Savannah Guthrie: WH mad FOX “guilted” MSM into covering ACORN, Van Jones

October 19, 2009

Morning Joe” Harold Ford Jr, Maria Shriver, Joe, Willie, Mika

What’s interesting about this is what barry is whining about: truth. He’s going on the attack because FOX is finally putting the truth out there and MSNBC/CNN is not spinning it for them. They’re mad their propaganda machine is breaking down. Almost makes you wonder if FOX had finally gotten the fortitude to address the birth certificate.

Savannah Guthrie mentions the ACORN and Van Jones “stories”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(1:30) GUTHRIE:

They’re concerned – it’s not just what FOX does on its airwaves – that they’re having an impact in the mainstream media. One senior advisor told me: ‘Look they’re guilting you – the so-called mainstream media – into picking up some of their story lines, like the ACORN story or the Van Jones story.

Story lines? How about truth?

So that’s one of the reason the White House is going on the attack.

JOE pretends he didn’t know about ACORN.

Those are legitimate stories. We all sat around scratching our heads at the networks wondering how we missed the ACORN story.

What’s he going to say he was scratching when the birth certificate issue finally surfaces?

Then he lies about the NY Times – who knew about ACORN and chose to embargo it to help barry get elected.

The New York Times admitted they were slow to it because it was specifically a FOX story.

MIKA jumps in to describe MSNBC:

I can think of an organization that represents a lot of different perspectives, and you can see on each of those shows those perspectives, while FOX is down one line.

Do they really believe this?

And when are they finally get that barry does all those interviews so reporters won’t ask him questions?

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