthorizing the Ryan White Act allows us to build on this progress, save lives, and help create a healthier America.

As everyone knows, San Francisco was hit early and hard by the devastation of AIDS. But San Franciscans responded to the needs of our neighbors by developing a system of community-based care that became the model for the Ryan White CARE Act when it was first enacted in 1990. As a result, San Francisco produced data that showed the country comprehensive HIV/AIDS care and services not only saves lives, but also saves money by keeping people healthy and productive.

San Francisco continues to stand on the front lines of the fight against HIV/AIDS. As such, many of us were disappointed when the Bush Administration implemented the 2006 reauthorization in a way that caused drastic cuts to several jurisdictions, including San Francisco. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans objected to correcting these implementation flaws in this reauthorization. However, I remain committed to responding to these needs through the appropriations process, as we have done each year since the Bush Administration first attempted to impose these destabilizing cuts.

Today’s announcement by President Obama that he will lift the rule barring people with HIV/AIDS from entering the United States marks a courageous and critical step forward in the fight against this disease. America must lead by action and by example – and the Ryan White Act and the President’s lifting of the travel ban both achieve that goal as we continue the battle against HIV/AIDS.

POTUS signs extension of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Act

October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

Speaker Pelosi statement

Today barry signed an extension of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Act, which provides for education, prevention and treatment programs for HIV patients.

He will officially lift the 22 y/o ban on folks entering the US who are infected with HIV on Monday.

BARRY: We lead the world when it comes to helping stem the AIDS pandemic — yet we are one of only a dozen countries that still bar people from HIV from entering our own country. If we want to be the global leader in combating HIV/AIDS, we need to act like it.


Ryan’s mom, Jeanne White-Ginder looks on. (In front of Speaker Pelosi)


No longer in jeopardy is the US hosting of the 2012 World Aids Conference.

World’s stupidest criminals use Sharpie to mask selves

October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

Dumb, 23, and dumber, 20, are kicking back having a few brews when they allegedly decide to break into a house of a man who might be going out with one of their girlfriends. (That must be a story all its own.)  Lacking Halloween masks, stocking hats, bandannas, nylons, towels, t-shirts, scarves, paper bags or even sunglasses they decide to Sharpie their faces as a disguise. Needless to say they hadn’t gotten to step three: how to remove their masks. They were apprehended and charged with 2nd degree burglary and first degree idiocy.

No word on whether they did their own makeup.

Carroll, Iowa.

Attn BC sleuths: Anyone found the 1981 UPI article on barry?

October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits



Since folks have been doing such a good job uncovering things – I wondered if anyone has tracked down this article.

It’s from mybarackobama (barry’s official campaign blog) back in April 2008 on the Bill Ayers and barry are not pals page. barry said he had nothing to do with Ayers because was ‘only 8 years old” [during the Days of Rage]. And 40 years later he demands to celebrate in the very same place. And, for his part, Bill Ayers was refused entry into Canada the day before the Inauguration.

[Ayers/Dohrn reminisce about Grant Park.]

Factcheck references a source: Obama birth certificate, UPI, October 21, 1981“.




I wonder if that’s how UPI got Queens Hospital as his birthplace for their November 4, 2008 article. The very same article that 8 months later suddenly needed correcting after WND ran a story on the Kapi’olani Hospital letter. The question is how long did WND know it was there?


1-1981 barry was still officially a British/Kenyan citizen.

2-The day prior, October 20, 1981, was the day of the Weather Underground Brinks robbery, when Ayers’ pals Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert killed two policemen and a Brinks guard and left 9 children fatherless.

Read their cowardly acts of domestic terrorism in today’s context.

They planned on bombing Fort Dix but instead became unintended suicide bombers.

During the trial, the defense called one witness: Nathaniel Burns aka Sekou Odinga.

Odd name isn’t it?

No conspiracy theory.

Just facts.

Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dohrn raised the terrorists’ 14-month-old son Chesa, who became a Rhodes Scholar and according to wiki is in law school. His uncle, Kathy Boudin’s older brother, Michael Boudin was an Appeals Court judge.

Brinks’ guard Joe Trombino, survived his wounds – a near severed arm – only to be murdered by foreign terrorists on September 11, 2001. The same day Ayers’: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” was published in the NY Times along with a pix of him standing on the flag.

The author of the President of the United States’ autobiography pictured desecrating the flag and saying he didn’t regret bombing…the Capitol Building, the Pentagon and NY City.

3-1981 barry allegedly traveled to Pakistan. The trip appeared out of nowhere once some folks noticed he’d never been to Pakistan or Afghanistan. I think it’s a lie. He wouldn’t have wasted the opportunity to document more racial slights and to brag about his understanding of Muslims when he adamantly says he wasn’t raised one.

FACTCHECK: Also, a travel advisory from the State Department dated Aug. 17, 1981 notes that Americans traveling to Pakistan require a 30-day visa, and that any staying longer must check in with Pakistan’s Foreigner Registration Office.

So why was his passport file broken into?

4-1981 barry, no longer 8, arrived at Columbia. Ayers was already there working on his doctorate. Within weeks of barry’s arrival — the Brinks robbery goes down – thirty minutes away.

Nothing necessarily has to do with anything but it’s almost as tidy as Judge Carter’s law clerk going to the same high school as barry’s mother.

Barnett/Keyes v Obama: DISMISSED

October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009


Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Judge Carter GRANTED barry’s Motion to Dismiss.


