Did barry admit he has no documentation to prove who his father was?

November 18, 2009

Birth certificate posts


I ran across a few interesting lines in barry’s book “Dreams” when I was looking for his account of meeting his half-brother Mark, who he met up with in Beijing.

barry admits to going home to Hawaii the summer before he left for good, he mentions having a passport and of course his birth certificate, and his reluctance to discover the particulars of his parent’s marriage.

He also talks about the “Old Man’ (barry sr’s) inheritance and quotes his half-sister Auma saying: “ So of all the Old Man’s kids, Mark’s claim is the only one that’s uncontestedbecause his mother, Ruth “has all the necessary documents to prove who his father was“.

barry was eligible for the Old Man’s inheritance. So according to this, his mother did not have the necessary documents to prove barry sr was barry’s father. This despite Stanley Ann’s alleged close relation with wife #1 Kezia.

So what name is on barry’s “vital records”?

barry sr wives:
1-Kezia – Auma
2-Ann – barry
3-Ruth – Mark

Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance
© Barack Obama 1995, 2004
Crown Publishing (Random House)

Excerpts from Google books.

barry’s fear of finding out the particulars of his parent’s marriage – along with the mention of his typical white person grandfather’s racism. barry has all these thoughts and yet he never once asks what they are truly thinking. Because he would find that their true thoughts didn’t match his racial angst?

In fact how the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I’ve never quite had the courage to explore.

Courage = truth.

His admission that he had a copy of his birth certificate and that his father did not mention barry or Stanley Ann.

(page 41)

Curious isn’t it?

His father’s imperious manner and the editor may have been the reason why barry sr neglected to mention he had a wife and child in Hawaii. It’s written with the longing of a child for a father. A child who knew nothing about his father and created an idealized version of him while portraying his typical white person family as racists.

If you have seen any of the pix of barry and Stanley and Madelyn Dunham it’s clear how much they love him and he certainly doesn’t look filled with racial angst.

Barry sr also neglected to inquire about barry jr when Neil Abercrombie met up with Sr in Africa: “To Abercrombie’s surprise, Obama never asked about his ex-wife or his son.”

So was he really barry’s father?

Funny how barry never mentioned barry sr’s [byline: Barak H. Obama (sic)] 8-page essay on Problems Facing Our Socialism.

And here, on return from Indonesia, barry says he’s an American and had a passport.

He also writes that he returned from Indonesia the summer before he returned for good.

Two more trips stamped on a passport somewhere.

And a curious remark by barry’s mother at his wedding that leaves one wondering what the other half was.

(page 440)

Upon meeting Ruth, who is white, in Kenya, barry was asked about his last name:

Why didn’t he answer the question?

And what would he have answered?

This next excerpt is about the inheritance. It follows barry’s meeting with his half-brother Mark in Kenya. He was speaking with Auma and the quote is hers.

(page 345)

So of all the Old Man’s kids, Mark’s claim is the only one that’s uncontested.

Wouldn’t barry be one of those children who had a possible claim?

The answer is yes.

The one with everything?

Lawyers in Kenya know who barry sr’s children are…is barry one of them in the eyes of Kenyan law? Was he a Kenyan citizen at the time he was there?

And what does Mark know about barry’s parentage?

He has already written his autobiography and reportedly shopping it around for a publisher. One wonders if he had to amend a few things about barry.

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