Michelle: barry’s mom was “very young and very single when she had him”

December 8, 2009

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Hey jaqui –

Sorry it took me a while to find it in the drafts since it’s so old. I thought it was posted and looked on our old blog first. I don’t know if she ever rebutted what she said. And she brings up the food stamps that has never been confirmed. He only brought it up after he was accused of being elitist.

July 10, 2008 University of Missouri – Kansas City

Excerpt from full text


So those are some of the struggles. These are the types of struggles that we hear all over the country. And the struggles aren’t new to me, not new to anyone in this room, but I want people to understand these struggles certainly aren’t new to my husband, Barack. He understands the struggles. He understands them because he was raised by strong women.

He is the product of two great women in his life. His mother and his grandmother.

Barack saw his mother, who was very young and very single when she had him, and he saw her work hard to complete her education and try to raise he and his sister. And he saw through her struggle essentially what she tried to teach him, that you can do anything with a little hard work in this country.

But he also saw her struggle to make ends meet, sometimes relying on food stamps. And the pain, that it effect, that hit her, the pride of ask, having to ask someone else for help.

He saw his grandmother, who is now in her eighties, was the primary breadwinner in their household. Held the family together. He saw her rise from being the secretary at a bank to being a senior level executive. This woman in her eighties, a ground breaker in her own right. But he also, but he also saw her hit that proverbial glass ceiling that even with her abilities and her hard work there was only so far that she’d be able to go.

Madelyn Dunham was one of the first female VPs at the bank — in the 70’s. How far was she going to be able to go –  especially in Hawaii when whites were discriminated against?

And as always she has to talk about herself.

And he also sees me, his wife, who struggles every day with that guilt we all hold deep in our heart as women. That guilt that you don’t have the choice to stay home, and even if you do you feel guilty, you’re working. When you’re working you’re not with your kids, so you feel bad about that. And when you’re with your kids you know you need to be doing more somewhere else. It’s a guilt that we all hold. He has seen me struggle with this my entire life, so trust me, Barack, Barack understands the struggles of women. Because the women he loves the most in his life, he has learned these lessons from.

So Barack, you have to know, carries our stories as women in his heart every day. And they have affected who he has become as a man. And they’ve impacted the choices that he’s made over his entire life.

He carries nothing in his heart except his own ego.

His mother so affected him he never once thanked her in his Minnesota, Denver, Chicago or Inauguration speeches.

And “he” wrote a book about a man he met once and trashed his mother and grandmother in it – painting them as typical white person racists. And then made his mother proofread it for him as she was dying but was not at her side when she passed.

When he went to Hawaii – saying before he left that he didn’t want to make the same mistake twice – he spent 22 hours there – knowing full well his grandmother was dying. He couldn’t even find it in his heart to stay for what he knew would be her last birthday. And then after she passed, he left his sister make arrangements and grieve alone. Weeks later when it was convenient – he was on vacation – he found the time to remember his grandmother.

How is that honoring any of the women in his life – his sister included?

And what has he done for women since he was elected?

What has he done for gay women in the military or the 1 in 3 women who are being raped in Iraq and Afghanistan? The fact that they are more likely to be raped than killed by enemy fire? Heard him bring rape in the military up? Military sexual trauma – the “other PTSD”?

Has he condemned Sharia law in his many panderments to the Arab world?

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