Taitz’s appeal re: Judge Land’s $20K sanction

October 22, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

hey candyman –

Are you a pervert with that name??

Here’s Taitz’s appeal of Judge Land’s $20K sanction (her previous thoughts about it) and here’s Kerchner’s ruling. Another one bites the dust, as will Judge Carter’s. I’ve only gotten through 30 pages of the court proceedings from October 5 because that Friends of Politijab is too distracting to read for long. I’m pretty sure you can embed the scribd documents on Blogger somehow. Plus there’s DOC, which is the same kind of thing.

We’ve never followed Citizen Grand Juries so can’t help you there. Andy Martin is running for barry’s senate seat so I doubt he’s messing around with anything but that. I don’t know if he ever looked through the “boxes” of papers Dr Fukino sent him. It’s a shame his heart wasn’t into it like the other lawyers because he was on to the FOIA before barry was even elected. I believe his actions in Hawaii prompted Dr Fukino to release her first statement.

Taitz [all CAPS/emphasis in remainder of post hers]:

Judge Land’s actions that amounted to misstating or misrepresenting ninety percent of what was presented in the pleadings and arguments, completely ignoring ninety percent of the arguments and facts, making extremely rude and demeaning remarks, showing bias; taken together, appear to be designed to silence her, and intimidate her and above all, punish her for what the Court perceived as political rather than “core” constitutional questions.

Judge Lands remarks amounted to nothing short of a political lynching, which turned into a feast and celebration by the media mob.

It appears to be a thinly veiled threat to other attorneys not to pursue similar Constitutional issues, which will have a chilling effect on the ability of the public to use federal courts to uphold their Constitutional rights.

She makes a good point of not wanting to file more motions lest her sanction be increased.

The appeal will show:

…how the Court’s orders determining the questions of “standing”, “injury in fact”. political disputes” and abstention were not only manifestly incorrect, but showed a failure to review Plaintiff’s initial filings in this case, so that the filings were in NO sense frivolous.

She lists Sandra Ramsey Lines’ expert opinion that “Obama’s Certification of Live Birth cannot be considered genuine” and mentions the 39 different social security numbers — one of the numbers is connected to an address in Judge Land’s own district — as sufficient evidence to grant discovery and not sanction.

And mentions that if Judge land didn’t feel it was enough for trial, he still should have forwarded the info to the FBI etc. to investigate barry for “massive fraud, social security fraud, public corruption and other charges”.

Hopes that the Court of Appeals “will show concern for the National Security of this Nation” and “adherence to Constitution” to reverse the sanction order and “forward the matter for further investigation to proper authorities” or remand to District Court so she can “conduct necessary discovery to prove that the case was not frivolous and Rule 11 sanctions were not warranted”.

Thanks again to Jack Ryan.

View this document on Scribd


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