Kyle – OCON forms

December 28, 2009

updated Here you go.

Comparison of HI & non-HI OCON forms for Gore, Kerry, barry

Hello Kyle.

I certainly didn’t expect to hear from you again so I have to wonder what’s up. Why you are looking for more information on those official nomination forms? It seems you’re not alone. Did something happen in court? Did some kind of new document come out?

I have no idea. I took a vacation from the birth certificate issue. One can only take so much. Folks were interested in Susan Boyle and other things, so that’s what I was doing.

Besides, the proof is out there straight from the Hawaii Registrar’s lips – documented by Politifact no less.

I do appreciate the apology, though. It sounded sincere, so that’s the way I’m taking it.

I’ll post what’s in the drafts but I’m not going to go looking for what’s current. Last I checked – last time you asked – jbjd.wordpress had some cases going in some states – Virginia and Texas maybe? I imagine Citizen Riggs is still at his emailing. And last time I checked, Leo had done another disappearing act to work on Hawaii or something.

Andy Martin was supposed to have his second annual where’s barry’s records conference the week before Christmas. He was also supposed to unveil his barry movie. Checked a couple days ago and there was no update.

Orly Taitz is still filing away and I haven’t gotten to the Scribd copies. All I want to know from her is why she never had that Lucas Smith eBay Kenyan birth certificate officially checked out. Maybe she did.

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