Barnett/Keyes: Motion for reconsideration

November 18, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
Taitz’s Velamoor declaration
Opposition to Motion for Reconsideration

Hey Jacqi – here it is.

Orly Taitz has entered her motion for reconsideration in Barnett/Keyes v Obama. She is using Judge Carter’s clerk Siddarth Velamoor as the impetus.

Velamoor worked at Perkins Coie = firm of Robert Bauer = barry’s personal lawyer (birth certificate) + soon to be WH counsel.

From Perkins Coie’s Seattle office, Velamoor went directly to clerk for Judge Carter, who was actively working on a barry birth certificate trial.

Reads pretty well for conflict of interest.

Was Velamoor was responsible for putting together the ruling? Did Bauer or Perkins Coie write it?


Everything with barry is tidy. Like Velamoor living on Mercer Island and attending the same high school as Stanley Ann Dunham.

But Pekins Coie is a large firm with multiple offices, including Seattle.

Taitz claims the Court “misstated the main argument of the case” possibly due to a “biased clerk”.

Judge Carter said the case would have been different if Taitz had filed prior to barry’s swearing-in. She did. The “real” oath didn’t take place until 24 hours after her filing. If it wasn’t the “real” oath – why did he take it?


  • She is the only lawyer who has the “bravery of character” to pursue eligibility issue
  • She never told supporters to call the Court
  • Affidavits of Lucas Smith and Larry Sinclair
  • Donald Young’s murder and barry’s “homosexuality”
  • barry’s 39 SSNs, forged COLB, NBC, Vattel, jurisdiction
  • standing, RICO, quo warranto, whether barry was properly served and his sealing of presidential records,
  • Judge Carter’s prior to October 5th comments about the case needing to be heard.

Selected quotes:

If the issue wouldn’t be so serious for the National Security, the whole charade would’ve been laughable.

As the undersigned read to the Court a letter written by Senator Sessions of Alabama, the Congress is relying on the courts to resolve the issue eligibility.

In undying words of Chief Judge John Marshall, not exercising jurisdicition, when it is available, is treason to the Constitution.

If we could send a man to the Moon, we can figure out the issues of  separation of powers, justiciability and jurisdiction.


Thanks to Jack Ryan

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