Lis Wiehl (instigator of O’Reilly protest) worked for Perkins Coie

December 1, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Well this is just unbelievable. I guess nothing is anymore when it comes to barry. I ran across this Nov 29th article about Lis Wiehl – the FOX News “legal analyst” on O’Reilly, who got everything wrong about Orly Taitz’s sanction, setting off the protest Bill O’Reilly rally.

Wiehl said Taitz had taken the same case twice before the same judge and that twice it was dismissed – not. Not a single case has reached discovery so there’s no way any of them could have reached litigation. She also said Congress investigated – not. That barry’s “birth document from Hawaii was shown” – not. She also used the lawyerly phrase that the birthers think barry was “elected from a bad point of view”.

Bad point of view?

Everything she said was wrong and she said it with such venom it made no sense. If she was going to be that loud about her arguments, one would think she would have had at least a passing knowledge of the case.

She didn’t have a clue.

I don’t watch FOX and had never heard of her until I saw her on that video but what struck me was why was someone from FOX so invested in the issue? So invested she didn’t even bother to check any of the facts?

But “legal analyst” didn’t necessarily mean lawyer – and from the way she talked, I figured there’s no way she’s a real lawyer, so I didn’t look any further, and I never ran across this information leading up to Taitz’s protest. But after reading this article, everything makes perfect sense.

Lis Wiehl:

Born in Seattle 5 days after barry. (8-9-61)
Married to Mickey Sherman (Skakel lawyer)
Legal analyst for CBS, then NBC and now FOX
Legal commentator on NPR

Adjunct professor of law at New York Law School
Former associate professor at University of Washington Law School
Advocate for women’s rights (hard to believe)

Barnard College, Bachelors
University of Queensland, Masters of Arts in Literature
Harvard Law School, JD

Federal prosecutor from 1990-1995
House of Representatives team as principal deputy chief minority investigative counsel for the House Judiciary committee in the late 1990s, including during the infamous Clinton impeachment proceedings.

And then:

When she first started out she was an attorney for the law firm of Perkins Coie.

Sound familiar?

Yep. barry’s birth certificate law firm. The law firm of Robert Bauer, barry’s personal lawyer, barry’s campaign lawyer, the DNC lawyer, the Democratic Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committee lawyer and now the new White House counsel.

It’s also the same law firm of Judge Carter’s (Taitz’s case in California) new law clerk, Siddharth Velamoor.

Wiehl must have taken marching orders from Bauer because no one with that type of resume would willingly make herself look like a complete and utter fool. From what she said, I was certain she couldn’t be a lawyer, or if she was, she couldn’t have been a very good one. And here she is a former prosecutor and law professor not getting any aspect of the case she was discussing right. Not even bothering because she had a party line to follow.

Well, Ms Wiehl, you are not anyone I would want to defend me – in the courtroom or as an advocate for women’s rights. You sold your soul to cover for barry and your ignorance is forever immortalized on videotape.

Way to go!

One giant step forward backward for women.

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