Arianna Huffington: “Jon Klein fired Lou Dobbs from CNN”

November 21, 2009


Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Who knows the truth.

I watched Lou Dobbs on Bill O’Reilly and there was no inkling he was fired. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t. But it seems a tad odd that a man who was fired walked away with a reported $8M. More curious is who provided the cash.

According to the NY Post, Dobbs left because of the birth certificate issue. Dobbs said the only thing that changed was the president.

Next on their list: Glenn Beck.

Arianna Huffington fearmongers with Olbermann about “fearmonger-in-chief” Glenn Beck. The whole conversation was rehearsed propaganda to get barry’s poll numbers back up and distract folks away from the healthcare bill. It’s getting so old. Especially the racism.

EIGHT MILLION eligible black voters didn’t even register to vote.

Are they racists?

Ms Huffington uses a decided them vs us “we” as if she has a team behind her. I guess that would be the Huffington Post. Wonder how Axelrod’s son is doing out in Colorado. No practical experience experience and he was “hired” as editor right out of college.

The full transcript is in the next post along with the video. Wanted to put this quote in a separate post.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Olbermann wonders if Beck would just disappear.


Well, I hope it‘s going to happen,

but it’s not going to happen without people pointing out what Glenn Beck is doing.

I mean, we saw how it worked with Lou Dobbs and John Klein.

You know, John Klein in the end fired Lou Dobbs from CNN.

Pressure makes a difference.

So, we all have a part to play here in pointing out what Glenn Beck is doing.

Yes comrade.

The way she spoke so matter-of-factly I’m starting to believe they think they are going to get away with everything.

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