What WND asks Gibbs (not birth certificate)

December 5, 2009

Birth certificate posts/videos/suits

Here’s what Lester Kingsolving from World Net Daily finds newsworthy. As far as I know – the last time he directly asked Gibbs about the birth certificate was July 13th when he asked about the Kapiolani letter and Gibbs said he didn’t know the “exact name of the hospital”. On July 27th someone else asked and this was Kingsolving’s exchange with Gibbs.

GIBBS: But I have no doubt that Lester will ask me soon, and that I will receive e-mail –

LESTER KINGSOLVING: You’re wrong — I’ve got another question.

MR. GIBBS: I’m not entirely sure about that, Lester. But let’s not –(Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: I’m happy to wager that you’ll never ask me another birth question again.

KINGSOLVING: No, no, no — I didn’t say “never again,” I said, “not today.”

And he didn’t ask today either. Instead it’s this.

LESTER KINGSOLVING: Okay.  And the White House list of those attending the first state dinner listed:  “The Honorable Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary.”  And my question, can you name any previous press secretaries who were given the title usually reserved for judges and elected political leaders?

GIBBS: Speaking on background as somebody intimately familiar with the thinking of “The Honorable Robert Gibbs” —

KINGSOLVING:  I didn’t say you were dishonorable.

GIBBS: I thought it was —

KINGSOLVING: Did you come up with this?  Was this your idea?

GIBBS: Yes, exactly — I write all those.  Look, it was a flattering promotion that I’m sure the press secretary was quite honored to have.

KINGSOLVING: The President wanted this?  Do you think he wanted this?

GIBBS: Lester, I daresay that the President is quite busy doing a number of things; I seriously doubt he was proofreading the press release guest list.  But I will double-check on that.

KINGSOLVING:  Thank you very much.

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