Saudi Arabia: Female TV employee gets 60 lashes for bragging guest’s sexploits

October 27, 2009

Update: King Saudi pardons Rosanna Al-Yami

Remember the case of the Saudi man, Mazen Abdul Jawad (pix), who went on TV and bragged about his sexual exploits beginning at age 14?

Well, the bragging got him 1000 lashes + 5 years in prison (alllowing for plenty of new sexploits).


Because Saudi Arabia, the modern progressive Arab society we hear about, is governed by Shariah law, aka Law of the Savages. Premarital sex is illegal, and unrelated men and women are not permitted to interact — but mutilating little girls’ genitals and selling them off at age 8 to be “wives” to grown men is just fine.

Premarital sex – taboo. Holding hands with an unrelated man – taboo. Talking about such things – taboo.

Pedophilia, rape, sodomy, beating, disfiguring, beheading, burying alive, stoning and murdering totally legal.

A 14 y/o male can’t have sex with an adult woman before marriage, but he can marry his 10 year-old cousin and then rape her however he likes for as long as he likes and when he gets tired of her he can kill her however he likes and take as long as he likes doing it.

All with the blessing of the perverted “holy men”.

But this story gets worse. It shows the absolute contempt the Saudi savages have for women. It wasn’t enough that the braggart, Mazen Abdul Jawad, was punished – the pigs looked around for a woman to blame and they found one.

A woman who had nothing to do with the man losing his virginity or talking about it.

Rosanna Al-Yami (pix below) had the misfortune of working at the TV network – Lebanese Broadcasting Corp – that produces the show (A Thick Red Line) that the braggart (pix) boasted on.

She worked with journalists obtaining stories but she had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with his show.

Did it matter to the “holy” eunuchs?


A uterus was in the vicinity and it was her uterus that caused him to admit to things he did decades before. It was her uterus that corrupted a show based on social taboos.

And that was not the first episode of the show the network ran. And the show was not a mystery since the network had offices in Riyadh and Jeddah. But a Saudi man brags and a Saudi woman is punished.

How can the Arab World be taken seriously when such savagery exists?

Her punishment for simply working at the network?



Is the entire country full of stupid mules?

What channel will they be televising the lashing on?

Added to the 60 lashes is a 2 year travel ban.

And what cowards run the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp?

They air a controversial show about social taboos – how risque – but don’t have the testicles to stand behind it.

Just another day in the land of savages…and yet another example of the “holy religion” that is Islam.

Pray 5 times a day and then go home and rape a child or lash an innocent woman.

Praise Allah!!


And barry chose to bow to the Saudi beast..something only a Muslim would do…and the missus chose to stay home just like Muslim women are forced to.

The only chance the women of the world have is Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton.


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