Judge Carter clerk, Siddharth Velamoor

October 19, 2009

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Bottom line: One of the 2009-2010 clerks for Judge Carter (Barnett/Keyes v Obama) is Siddharth Vijaykumar Velamoor previously of Perkins Coie = Robert Bauer = barry’s lawyer. Clerkships are set up months ahead of time. One comes on in August (Lindsay Lutz) and one in October (Velamoor).

What I haven’t found is if anyone actually investigated to see if he was supposed to be the clerk, when it was decided on, how they are picked, etc. The post I read made it sound like Carter hired the guy 4 days before the October 5th hearing.

Not true.

And I don’t know if clerks normally take a leave or completely cut ties from their former employer or if there’s a lottery of sorts like the “match” medical students have for internships/residencies. These are the things I wish the sites who run these stories would investigate – otherwise it’s just a sensational headline that draw hits. And then his name ends up all over the place – not a great way to start a law career.

Wiki showed the two clerks’ names were added Sept 18th and then removed because of “attacks” on October 17.

If nothing is unusual, why the usual MO of botscrubbing?

 siddarth 5

siddarth wiki 2


The oddest part of the whole thing — it appears he went to Mercer Island High School, where barry’s mom went. Somehow that seems too tidy. But again, there’s nothing nefarious I ran into. Maybe others have found something.

Other curiosities on Mercer Island – Velamoor not being a common name: A TRISHNA Velamoor also went to MIHS (younger sister?). And a SESH Velamoor (father?) hails from Hyderabad, India, lives on Mercer Island and works at Foundation for the Future as Trustee & Director of Programs.

I have no idea if they are related but the whole thing is bizarre. I wish I wouldn’t have started looking. You can connect the dots. The Bratislavia thing is totally off because there has to be different guidelines for foreign degrees like there is for medical school. He has a Washington State license that he got in 2008 – the year he graduated. He has to be a graduate of a US Law School – Columbia.

November 1999 High School Debate

1. Siddharth Velamoor–Mercer Island

May 2001

DARTMOUTH…the freshman team of Siddharth Velamoor ’04 and Hrishikesh Desai ’04 finished in the top ten at the annual Freshman National Championship Tournament at Northwestern University.

2004 Dartmouth Grad
2005 London School of Economics and Political Science (dual program with Columbia)
2007 Summer clerkship Perkins Coie (Columbia)
2008 Comenius University School of Law Bratislavia, Slovakia
[I don’t know the connection between Columbia and Comenius. It’s not one of the listed dual programs. Has to be a bot joke or something he did on his own.]
2008 Columbia University, JD Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar = B honors at Columbia
2008 Washington Law license
2008 New “Diverse Associate” (*pg 16) Product Liability, Perkins Coie
2009 Clerkship – Judge Carter (Barnett/Keyes v Obama case)

*Page 24 Diversity Event: “An insightful night with Bob Bauer!” in Washington, DC.

There was no announcement of Velamoor’s clerkship in the Diversity 2008 Year in Review. I don’t know the date the YIR was published, but I would think that the clerkship would have been mentioned to give the firm more Diversity points. They do get high marks for being a woman-friendly firm. Anyway. So it’s possible that the clerkship was announced sometime in 2009 for the 2009-2010 year. I can’t recall exactly when Taitz first went before Judge Carter.

All it would take is someone knowing when Judge Carter’s clerks are named, how they are named (lottery?) and if Velamoor was a replacement or the first pick.

I’ve heard he has a Facebook page…so why doesn’t someone just ask him? Maybe they have by now.

And why is a “product liability” lawyer taking that kind of clerkship anyway?


siddarth 4


siddarth 3

Thompson Legal Record

siddarth 2

September 25 cache, Velamoor was still listed on the Perkins-Coie website,

siddarth coie

That’s all I’ve got.

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions that a former Marine now federal judge would change tracks because of a law clerk. I honestly believe Judge Carter is stalling – hoping something will come up or be discovered because there is no way he can get past standing.

What interests me in all this is Sesh Velamoor, the Foundation for the Future and their connection to barry, if any.

There’s Velamoor’s Foundation for the Future…and then an Arab Foundation for the Future that is more than curious and then Robert Bauer’s Foundation for the Future and I have no idea if any of them are actually related.

The ROTHENBERG POLITICAL REPORT – Nathan Gonzales (10-1)

Earlier this year, Republicans were in the conversation stage while Democrats were hitting their stride. This spring a group of former high-level operatives from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee formed the National Democratic Redistricting Trust to lead the legal leg of the party’s redistricting tripod.

The group’s trustees include former DCCC executive directors Brian Wolff and John Lapp and former DCCC Political Director Peter Cari. Prominent Democratic attorney Bob Bauer, who is married to White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, is the chief counsel for the group.

Foundation for the Future, a 527 organized in July 2006, will continue to lead the analytical component of redistricting for the Democrats. The coalition, which includes the Association of Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees, the National Committee for an Effective Congress and other Democratic groups, seeks to provide Democratic caucuses in each state with data, mapmaking software and demographic projections.

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