King Saudi pardons female journalist who did nothing

October 27, 2009

CNN Video report

She paints King Saudi as a great guy — “King of hearts” for last year pardoning a woman who was sentenced to hundreds of lashes for being in the presence of men unrelated to her. Men who gang-raped her.

This time it’s a female journalist sentenced to 60 lashes and a 2 year travel ban for doing nothing other than working for a TV station that aired a Saudi man bragging about his sexploits. She did not even work on the story. Background. The prosecutor was actually asking for a harsher sentence because 60 lashes was “too lenient”. And they are still looking for another female journalist.

(L) Rosanna Al-Yami

(R) Braggart Mazen Abdul Jawad: Punishment: 5 years in prison + 1000 lashes.

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