But there were two important outcomes:

1-Third-party presidential candidates have standing.

2-Quo warranto is not unreasonable, it’s the only way to unseat barry, needs to be brought in DC.

Judge Carter methodically went through each group of Plaintiffs and explained why they don’t have standing – for the same reason as always. He conceded that the presidential candidates potentially have standing but they fell short on redressability.

He then went into quo warranto, FOIA, RICO and the other defendants. And then Taitz’s behavior, her supporters contacting the Court, affidavits of suborning perjury, bad-mouthing the judiciary who’ve have ruled against her.

Judge Carter’s opinion is logical and almost entirely unemotional. He showed displeasure with Taitz but did so professionally, leaving the obvious unsaid.

There were no comments about barry undergoing excessive vetting during  the most hotly contested presidential primary [sic] in living memory.” No “blogged, texted, twittered and massaged” rants. No inappropriate “birther movements” or Alice in Wonderland or Yogi Berra quotes.

In fact, there were no real comments on vetting except to mention that Clinton and McCain didn’t bring suit.

Italicized were the amount of votes (69 million) that barry received – as if the sheer number was an argument all its own.

And ACORN? The caucuses? Hillary Clinton had more physical ballot votes than barry and with ACORN there’s no question.

Judge Carter said it would have been a different case had it been filed before barry was inaugurated. Which is odd (and unfounded) since Berg’s case–the original case–was dismissed by Judge Surrick before barry was elected (Oct 24) for the same lack of standing. One would think Judge Carter would know the precedents.

{Not a lawyer of any sort] But I think Judge Carter opened the door with this:

Plaintiffs argue that despite the fact that President Obama has produced a birth certificate from the state of Hawaii, there is evidence that the President was born in Kenya, thus making him ineligible to be President.

They most definitely did not argue that. barry’s Hawaii birth certificate does not exist for Taitz and her Plaintiffs until barry shows his long form birth certificate aka what Dr Fukino redefined as “original vital records”. And Taitz filed an affidavit claiming proof that barry’s COLB is a forgery.

Why do the Courts accept that digital image at face value?

Judge Carter quotes the Rhodes case and rules similarly, except Judge Land’s “SHALL NOT” was replaced by “WILL NOT”:

The Court will not interfere with internal military affairs nor be used as a tool for officers to avoid deployment. The Court has a word for such a refusal to follow the orders of the President of the United States, but will leave it up to the military.

Active Military:

Plaintiff Freese fails to meet the Article III standing requirements.

Retired/Inactive Military:

Plaintiffs fail to meet the Article III standing requirements because of hypothetical and speculative nature of injury.

State Representatives:

lack Article III standing because their claim of possible theft charges “should they accept federal funds pursuant to a unconstitutionally elected president is highly speculative and conjectural.

Federal taxpayer plaintiffs:

have failed to allege injury-in-fact.

Alleged barry relative Kurt Fuqua has no special consideration as a relative over a nonrelative general citizen.

Plaintiff’s stake in this controversy as a citizen is no greater than the millions of United States citizens, and the harm he alleges is too vague. As such, Fuqua has not alleged an injury-in-fact because the grievance of a citizen in the alleged violation of the natural born clause is too generalized.

Political candidates are the only plaintiffs who potentially satisfy the injury-in-fact requirement – so Judge Carter switched to redressability issue.

In order for Plaintiffs’ alleged injury to be fully redressed, Plaintiffs would have the Court intervene, upheave the results of a national election, declare the president illegitimate, shut down the functioning of the government of the United States and leave the country defenseless.

Whose job is it to make sure qualifications are fulfilled?

Constitutional requirements for president are absolute but there are no instructions on which branch should evaluate whether the qualifications are fulfilled.

Because the Court finds that it does not have the power nor the right to redress the political candidates’ claim on the basis that they fail to address the redressability requirement of Article III standing.

Therefore the Court find that it lacks jurisdiction because the Palintiffs have failed to establish standing or injury-in-factand redressability grounds.


Quo Warranto:

Quo Warranto provision codified in the District of Columbia code provides, “a quo warranto may be issued form the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the name of the United State against a person who within the District of Columbia usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or executes, a franchise conferred by the Unnted States ot or a public office of the United States, civil or military.

Thus it has to be brought in DC. Taitz was told this and her response was they won’t give it a fair shot because they are barry minions. That’s a straightforward sanctionable act for wasting the Court’s time if he was so inclined.


Freedom of Information Act:


As far as the other defendants:


FOOTNOTE: The inclusion of the First Lady in this lawsuit, comsidering she holds no constitutional office, is baffling.

Conduct of Counsel:

The hearings have been interesting to say the least. Plaintiffs’ arguments through Taitz have generally failed to aid the Court.The Court has attempted to give Plaintiffs a voice and a chance to be heard by respecting their choice of counsel and by making every effort to discern the arguments of Counsel’s case amongst the rhetoric.

Case brought Jan 20, 2009 and defendants weren’t properly served until Aigust 25th.

Taitz also continually refused to comply with court rules and procedures.

Taitz claims she did not tell folks on her blog to contact the Court.

Taitz encouraged her supporters to contact the Court this Court via letters and phone calls. It was improper and unethical of her as an attorney to encourage her supporters to attempt to influence this Court’s decision.

Not named, but he’s referring to the Affidavits of Lucas scumball Smith and Larry Sinclair:

The Court is deeply concerned that Taitz may have suborned perjury through witnesses she intended to bring before the Court.

