Rep Scott Garrett confronted re: barry’s birth certificate (video)

November 23, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Unknown NJ lawyer questions Rep Scott Garrett (R-NJ) about the birth certificate issue. The lawyer took up so much time asking the question he let Garrett off the hook. A woman off camera says it’s time to move on to healthcare. Garrett said the courts were deciding the matter and when pushed he said:

There is no political solution to it even if the entire Republican Party was to–

And then he got cut off. He doesn’t seem to realize all it takes is one.


The video was produced by njcommonsense (tea party). On the site there’s a post by LON HOSFORD with this odd paragraph:

Does Obama Birth Documentation Measure Up?

There is Obama birth documentation indicating he was born in more than one place. This is not unexpected today due to the lack of confidence US citizenship proof in general. We come to accept that a person could have inconclusive or contradictory proof and get away with it. The birth certificate documentation you do see on the Internet will never measure up to what millions of Americans say they need for proof. This is a key item that helps make this issue persist. Americans detest unequal treatment. The intensity varies depending on what we see as unequal. It is strongest when it is about something integral to being an American such as citizenship.

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