Susan Boyle CD Playlist

October 13, 2009

Susan Boyle posts/videos/interviews

Here’s the playlist to Susan Boyle’s debut CD “I Dreamed a Dream” due out November 24.

Update: All tracks linked to video

1.   Wild Horses (BBC audio) (America’s Got Talent video)
2.   I Dreamed A Dream
3.   Cry Me A River
4.   How Great Thou Art
5.   You’ll See
6.   Daydream Believer
7.   Up to The Mountain
8.   Amazing Grace
9.   *Who I Was Born To Be
10. Proud
11. The End Of The World
12. Silent Night

*Original song written for her by new artist  AUDRA MAE (great niece of Judy Garland).

Glad to see Amazing Grace and Silent Night – but I was hoping for Ave Maria and O Holy Night.

Looking forward to duets with Andrea Bocelli, Elaine Paige, Paul Potts and Josh Groban. Maybe once Bono sees how popular she is, he’ll do something with her for charity.

FYI: the barmaid who got busted at the pub Susan Boyle use to sing karaoke at is just that – the barmaid. Ms Boyle has nothing to do with her. It’s just another opportunity for the UK press to sell papers.

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