A professional warning not to call the judge treasonous. Nowhere does he mention sanction or the intent to report Taitz ot the California Bar.

Plaintiffs have attacked the judiciary, including every prior court that have dismissed their claim, as unpatriotic and even treasonous for refusing to grant their requests and for adhering to the terms of the Constitution which set forth its jurisdiction.

Respecting the constitutional and jurisdiction of this Court is not unpatriotic.

Quite the contrary, the Court considers committment to that constitutional role to be the ultimate reflection of patriotism.


Thanks to Jack Ryan as always.

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Raise $300K for DNC = quarterly meetings with senior barry advisors

October 29, 2009

October 28, 2009

The WH agreed in August to release the name of everyone who enters the WH. “WAVES records will denote who that person is, when they came, how long they were here, and who they met with.” However they are only releasing them [late December] from Sept 15 onward. Gibbs said they didn’t have an adequate system in place to keep track before. An obvious lie. The Secret Service has a list of every single person who enters the WH. What they do with it and how long they keep it is another matter.

Requests concerning earlier dates “are being entertained and fulfilled”.

But only if the requests are narrow and include specific names to be checked. MSNBC of all people has requested a list of all visitors since Inauguration Day, going so far as to file an administrative appeal with the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret Service.

And releasing the names wasn’t a spontaneous act of transparency. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sued the WH to release the names of the healthcare and energy people who met with barry. And when the WH saw they were going to have to release them they agreed and CREW dropped the lawsuits. Something Gibbs conveniently leaves out of the discussion.

But he does get asked about donors getting special privileges such as bowling, a night in the Lincoln bedroom or an Oval Office visit. A DNC document says that if you raise $300,000 before the 2010 midterm elections, you get quarterly meetings with senior members of the Obama administration.


Press briefing

Q: The Washington Times is reporting today that the President has awarded big donors to the Democratic National Committee with various access to senior officials here at the White House.  One donor got a birthday visit to the Oval Office.  Obviously I know other White Houses, Democrats, Republicans, have done things like this.  But the President last year promised to clean this up.  What went wrong?

MR. GIBBS: Well, Ed, I think understanding what this President has done is institute the very toughest ethics and transparency rules of any administration in history. [Rules that aren’t enforced.] We’re the first administration in history that will soon provide a list of each and every person that visits the White House, something that’s never been done before.

The Democratic National Committee does not accept contributions from registered federal lobbyists or political action committees and hasn’t done so since President Obama became the party’s nominee last year.  I think as the statement that we issued said, a contributor — contributing doesn’t guarantee a visit to the White House, nor does it preclude it.

Q    It appears that people are getting special access because of these donations.  If you’ve taken those other positive steps, why not shut off access?

MR. GIBBS:  Hundreds of thousands of people have visited this White House since the President came in, and I think the President has returned to a stance of transparency and ethics that hasn’t been matched by any other White House. [“Stance” does not equal actuality]

Q    The RNC is calling for the White House to release the names of donors who have gotten special access to White House advisors and perks like the bowling alley. Will you release those names?

MR. GIBBS:  Every name of every person that comes to this White House will be released.

Q    In the past, too?

MR. GIBBS:  I think there soon will be some look-back list that will be released.  But again, Chip, this — this is something, again, that for the first time in any administration at any point in our history, we’ve undertaken releasing publicly those names.  I would remind — let me just also — the Republican National Committee — there’s two political parties, two major political parties in this country.  One party doesn’t accept contributions from registered federal lobbyists. That same party doesn’t accept contributions from political action committees.  It’s not the committee with which you just asked me the question on.

Q    Are you saying the White House will release the names of any donors who come in, and then, say did they meet with particular White House advisors as — in exchange for those contributions?

MR. GIBBS:  Through an agreement that we announced in August, the names of people that come to the White House will be released, and any contributor’s name —

Q    But will we know what they did —

MR. GIBBS:  — is released as per the forms on the FEC.

Q    Will it simply be a name on a list, or will we know that they came here to meet with a senior White House official in exchange for a contribution?

MR. GIBBS:  Chip, as we did this briefing in August, I’ll remind you that the WAVES records will denote who that person is, when they came, how long they were here, and who they met with — again, a standard not met by any other previous White House.

Q    We will know if they used the White House bowling alley, for example?

MR. GIBBS:  There are only a couple of people that I know that have used the residence bowling alley. I can report to you that Ethan Gibbs, with the bumpers down, bowled a couple of games while eating some chicken fingers.

Q    Was there a quid pro quo here?

MR. GIBBS:  No, of course not.

Q    Well, the DNC documents actually say those who raise $300,000 before the 2010 midterm elections get quarterly meetings with senior members of the Obama administration.

MR. GIBBS:  I’ll point you to the DNC on that.

Q    But they’re with White House officials.

MR. GIBBS:  Again, I’ll point you to the DNC.

Q    How can you point us to them when it’s White House officials who the meetings are with?  Do you know if any of these donors have had a night in the Lincoln Bedroom — reminding of an earlier controversy?

MR. GIBBS:  Not that I’m aware of.

Q    Just to follow up on Chip’s question, when — the first round of these releases is December 15th, is when we’re supposed to get them?

MR. GIBBS:  I don’t — it’s sometime in late December, yes.

Q    That will be for everybody going back three months?  Is that how it’s going to work, every three months we will get the previous three months?

MR. GIBBS:  That’s what I understand, yes.

