Big Bird: Where’s hubby’s birth certificate, Michelle?

Don’t know where this went. Was posted earlier.

November 11, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Hey 24waysandmeans-

Yes, it was surprising O’Reilly (who admitted he knows what’s going on) showed this on FOX – but of course more surprising was his obvious discomfort with it. It’s part of what the protest was about today – but mostly it was because O’Reilly wouldn’t have Orly Taitz on to rebut the absolute lies Lis Wiehl spewed about Taitz’s sanction. I meant to look Wiehl up because I don’t know if she is just stupid or if it was a deliberate attempt to mislead – like Kitty Pilgrim’s mountain of propaganda.

[I don’t know how things went at the protest. Check back later.]

The shocking part was that Conan O’Brien did it at all. Comedians are not going to be had. SNL’s already proven that.

Chris Wallace has had enough of barry – he called them “the biggest bunch of crybabies” – but one wonders what took so long for his infatuation to lift.



But it’s shocking! It’s shocking. You so very rarely see that. Think this is the first time Michelle Obama has been satirized.


I hope we’re going to settle down and treat this president and this first lady as regular politicians and regular public figures and not as something heaven sent.

Wonder what Sesame Street said.

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