Taitz’s Bill O’Reilly protest (video)

November 12, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Orly Taitz protests Bill O’Reilly with Rev Manning who thinks barry is a “long-legged mack daddy” and a pimp. You might know Rev Manning from his rather humorous little but about obamagirl’s “54 double Ds”. Not sure how Taitz got hooked up with Rev Manning. It’s clear he was there to promote his own hate campaign against barry.


Rev Manning talks about God, Scripture Veterans Day, muslims and Islam, Orly Taitz, birth certificate, BO, barry not being black and the NAACP, all the while folks are walking past the camera.



We’re also here today because of the willful, the belligerent, the maniacal, the narcisisstic attitude of one Bill O’Reilly…and all his blonde concubines that sit with him each night…

Mind you we will see you go to jail, Bill O’Reilly! We will see you go to jail.

You will not participate, be complicit in the cover up of the illegal eligibility of Barack the long-legged Mack Daddy Hussein Obama!


Continues on with Bill and Hillary Clinton, slavery, blacks in America, NY Times’ story on John McCain about adultery that was unfounded, John Edwards’ adultery and then back to BO. If you don’t know – he has a fixation on sex. And then it’s the MSM’S bias toward the “muslim freak”, FOX’s contact with King Abdullah, Jim Crow, KKK, news black out his own “news corporation”.


MANNING ends with:

I need to give myself a boom shakelaka!


Orly Taitz talks about media gag order about barry’s ineligibility.

Then out came BO’s producer and Taitz asked him if BO would let her side of the story.

Smirking weasel face responds:

I can’t speak for Bill. We just want to hear what you have to say.

She talks about Major Cook’s case and then mentions the 39 SSNs, the forged COLB, long form birth certificate, British citizenship and the definition of  a natural born citizen.


Then Vietnam Veteran MICHAEL MILLER speaks.

Some of his words:

They are the Fourth Estate it’s their job to vet government…and they’re all not doing it.

I want a legitimate president.

Why is our media afraid to ask the basic questions?

Why are we letting this guy slide?


Orly Taitz and Betty Jean Kling from the Majority United blogtalk radio (Hillary Clinton voter).



Time to investigate Obamagate!

Why is US media not reporting on the Story of the Century?


Bill O’Reilly has really coddled Barack Obama in hopes that FOX News could get Obama on FOX…Bill O’Reilly is full of himself….Is Bill O’Reilly afraid of getting his house shot at like Lou Dobbs?

I don’t know whether O’Reilly reacted/responded. The smirker was there so he could be a source for anti-birthers.

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