The Daily Show: Capt Sullenberger

October 14, 2009

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Book Review
Capt Sullenberger reads from his book

Capt Sullenberger made stops at the Today Show and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart yesterday to push his book.

Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters

cowritten with JEFF ZASLOW

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[hand transcribed]

Captain Sullenberger:

I’m surprised it’s lasted so long. I’m surprised by the enormity of the response that we’ve received around the world.

It’s one of the reasons I wrote the book – is to answer the question for myself: What was it about this remarkable event that made people feel the way they do about the event and about me and the crew?

I think the answer has to be that people were looking for good news; they needed to find a reason to feel hopeful again; they wanted to be reassured that good was still possible to be done in the world.

I think it was life-affirming. I think it reminded them of the potential for good that exists in each of us.

Did you think at all – ohmigod, The Daily Show tapes there?


You were able to hold it together knowing that I was maybe a block and a half away.

I was cool like that.

Mentions that training and his temperament helped him to remains calm.

I had a great partner that day. Jeff Skiles could not have been better staying on task, not being distracted, not being worried about step-by-step solving the next problem with me.

[US Airways, as a cost containment issue, removed the tabs on the manual, making it even harder for Skiles.]

How crazy is that?

It’s one of those minor things [laughter] that by itself might not make a big difference. Part of what we do is manage risk and we look for ways to make the system better. I think that would make the system better if we put the tabs back on.

Using his expertise – as a call to purpose.

It’s an amazing opportunity.

People’s gift to us of their gratitude enables us to have amazing opportunities, to have a greater voice, and to make a difference.

Within the first few days after we landed in the Hudson, Jeff Skiles and I felt an intense obligation to do as much good as we could, in every way that we could, for as long as we could while attention was focused on us.

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