Greg Craig leaving WH, 9-11 murderers going to NYC to be tried

November 13, 2009

Greg Craig has become the designated face of barry’s failure with Gitmo so out he goes.

Truth is it’s all part of the grand plan. barry’s personal lawyer, campaign lawyer and DNC lawyer, Robert Bauer wanted to be chief WH lawyer and what he wants he gets. He knows the truth about barry. But that truth includes Bauer’s cover up of it, since he was directly involved in barry’s birth certificate lawsuits until the Department of Justice took over. He will be found just as guilty as barry.

In the meantime, there are two megalomaniacs in the WH with huge stakes if they get found out.

From CNN:

Democratic officials said Craig was ousted because of frustration among senior White House aides over his handling of the plans to close the prison atGuantanamo Bay. As the White House’s top lawyer, Craig was pivotal in advising Obama to sign an executive order during his first week in office promising to shut the prison by the end of January 2010.

I don’t recall seeing Craig out stumping with barry, do you? barry was the one who promised he would close Gitmo within a year.

More interesting wording:

In a politically embarrassing move that has frustrated some of the president’s liberal supporters, White House aides have since backed off that deadline, citing complex legal issues surrounding what to do with the approximately 200 terror suspects still detained at Guantanamo.

WH aides aren’t backing off. barry is and they are relaying the message. And they’re complex issues Bush and Chaney had warned about. And complex issues Secretary Clinton mentioned during the campaign.

It’s a failure of barry’s kumbayaism – not the WH counsel urging him to sign something he announced he was going to do.

Some administration officials privately believe Craig should have better anticipated the pitfalls. However, his supporters believe he is being used as a scapegoat and note he was not the only top official who supported the ironclad executive order.

The person who signed it is responsible. And each time they try to blame someone else for barry’s talk and no action it just highlights what barry hasn’t done and how weak he must be if he is able to be swayed so easily.

What happened to that superior judgment?

And here is the truth of the matter:

Craig was one of the lawyers defending then-President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. He became an early and active supporter of Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries, angering backers of then-Sen. Hillary Clinton. That is one of the reasons why allies of Craig are frustrated he is being replaced so early in the administration.

Coincident to this, Eric Holder is going to announce barry’s plans to bring the 9-11 murderer and several of his fellow killers to NEW YORK CITY to be tried in court, where they will be afforded Constitutional Rights.

Yes. barry will be setting precedence for terrorists. Once he gives one terrorist the rights and privileges that should only be afforded American citizens it’s over. And the very first thing the muslim murderers’ lawyers are going to do is ask for the confessions to be thrown out because of torture.

I’m sure the announcement was planned for when barry was in Asia but the insensitivity is beyond comprehension.

Appalling really.

8 days after a hate-filled Muslim terrorist murders 13 American soldiers and injures 29 more, he announces that another hate-filled Muslim responsible for 3000 murders will go on trial in NEW YORK CITY.

Let’s hope that’s why Craig is leaving. And let’s hope he gets an attack of conscience and comes clean about the oath and barry and Biden’s private conference with the Supremes.

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