Q    Quick cleanup.  On the disclosure things, the statement that just came out said they were coming out monthly.  I think you said quarterly.  Or did I get that wrong?

MR. GIBBS:  I thought it was quarterly.  I will double-check.

Q    You decided sort of throughout the course of these last few months that you will release the visitors logs –

MR. GIBBS:  This particular decision I think was finalized in August, yes.

Q    Right, which indicates that as the administration goes along you’re willing to sort of create new policies or change rules based on the optics of things.  Does the President believe that anything should be changed going forward from here about the Democratic contributors coming to the White House?

MR. GIBBS:  I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about that today.  But understand that what the President campaigned on — toughening our ethics rules, making more transparent our transparency policy — was something that he was passionate about and is proud of the progress that we’ve made in ensuring that.  We had 4 million contributors to a presidential campaign.  Ninety percent of those contributions were in the form of small donations.  The President was clear with all of us that as it related to those that came to the White House, that those names could — or that those names should and would be public.  And the President will continue to work on this.

Q    Besides the aspects of the transparency, does the President believe that allowing donors to visit the White House, if their names are released or not, is in the spirit of what he was talking about during the campaign?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, again, as I said, giving a contribution to the DNC doesn’t guarantee you a visit here, nor should it or would it prohibit that.

Q    But it obviously helps get the potential of a visit here.

MR. GIBBS:  Four hundred thousand people have visited this White House since the President was inaugurated.

Q    Back on the visitor logs.  Those logs, as I understand it, will be released on the 31st of December?

MR. GIBBS:  I’ve got to check on the exact dates of — I think they will come out on a frequent basis on a certain day.

Q    But they only go — but they only start with the visitors that came after September 15th.  Why is that?  And will the White House consider releasing records of visitors prior to that?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, there is — I think there are going to be requests that have been made for records that will be done — that have been made and it will be released shortly on earlier visits, understanding that one of the things — that this was a question fairly early in the administration, that I said the administration was working on a process for how to do this — understanding that the computer system that you have to go through, that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people have to go through in order to get into here, was not equipped to do what our administration asked of it to do.  That process we put together in order to ensure going forward those names would be released.  And if people have requests, they should be sent to the White House.

Q    So you’re saying, though, that the West Wing meetings, the records for those meetings prior to September 15 are not being released because there wasn’t adequate records –

MR. GIBBS:  I’m saying that all those names — there’s a process — again, I appreciate — everybody seems much more interested in this policy today than they were when we actually rolled out a policy that changed several hundred years of history.

Q    And you’ll tell us when big contributors come to the White House and in exchange for their contributions have meetings with White House officials?

MR. GIBBS:  Again, the process of accumulating those records.

Q    So they will be released en masse?

MR. GIBBS:  No.  I’ve answered this now twice, Jon.  If people have — and I think your paper does — have requests that look back, those requests are being entertained and fulfilled.

Q    Robert, keeping with the administration’s ethical tone, why not set a policy that says campaign bundlers and donors will have no more access to the White House campus or senior administration officials than the ordinary American?

MR. GIBBS:  Peter, the President believes strongly in transparency, [he just doesn’t practice it] that people can determine whether — who’s here, why they’re here, and for what course of business; that transparency in that way in the best policy.  There are people that gave money that the President has been personal friends with since they went to school.  I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to preclude somebody like that from coming here simply because they gave money.  David Axelrod couldn’t work here if that were the case — he’s a donor.

And a lobbyist.

POTUS signs Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act (text/video)

October 29, 2009

October 28, 2009

2008 Hate Crime stats
Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act passes

barry signs the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act



After listing others who were present. [emphasis added]

Mr. David Bohnett and Mr. Tom Gregory and the David Bohnett Foundation — they are partners for this reception.

And finally, and most importantly, because these were really the spearheads of this effort  — Denis, Judy, and Logan Shepard. As well as Betty Byrd Boatner and Louvon Harris  — sisters of James Byrd, Jr.

To all the activists, all the organizers, all the people who helped make this day happen, thank you for your years of advocacy and activism, pushing and protesting that made this victory possible.

You know, as a nation we’ve come far on the journey towards a more perfect union.  And today, we’ve taken another step forward.  This afternoon, I signed into law the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

This is the culmination of a struggle that has lasted more than a decade.  Time and again, we faced opposition.  Time and again, the measure was defeated or delayed.  Time and again we’ve been reminded of the difficulty of building a nation in which we’re all free to live and love as we see fit.  But the cause endured and the struggle continued, waged by the family of Matthew Shepard, by the family of James Byrd, by folks who held vigils and led marches, by those who rallied and organized and refused to give up, by the late Senator Ted Kennedy who fought so hard for this legislation and all who toiled for years to reach this day.

You understood that we must stand against crimes that are meant not only to break bones, but to break spirits — not only to inflict harm, but to instill fear.  You understand that the rights afforded every citizen under our Constitution mean nothing if we do not protect those rights — both from unjust laws and violent acts.  And you understand how necessary this law continues to be.

In the most recent year for which we have data, the FBI reported roughly 7,600 hate crimes in this country. Over the past 10 years, there were more than 12,000 reported hate crimes based on sexual orientation alone.  And we will never know how many incidents were never reported at all.

And that’s why, through this law, we will strengthen the protections against crimes based on the color of your skin, the faith in your heart, or the place of your birth.  We will finally add federal protections against crimes based on gender, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  And prosecutors will have new tools to work with states in order to prosecute to the fullest those who would perpetrate such crimes. Because no one in America should ever be afraid to walk down the street holding the hands of the person they love.  No one in America should be forced to look over their shoulder because of who they are or because they live with a disability.

