NY Post: Dobbs exit due to birth certificate

November 16, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
O’Reilly: Lou Dobbs re: leaving CNN (video/text)

The New York Post is reporting Lou Dobbs left CNN because of barry’s birth certificate. No way he walked away from $9M. There must have been some type of deal. [$8M] From his farewell address it seems pretty clear he’s planning on running for office. One also wonders if he plans on pursuing the birth certificate issue – he recently became Orly Taitz’s Facebook friend. Not sure what that entails.

NY Post:

But the beginning of the end really came in July, when CNN President Jonathan Klein told Dobbs’ staff in a memo to drop so-called birther stories about conspiratorial doubts that Obama was US-born, sources told The Post.

Goes back to Kitty Pilgrim’s mountain of lies and non-truths and CNN president Jon Klein’s flipflop from the birth certificate issue is a dead issue to Lou Dobbs speaks his mind.

According to the Post’s source:

They have been talking pretty regularly since then. And it’s been pretty bad.

And that Dobbs’ William Morris agent told Klein:

You’re unhappy, he’s unhappy. Let him go.

Here’s a chuckle. Another source:

Lou was polluting the CNN brand.

CNN polluted and corrupted itself. With gusto.

Who takes them seriously anymore?

FOX is just as corrupted. O’Reilly admitted he didn’t know where barry was born and that he could find out “tomorrow – if he cared”. And no one has gone after him about it. Just like Gibbs.

Three questions three days in a row and the mystery would be solved.

John King will take over Dobbs’ time slot in January.


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