Nikki: your answers re: birth certificate

October 19, 2009


Long time no hear. Begin posting if you like. I’ve just about had enough. I started another blog that at this point is still private.

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Haven’t read Susan Daniel’s affidavit yet re: barry’s birth certificate but I found the Scribd copy and will post it.

Haven’t read Taitz’s latest filing in CA that includes Daniels’ findings.

Haven’t finished reading the court transcript from the 5th. It’s too hard to read with that politijab crap all over it.

barry has DOJ lawyers defending him because Taitz is suing more than just barry. Had she taken Judge Carter’s advice and just kept it to barry – it would be Bauer and company not the DOJ. The American People are paying for barry’s defense.

Judge Carter has not ruled as of this very minute. I’m certain he is delaying for a reason – the question is what.

From what I initially read about Judge Carter’s clerk thing I think it massively overblown and woefully underinvestigated. Law clerkships, like medical internships are determined months beforehand and there was nothing in the story that went deeper than making the connection of law firms. I’ll check and see if it’s been investigated further.

I’ve got the Young Turks’ video on Taitz’s sanction.

That Eric Holder sighting was BS.

Don’t know anything about Judge Land – judicially or otherwise – other than he clearly doesn’t like women in or out of the military.

Haven’t been following Kerchner or Hemenway.

Berg to submit written arguments re: barry’s senate salary case by Oct 26.

Don’t know what happened to technorati. Can’t access my account either.

Cubs got the OK from the bankruptcy judge – are awaiting the bank financing.

Bears suck. I just got done watching the game and don’t know what the excuses were. There is no excuse for throwing the ball on first and goal on the 1-yd line. Period. And if one wanted to be nefarious, one might think Forte’s back to back fumbles were an attempt to throw things.

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