barry grew up “in poverty”?

October 21, 2009

Birth certificate posts

Have they no shame?

barry did not in the least grow up “in poverty” and I would bet he was never on food stamps. Anyone find that out? It only conveniently popped out when he was labeled (appropriately) elitist. His grandmother was a hardworking woman of pride and was never without a job and she eventually became one of the first female VPs in an Hawaii bank.

And he did not grow up “in poverty” in Indonesia either. He just became “aware of it” somewhere between age 6 and 10. And when he went back to Hawaii, he went to Punahou, which required serious cash. Has anyone determined how it was paid for?

He wasn’t exactly a scholastic genius at that point.

[It’s quite possible he never was. He did not graduate with honors at Columbia at a time when colleges admitted to grade inflation for affirmative action. And as far as is known – he never wrote a single scholarly paper for all his alleged brilliance and Constitutional Professorishness. He doesn’t write his speeches – not even the “race speech” and he did not write his books. And it’s perfectly clear how poorly he reads from TOTUS and how he is lost with out it .]

That article on Tammy Duckworth floating around where she said barry was Indonesian born had a statement from her comparing herself to barry who went to the rich kid school:


The big thing for me is that I’m a McKinley High grad. That gives you a lot of street creds. I wasn’t a rich kid.

Here is the barrypedia entry re: the 2004 Convention:

Obama noted his interracial and international heritage: he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Kenyan immigrant father and a white mother from Kansas. He emphasized the power of education,

recounting the privilege of attending the exclusive Punahou School and Harvard Law School despite his family’s poverty

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