At root, this isn’t just about our laws; this is about who we are as a people.  This is about whether we value one another
— whether we embrace our differences, rather than allowing them to become a source of animus.  It’s hard for any of us to imagine the mind-set of someone who would kidnap a young man and beat him to within an inch of his life, tie him to a fence, and leave him for dead.  It’s hard for any of us to imagine the twisted mentality of those who’d offer a neighbor a ride home, attack him, chain him to the back of a truck, and drag him for miles until he finally died.

But we sense where such cruelty begins:  the moment we fail to see in another our common humanity — the very moment when we fail to recognize in a person the same fears and hopes, the same passions and imperfections, the same dreams that we all share.

We have for centuries strived to live up to our founding ideal, of a nation where all are free and equal and able to pursue their own version of happiness.  Through conflict and tumult, through the morass of hatred and prejudice, through periods of division and discord we have endured and grown stronger and fairer and freer.  And at every turn, we’ve made progress not only by changing laws but by changing hearts, by our willingness to walk in another’s shoes, by our capacity to love and accept even in the face of rage and bigotry.

In April of 1968, just one week after the assassination of Martin Luther King, as our nation mourned in grief and shuddered in anger, President Lyndon Johnson signed landmark civil rights legislation.  This was the first time we enshrined into law federal protections against crimes motivated by religious or racial hatred — the law on which we build today.

As he signed his name, at a difficult moment for our country, President Johnson said that through this law “the bells of freedom ring out a little louder.”  That is the promise of America.  Over the sounds of hatred and chaos, over the din of grief and anger, we can still hear those ideals — even when they are faint, even when some would try to drown them out.  At our best we seek to make sure those ideals can be heard and felt by Americans everywhere.  And that work did not end in 1968.  It certainly does not end today.  But because of the efforts of the folks in this room — particularly those family members who are standing behind me — we can be proud that that bell rings even louder now and each day grows louder still.

So thank you very much.  God bless you and God bless the United States of America.


Previously at the signing: I promised Judy Shepard, when she saw me in the Oval Office, that this day would come, and I’m glad that she and her husband Dennis could join us for this event.  I’m also honored to have the family of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, who fought so hard for this legislation.  And Vicki and Patrick, Kara, everybody who’s here, I just want you all to know how proud we are of the work that Ted did to help this day — make this day possible.  So — and thank you for joining us here today.

So, with that, I’m going to sign this piece of legislation.

NBC/WSJ Poll: barry, Afghanistan, Same-sex marriage

October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

Hillary Clinton more popular than barry…by 12 pts!

Oct. 22-25
1,009 adults
MoE +/- 3.1

Direction country headed in (Oct 17) – (Oct 9)
Right direction 12 – 38
Wrong direction 78 – 52

Mixed/not sure 7/3 — 9/3

barry favorability
Very positive 36
Somewhat 20
Neutral 11
Somewhat negative 12
Very negative 12

barry overall job performance
Approve 51
Disapprove 32
Not sure 7


Increase troop level (Oct) – (Sept)
YES 47 – 44
NO 43 – 51
Strongly support 28 -19
Somewhat support 19 – 25
Somewhat oppose 15 – 20
Strongly oppose 28 – 31
Not sure 10 – 5

Afghanistan options Acceptable – unacceptable – not sure
40K more troops: 43 – 49 – 8
10K more troops: 55 – 36 – 9
No more troops – specific attacks: 46 – 43 – 11
Withdraw nearly all – specific attacks: 45 – 45 – 10

Who should make decision on troops?
POTUS & Secretary of Defense 25
Generals in charge in Afghanistan 62!
Some of both 9

Foreign policy
Approve 51
Disapprove 39
Not sure 10

Handling economy
Approve 47
Disapprove 46
Not sure 7

Healthcare reform overall
Approve 43
Disapprove 48

Not sure 9

Good idea: 38
Bad idea: 42

Congress overallhealthcare
Approve 24 – 23
Disapprove 65 – 64

Not sure 11 – 13

Nancy Pelosi – Harry Reid
Very positive 8 – 2
Somewhat positive 18 – 12
Neutral 16 – 18
Somewhat negative 9 – 7
Very negative 33 – 19
Don’t know name/Not sure 16 – 42

Democratic – Republican party
Very positive 13 – 6
Somewhat 28 – 19
Neutral 20 – 27
Somewhat negative 14 – 23
Very negative 22 – 23

Allowing Same-Sex Marriages (Oct) – (March)
Favor 4130
Strongly favor 26 – 18
Somewhat favor 15 – 12
Oppose 4962
Somewhat oppose 9 – 10
Strongly oppose 40 – 31
Depends 3 – 3
Not sure 7 – 5

Medical marijuana ok?
Legalize 73
Remain illegal 23

King Saudi pardons female journalist who did nothing

October 28, 2009

October 27, 2009


Rep Grayson: “She’s a K Street whore”

October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

Another pig gets caught on talk radio – only he said it a month ago. Imagine what they say when they’re sure no one’s listening.

It’s the same Democrat, Rep Alan Grayson (D-FL), who on the House floor, dramatically revealed the Republican’s healthcare plan, which he basically equated to death panels.


The Republican‘s healthcare plan is a blank piece of paper…

It’s my duty and pride tonight to be able to announce exacly what the Republicans plan to do for healthcare in America. Very simply, it’s a very simple plan. Republicans healthcare for America. Don’t get sick.

