Scorecard of birth certificate lawsuits

November 20, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Hey Jacqi.

The defense just refiled the same opposition to Taitz’s Motion for Reconsideration.  I didn’t post Larry Sinclair’s affidavit and Mr Young’s death certificate. It’s here if you’re interested. The declarations are here and here (Velamoor).

Found something interesting though. JACK RYAN has posted a list of barry eligibility lawsuits and their status. I’d like to thank Mr Ryan personally but you have to register to make a comment.

List includes:
–Case Caption (and plaintiff’s full name)
–Court, Case Number, with Justia Docket link (or other, where available)
–Dismissal Order, with link to Order where available
–Appeal Dismissal Order, with link when available
–Supreme Court Docket showing application/writ denied, with link
–Whether Obama’s Attorneys defended the case

View this document on Scribd


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