Nov 11: Bill O’Reilly protest led by Orly Taitz

November 2, 2009

Bill O’Reilly protest (video)

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
Oreilly “legal analyst” doesn’t know what Taitz cases were about
Orly Taitz responds to O’Reilly


Orly Taitz is rallying the troops against Bill O’Reilly. As she should. O’Reilly said he could “find out tomorrow” what’s on barry’s birth certificate “if he wanted to know” and “if he cared”.

He admitted he had (has) access to barry’s birth certificate and chose not to look. There are only two reasonable explanations: 1-he was lying or 2-he knows things aren’t kosher. I hope the protesters put his own words on signs to let people know he could stopped the controversy but has chosen not to.

He can’t pick and choose integrity. He’s willing to sell out on one thing – the rest of what he says is suspect. He’s made a mockery of himself. And he sat there and said nothing as his “legal analyst” Lis Wiehl got everything wrong as far as the Taitz sanction. It was worse than Kitty Pilgrim because you expect lies and mistruths from CNN re: barry – but not FOX.

Taitz wants on O’Reilly so she can rebut Wiehl’s ignorance. Curious why FOX hasn’t allowed Taitz on and yet she’s been on barrymedia several times.

Bill O’Reilly Protest

Protest Bill O’Reilly defrauding the Nation and defaming decent Americans and are caring a legal battle to unseal all of Obama’s vital records.

We are demanding that Bill O’Reilly stop defrauding the Nation and provide truthful information about my legal actions and Barack Hussein Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency and his use of 39 different Social security numbers.

This is not a protest against FOX, it is a request for Bill O’Reilly to be true to his words and provide fair and balanced reporting, particularly on the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility. Bill O’Reilly made defamatory remarks on his program and refuses to provide equal time to respond. Hundreds of people have written to O’Reilly to no avail. If O’Reilly provides equal time, protest will not be necessary. We expect better from FOX. This is not fair and not balanced.

If you can come, if you can assist in organizing, call me 949-683-5411.

Veterans’ Day
November 11th
12 Noon
FOX Headquarters
1211 Ave of the Americas

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