…And they have a backup plan: If you do get sick, die quickly.


This time he chose to call a woman (Enron lobbyist Linda Robinson) — whose name he didn’t even know — a “K-street whore”. He was on the “Alex Jones Show”. Here’s the audio. Listen to the intonation on “whore”, which he said he “did not intend”.


GRAYSON: This lobbyist, this K Street whore is trying to teach me about economics…and all of US.

JONES: [Laughs] Who was that particular K Street whore?

GRAYSON: I don’t remember her name.

Earlier today, Grayson’s spokesman, Todd Jurkowski, sent a statement to CNN defending his boss:

Why is this coming up now? This interview happened weeks ago. This is just another way for the NRCC to attack their number 1 target.

She actually questioned his understanding of the difference between fiscal and monetary policy. She had the audacity to attack a congressman who used to be an economist. She’s a career lobbyist who used to work for Enron and advocates for whatever she gets paid to promote.

Maybe he should have stayed one. The audacity of the dumb whore whose name he didn’t know! Maybe because he can only remember names that begin with “S” related to nature.

Predictably, several hours later came another statement from Grayson:

I offer my sincere apology. I did not intend to use a term that is often, and correctly, seen as disrespectful of women.

This characterization of Ms. Robertson, made during a radio interview last month in the context of the debate over whether the Federal Reserve should be independently audited, was inappropriate, and I apologize.

At least he learned her last name.
Rep. Grayson issued a written apology for a controversial statement he made last month.

Does he look like he would ever be sorry about anything he said about a woman?

Video of the day: The Marshmallow Experience

October 27, 2009

October 24, 2009

Funny experiment involving children, a marshmallow (maybe two) and delayed gratification. A combination of Candid Camera and Pavlov.


Gibbs: doesn’t know when barry’s decision on Afghanistan will be

October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

Oct 13: barry: Afghanistan plan ready “in the coming weeks” (video)

Gibbs said in today’s press briefing that even after the weeks of Afghanistan talks barry “will take some time after these meetings to think through what he’s heard”.

How many Americans does he need to see die before he acts?

He had a plan in March that he hasn’t the spine to implement. Madame Secretary Clinton must be ready to strangle him.

All you barrylovers – recall that the reason he spoke out against Iraq – when it had no meaning and mattered not – was because of Afghanistan. Let’s review what he’s done about Afghanistan: nothing.

His 2006 CODEL went to Afghanistan and Pakistan – where he was supposed to go – but he refused and went to meet with the head of Al Jazeera (the network that broadcasts American beheadings and knows exactly how caveman bin laden’s tapes get there) and with Palestinian students and businessmen shortly before HAMAS was “voted” into power.

He never held a meeting to discuss what NATO could do to help in Afghanistan.

Most definitely partisan FACTCHECK spin:

Obama, who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s subcommittee on European Affairs, hasn’t held any Afghanistan hearings. The full Senate Foreign Relations Committee, however, has held three hearings on Afghanistan during the past two years, and Obama attended one of them.


So concerned he was about Afghanistan that he spoke out against Iraq and then voted in favor of funding the war until he ran for president and had to resurrect his Iraq Fairy Tale.

As C-i-C, he’s had a lot of meetings and done a lot of listening. He fired one general and replaced him with another, who he neglected to speak with until the general called him out. He changed the rules of engagement, making the situation more dangerous for our troops. He said he had a strategy in March and it will be at least November before he does anything. In the meantime, October will probably be the fourth month in a row with death tolls over 40.

Today’s press briefing. Listen to how they laugh about barry’s lack of action on Afghanistan the day after the most American deaths in several years.

Q    Any more updates on a timeline for when the President might make his announcement?  There were some reports that it could be just before he leaves for Tokyo, or even possibly after.

GIBBS: Well, I would definitely narrow it down to either before or after Asia.  (Laughter.)  If you guys want to do a wire call real fast on that, we can — I’ll slow the plane down so that — (laughter.)  Sorry, I had to — sort of a — when I get the softballs, in case I have to turn on them just to see if I can —

Q    You don’t let anything go by, do you? (Laughter.)

GIBBS: Let me take two things on this.  First of all, the President will meet with the Joint Chiefs at the White House on Friday in a meeting that he requested to

continue discussions on our assessment on Afghanistan and Pakistan and get input from other service branches on the proceedings thus far.

Secondly, in terms of timing, all I can do is reiterate that

the decision will come in the next several weeks or in the coming weeks.

But truthfully, I don’t know when that will be.

And I think the President is in the process of evaluating, as we’ve said, where we are, and

we’ll make a decision in due time.

Due time = how many American deaths?

Q    So it could be after he’s back?

GIBBS: It could be before,

it could be after.

Q    Is the meeting with the Joint Chiefs one of the last pieces of the decision-making process?

GIBBS:  I think we’re getting certainly toward the end of that, yes.

Q    I’m sorry, you’re getting toward the end of it, did you say?

GIBBS: Yes, I would say that’s

probably getting toward the end of it.

I think the President will take some time after these meetings to think through what he’s heard, what we’ve all learned, and evaluate this process, both what’s best for our country, what’s best for Afghanistan, Pakistan, and for the region as a whole.

At least he mentioned the US first.

This is unfathomable.

Q One more question on Afghanistan.  Has the President read or does he plan to read the resignation letter from Matthew Hoh?  He’s the Foreign Service Officer who was in Afghanistan who’s resigned.

