Iran: forget Kumbayaism – punish Human Rights violations

October 21, 2009

I read this article in the UK Guardian and the author MASSOUMEH TORFEH gets it exactly right. Unfortunately, the optimal time to do what she suggests has passed. The time was right immediately after the sham election, when the world was seeing undeniable evidence of what was happening in Iran.

We watched the courage of young people in the streets, especially women. We watched their raw videos knowing that they took the chance of having their cellphones traced so that the world would bear witness to the savagery.

And what have we done?


barry waited…and waited…and waited…took a staged question from an Iranian citizen and then said one thing and contradicted it with another.

How many young people, whose videos we watched, are still in prison for doing nothing other than peacefully calling for help?

The chilling right before our eyes murder of Neda Agha-Soltan, who was doing nothing but standing there, universally outraged the globe.

To what end?

barry mentions her murder as a footnote in his Nobel Prize speech but is too cowardly to name her – the only thing Neda’s mother had asked. That people never forget her daughter’s name.

It makes me very sad.

How many young people, who could have turned the country around, have been hung, beaten into submission, raped, murdered, and tortured until their minds filled with hate and fantasies of revenge?

How many decided to join the Revolutionary Guard — not so much wanting to torture and kill == but so that they and their families would no longer be the targets of violence.

How much of their spirit and hope has been decimated because the world has done nothing to help them?

Some may not even know that we saw what was happening and others will not want to believe that we saw and did nothing.

What has been done to protect them from that hateful, delusional beast, who knows exactly who and what barry is: a fraud without his own core beliefs, a puppet without a spine and an angry man with an unquenchable thirst for adulation?

barry will go down in history as the most deceitful public figure to have ever held office. He already has a list that must rival Nixon’s. And his wife will go down as the least effective First Lady because all she did was talk about herself and her imagined struggles.

I’m not sure I will live long enough to witness it firsthand – but somewhere I will see it unfold and hopefully I will get a glimpse of his evil mind and the players he is fronting for.

I wonder frequently what the late Ted Kennedy thinks now that he is no longer blinded by his need for legacy. How he feels about blaming the racial strife on the Clintons, when barry, the vaunted postracial candidate, used, and is still using it.

What, I wonder, does he make of how hard the Secretary of State (that he didn’t think was “noble enough”) is working vs how the candidate he endorsed for president is still campaigning because he knows nothing else?

I would like to believe that it is possible for Mr Kennedy to feel guilty for all eternity for what he did to then Senator Clinton. For standing by and allowing barry’s minions attack Sen Clinton from every angle, including attacking her “pimped out” daughter. And if I were to be completely candid, I would want him to rot in hell for each and every day he stood by and did nothing.

I digress.

Ms TORFEH’s ideas on how to control that bearded little eunuch is to bypass barry’s Kumbaya My Lord let’s hold hands and sip tea together “diplomacy” – aka bowing to yet another savage beast – and make the International Community hold him accountable for Iran’s human rights violations.

Exactly why Secretary Clinton wanted barry to act swiftly and decisively (as if) to denounce the Iranian government immediately after the sham election.

But he did as usual: wait…talk…wait…more talk…look at the polls…and then wait until someone or something forces him to act.

Raise your hand if you truly believe barry could handle a 3am call all by himself in less than a minute.

Finally, to Ms Torfeh’s wise words.

Iran as usual blames external agencies:

The phobia of foreign intrigue is never far away in the Islamic Republic. Iran seems to blame all its internal problems on “the intelligence services” of the UK and US, and this time we have an additional culprit: Pakistan.

….Iran seems to be in the habit of heaping blame on the US and Britain without providing evidence. Four months on from the disputed June elections, the leaders of three opposition parties remain in the notorious Evin prison accused of being involved in sabotage “orchestrated by the US and Britain”.

The cavemen’s need for revenge and obligatory threats of more violence:

The Revolutionary Guards chief General Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Monday that the intelligence services of US, UK and Pakistan had been behind the bombing in Sistan-Baluchistan that killed 42, including six Revolutionary Guards commanders. Jafari promised revenge: “We shall choose an appropriate time for retaliation,” he said. In a veiled threat, he added it would not be difficult for any intelligence agency “to mount an attack like that anywhere”.

Ignoring the human rights abuses in favor of solving the nuclear issue:

The problem is compounded when the international community remains relatively silent on these human rights abuses while entering into nuclear negotiations. Yet the Islamic Republic plays its double act again.

Iran is never going to abandon their goal of developing a nuclear weapon capable of annihilating Israel.

Experience shows that Iran will not change its ways and sanctions are a non-starter, as is military action.

However, there is one path that may prove more effective.

Putting relentless international pressure on Iran for its serious abuse of human rights and questioning the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad’s presidency may be both more appropriate and more effective than other paths at present.

Contrary to Iran’s constitution, the regime has consistently abused religious and minority rights, it has blocked all opposition activity, created a total media blackout, used excessive police force, made arbitrary arrests, tortured and abused inmates, fabricated evidence against opposition, and continued with juvenile executions. Perhaps questioning today’s long jail sentences (6 & 12 years) against two journalists could be a start.

And who has to start it?

The Arab World.

Will it?

Haven’t so far.


Because they don’t think the Holocaust denier is doing anything wrong.

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