2004 Star Bulletin: barry refused to talk about HS years

October 18, 2009

Birth certificate posts

March 21, 2004
Star Bulletin’s Peter Serafin
The driven Democrat could become the only black U.S. senator”

Hawaii article after barry won the primary on his way to “winning” his US Senate seat in 2004.

Usual barry history and the usual barry skinny kid…

Born: Aug. 4, 1961, Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, Honolulu.

Made for TV version:

The two married and young Barack was born the following year.

Provided it was a full term pregnancy, from the dates — which we know are absolutely true! because of the birth notices — his mother was impregnated shortly before her 18th birthday. They got married on February 2, 1961 and with young barack was born 6 months later – not the “following year”.

Here SERAFIN writes that barry went to Indonesia in 1969 and returned after 2 years to enroll as a fifth grader.

In 1969, his stepfather moved the family to the stepfather’s native Indonesia. After two years in Jakarta, Barack moved back to Hawaii to stay with his maternal grandmother…He enrolled in the fifth grade at Punahou School.

But as far as the paper trail goes – Barry Obama was a kindergartner (’66-67) in Hawaii and then a 1st grader (Jan ’68) where he was registered as Barry Soetoro, Religion Muslim, Indonesia.

But this is the interesting part of the article.

In 2004, barry was already hiding his past.

Obama declined Star-Bulletin requests to interview him about his Hawaii years.

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