GIBBS: I think the — I think the President has seen the story. I don’t believe that the President has seen the letter. I know some people in the White House saw the letter when it went around several weeks ago.

Q    Have you seen it?

GIBBS: I had not seen it, until this morning’s paper.

There was no follow up.

What are they talking about in these meetings?

And when is the press going to hold him accountable?


IL insurers to pay administration costs for H1N1 vaccinations

October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

Here’s a twist.

Major Illinois insurers: Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, CIGNA, Health Alliance, Humana, PersonalCare, Unicare and UnitedHealthcare and some smaller insurers have agreed to cover the costs of administering the H1N1 flu vaccine to their policyholders.

The vaccine of course comes from the CDC and is paid for by the Dept of Health and Human Services.

The question is will they be reimbursed by the government?

Source: Chicago Breaking News

Obama girls did receive H1N1 vaccine

October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

Wonders never cease. Just yesterday we were wondering the First Family’s vaccination status and today the WH provides the answer. The Obamagirls received the H1N1 vaccine last week — mommy and daddy are waiting till there’s enough vaccine.

Perhaps the WH can enlighten us as to whether mommy has ever had a mammogram. She read a teleprompter on breast cancer awareness (healthcare reform) and never mentioned if she or her mother had ever a mammogram or whether they do breast self-exams.

The White House Blog

Vaccinations for the First Family

Catherine Mccormick-Lelyveld [Press Secretary for the First Lady] October 27, 2009 at 12:21 PM EDT

We’ve been asked about whether the President, Mrs. Obama, and Sasha and Malia have received their H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines. All four members of the Obama family have received their seasonal flu vaccine. Malia and Sasha were both vaccinated for H1N1 last week, after the vaccine became available to Washington, DC schoolchildren.  President and Mrs. Obama have not yet been vaccinated for H1N1, and they will wait until the needs of the priority groups identified by the CDC – including young people under the age of 24, pregnant women, and people with underlying conditions – have been met.  The girls’ H1N1 vaccine was administered by a White House physician, who applied for and received the vaccine from the DC Department of Health using the same process as every other vaccination site in the District.

Ms Mccormick-Lelyveld neglected to mention the reason the girls received it was because there was a confirmed case of H1N1 at Sidwell Friends Upper School. Malia attends Sidwell’s Middle School, which is on the same campus and Sasha attends the Lower School, which is located elsewhere. Sidwell Friends is run by Quakers – one religion barry can’t claim.

barry advocating single-payer

October 27, 2009

August 9, 2009


Fill TOTUS in 13 easy steps

October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

Witty post by NY Post’s RICH LOWRY that’s worth a read. He gives a recipe for barry’s rhetoric.

Some of his funnier points:

Scorn ideology. Obama warned against “the usual Washington ideological battles.” Message: He has no philosophical commitments himself.

Make lawyerly distinctions too subtle for most people to notice.

Certification of Live Birth for birth certificate.

Say things just because they sound good. Why not?

Nobody’s listening anyway.

That’s his sound bite, and he’s sticking to it.

Don’t hesitate to brazen it out as needed.

Shamelessness has its advantages — especially if a compliant press will over-look it.

Try corrupt.

Couple attacks on your critics as unworthy hacks with calls for civility.

After the opponent is already savaged.

Be sure to say something like “this is the time.”

And he and Michelle are the answer to restoring America because only in America would their stories be possible such fables be believed.

Saudi Arabia: Female TV employee gets 60 lashes for bragging guest’s sexploits

October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009


What’s the First Family’s vaccination status?

October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009

(10-27) Obama girls did receive H1N1 vaccine

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

As far as the First Family?

Daddy clearly had the H1N1 vaccine before he went to Mexico City. That’s a story on its own.

The First Daughters have not received the H1N1 vaccine:

FOX: President Obama’s school age daughters have not been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the vaccine is not available to them based on their risk.

That is a complete and utter lie – besides being a joke.

Hierarchy of vaccine priority:

  • Pregnant women
  • People who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age
  • Healthcare and emergency medical services personnel with direct patient care
  • Children 6 months – 4 years old
  • Children 5-18 with chronic medical conditions
  • 18-64 chronic medical conditions/compromised immune systems.

Malia has had asthma since age 3. Asthma is a chronic medical problem.

MICHELLE OBAMA: “Since then, we’ve worked to stay ahead of it [asthma]. We take Malia to the pediatrician regularly to ensure she has whatever treatment she requires.

Treatment would require an H1N1 vaccine.

Malia is included in the high risk groups and should be in the first tier of people to get the vaccine.

So why hasn’t she?

Also, Sasha had meningitis as an infant….or did she?

Another one of barry & Michelle’s tales.

barry speech 9-10-09:

When our youngest daughter, Sasha, was diagnosed with meningitis when she was just three months old, it was one of the scariest moments of my life.  And we had to have a spinal tap administered and she ended up being in the hospital for three or four days. And it was touch and go, we didn’t know whether she’d be permanently affected by it.

Michelle speech on 9-18-09:

I will never forget the time eight years ago when Sasha was four months that she would not stop crying.  And she was not a crier, so we knew something was wrong.  So we fortunately were able to take her to our pediatrician that next morning.  He examined her and same something’s wrong.  We didn’t know what.  But he told us that she could have meningitis.  So we were terrified.  He said, get to the emergency room right away. And fortunately for us, things worked out, because she is now the Sasha that we all know and love today, who is causing me great excitement.

