WND: barry postcards

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Nothing new – 404 re-linked

A beautiful day in the neighborhood…


These postcards are not pre-addressed to the White House. They are postcards that can be used to send to your friends, your member of Congress, your relatives. It’s just another way of keeping the issue of eligibility on the front burner – right up through 2012 if necessary.

Come with mailing addresses for the White House and Congress

Just another in their line of pseudobarry attacks:

Online petition – still going
Kingsolving asking about birth certificate
Kingsolving asking about what hospital barry was born in
Kingsolving asking about Kapi’olani letter
Kingsolving never getting any answers
Kingsolving not asking any more questions – why?
Working with Orly Taitz
Bounty $10K
Birthday video

Why don’t they come up with “Where’s the birth certificate” ringtones?

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