3 or 4 months old? Hospitalized for 3-4 days vs a pediatrician and ER visit?

Speeches written for them and given 8 days apart and no one bothers to compare and see if they jive.

Check out this map on the spread of H1N1 and see for yourself how Washington DC is the LEAST AFFECTED area in the US.


More proof of a man-made virus.

And the WH wants you to know that the First Family received their seasonal flu vaccines – when Michelle and barry are most definitely not in the high priority risk group. barry received his aboard Air Force 1 on Oct 20 and the girls previous to that. And the lame reporter from the Washington Post adds this as a way to justify barry having not gotten the H1N1 vaccine:

The seasonal flu shot does not vaccinate against the H1N1 swine flu virus, and Obama is not in one of the groups — such as pregnant women, health-care workers and those under age 24 — designated as high-priority for receiving the scarce H1N1 vaccine.

POTUS is the highest priority for any and everything in the US as are his wife and children.

The question is why haven’t they gotten the H1N1 vaccine and why isn’t the press hammering them about it?

What vaccinations have the press corps been forced to get?

allie1990 – seasonal vs H1N1 vaccine

October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine
Common sense re: H1N1

Hello allie1990.

Normally it is a crap shoot what the seasonal flu vaccine will be comprised of. It’s an educated guess as to which influenza and subtype will be the most prevalent during the upcoming year and that’s what they try to put in the vaccine. Like next year’s seasonal vaccine will cover H1N1. If there would have been enough time they would have just added H1N1 to the seasonal flu vaccine this year.

As far as the H1N1 vaccine – it was made specific to the H1N1 virus – like a lock and key. No guess work as to whether the vaccine will cover the virus. You get a shot – your body produces an immune response specific to the H1N1 virus and you have antibodies ready should the live virus find you.

The fact that you had the shot does not mean the folks around you are automatically safer.

The fact that you had the nasal mist does not make the folks around you at risk because you received some of the live virus.

And not everyone who receives a properly administered vaccine will develop an immune response sufficient to fight off the live virus.

The shot does not contain the live virus – the nasal mist does. No one who is at risk should receive the live virus – seasonal or H1N1. And if you choose to receive the nasal mists – they should be taken 2-3 weeks apart.

Shots can be taken at the same time.

What’s in the shots themselves?

A bunch of crap other than what’s needed – but it’s that crap which allows the vaccine to stay potent until it gets injected in you.

The vaccines are grown in eggs so anyone with an egg allergy should discuss it with their doctor.

Everything that is in the vaccine is listed on the vaccine box, so if you have concerns look at the ingredients.

Bottom line:

If you want to be protected against seasonal and H1N1 viruses you need both vaccinations.

H1N1 vaccine is specific to the H1N1 virus.

H1N1 vaccine does not protect against non-H1N1 “seasonal” viruses.

Seasonal vaccine does not protect against H1N1 virus.

NY public health workers won’t be forced to have vaccines

October 26, 2009

October 25, 2009

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

New York public health workers will no longer be required to be vaccinated against both the seasonal and H1N1 flu virus.

They were originally told they must have both vaccinations by November 30 or “risk discipline”. Whereupon the Public Employees Federation, NY’s second-largest state employees union, promptly sued and were awaiting a state Supreme Court hearing on October 30. But the requirements were dropped because of a “vaccine shortage”.


The CDC acknowledged that New York would only receive approximately 23 percent of its anticipated vaccine supply. As a result, we need to be as resourceful as we can with the limited supplies of vaccine currently coming into the state.

CDC had planned to have 200 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine by the end of November, but it now aims for 65.9 million doses nationwide.

Their counting is quite a bit off.


POTUS Proclamation: H1N1 National Emergency

October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

Still can’t find the declaration on the WH website. WH website. This is from the LA TIMES.

[Links added]

– – – – – – –

On April 26, 2009, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the “Secretary”) first declared a public health emergency under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act,42 U.S.C. 247d, in response to the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus. The Secretary has renewed that declaration twice, on July 24,2009, and October 1, 2009.

In addition, by rapidly identifying the virus, implementing public health measures, providing guidance for health professionals and the general public, and developing an effective vaccine, we have taken proactive steps to reduce the impact of the pandemic and protect the health of our citizens. As a Nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic.

Nevertheless, the 2009 H1N1 pandemic continues to evolve. The rates of illness continue to rise rapidly within many communities across the Nation, and the potential exists for the pandemic to overburden health care resources in some localities.Thus, in recognition of the continuing progression of the pandemic, and in further preparation as a Nation, we are taking additional steps to facilitate our response.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including sections 201 and 301 of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) and consistent with section 1135 of the Social Security Act (SSA), as amended (42 U.S.C. 1320b-5), do hereby find and proclaim that, given that the rapid increase in illness across the Nation may overburden health care resources and that the temporary waiver of certain standard Federal requirements may be warranted in order to enable U.S. health care facilities to implement emergency operations plans, the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in the United States constitutes a national emergency.

Accordingly, I hereby declare that the Secretary may exercise the authority under section 1135 of the SSA to temporarily waive or modify certain requirements of the Medicare, Medicaid, and State Children’s Health Insurance programs and of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule throughout the duration of the public health emergency declared in response to the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.

In exercising this authority, the Secretary shall provide certification and advance written notice to the Congress as required by section 1135(d) of the SSA (42 U.S.C. 1320b-5(d)).

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-third day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fourth.