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VP Biden: “they’re going to start to see unemployment grow this Spring”

January 31, 2010

January 30, 2010

VP Joe Biden on Today with Meredith Vieira. He responds with some curious answers….a little off.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vieira asks when the unemployed will find jobs.

BIDEN: Well, I say, they’re going to start to see unemployment grow this Spring.

VIEIRA: You mean employment.

BIDEN: They’re going to see unemployment abate…going to see a net increase in jobs…going to give people hope.

VIEIRA mentions how barry keeps talking about ‘Washington” and wants to know how long he can continue to serparate himself.

BIDEN: Well, you know, look, that’s the reason he ran for president – to separate the future from the past.

Complains about the Reps saying “no”.

VIEIRA asks if the Dems have the “stomach” to get things done.

BIDEN: Had we won that race, what would people be saying? It wouldn’t have changed materially one way or another the state of the nation had we won or lost that race. We’d still have 59 votes.

VIEIRA: I know he’s the teacher’s pet here, but what grade would you give the president for his address last night?

BIDEN: A+ but then again I’m prejudiced. Let me step back [shakes his head] at least an A. [laughs] Totally objective.

He made sure not to get that question wrong. If he did, he’d be on the next plane back to Baghdad.

Video: The first stimulus project

January 31, 2010

Januaray 31, 2010

Source: CNN

A look at the very first project to receive stimulus money.

Replacement of (FDR-era) bridge over the Osage River in Tuscumbia, Missouri (Population 218), which provides the most direct link between Jefferson City (MO capital) and the Army’s Fort Leonard Wood.

Cost $9M.

Expected to create 30 direct jobs and 220 indirect jobs.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

According to, the actual number is 24.69 {calculated based on worker time sheet}. If you go to the site, you’ll be overwhelmed with all sorts of interactive graphs and numbers and dots. Impossible to assimilate. The point.

But the jobs weren’t really created – workers were already employed and moved to work on the bridge.

Area manager for contractor APAC-Kansas puts the “saved” jobs at about 10 and “indirect” jobs 240.

Not so according to local proprietor Wes Horton:

There sure as hell ain’t no land boom around here or nothing like that.

Like everything else barry related there has to be signage….that cost how much?

Recovery Act Signage

Limbaugh gets his freak on to Lady Gaga (video)

January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

Defies description.

He does have a cochlear implant but I don’t think that came into play.

TMZ VIA illeone69

Miss America Pageant “Judge the Judges” segment. Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.

T’wern’t no poker faces in the room after this eye candy. Reckon he knows what the song is about??

Gibbs: KSM “is likely to be executed”

January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

barry’s little minions are everywhere. This is Robert Gibbs on the State of the Union with John King. I keep waiting for the day someone asks him: Robert, could you please tell me out loud one original thought – not something that has been recycled for the last 5 years? Hopefully, Ms Crowley will be the one. Her interview with barry was the best I’ve seen.

Gibbs says KSM will be executed – King asks where – Gibbs says he should be tried in NYC – King asks where – Gibbs says he will be executed.

If he is going to be executed it ain’t going to be in NY because capital punishment was ruled unconstitutional by the NY State court in 2004.



GIBBS: Plan A is for KSM…KSM is going to meet justice and he’s going to meet his maker.

KING: In a federal courtroom or in a military commission?

GIBBS: He will be brought to justice and he is likely to be executed for the heinous crimes that he committed in killing–in masterminding the killing of 3,000 Americans. That you can be sure of.

King asks again whether it would be a civilian federal court or a military tribunal.

GIBBS: The AG believe the best way to do this is in an American courtroom.

And then he goes back to the Bush administration. The only time they refer to BUSH in a positive light is to justify the trying of KSM in NYC. [Mitch McConnnell followed and said it was a mistake.]

King tries again – NYC, federal court or military tribunal?

GIBBS: We are talking with the authorities in New York. We understand their logistical concerns and their security concerns that are involved. We have been discussing that with them. As you know they were originally supportive of this. We want to see this man tried and brought to justice in the place in which the crime was committed. We’ll work with them and-and-and come to a solution that we think will bring about justice for those that lost loved one on such a horrific day on 9-11. I think again KSM will be executed for the crimes that he committed.

And the answer was?


WARNING: GRAPHIC discussion of execution


Candy Crowley finally gets her own show

January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

After spending the campaign stuck on the road and then rewarded with Convention floor duty, Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley will be the new anchor of CNN’s Sunday morning hour long show: State of the Union. Read her bio and ask yourself why it has taken so long.

John King is taking the daily 7pm slot.

Congratulations, Ms Crowley and best of luck.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Candy Crowley to Take Anchor Chair of CNN’s State of the Union
CNN Announces New Sunday Lineup to Begin Feb. 7 at 9 a.m.

Senior political correspondent Candy Crowley has been named anchor of CNN’s Sunday morning political program, State of the Union, it was announced today by Jonathan Klein, president, CNN/U.S. Crowley will take the reins of the program beginning Sunday, Feb. 7 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. (ET). The program will continue the tradition of hosting a political hour of newsmaker interviews along with analysis of the week’s most important issues.

Who actually deserved Meet the Press: Andrea Mitchell or David Gregory?

If it were Andrew Mitchell and Davida Gregory, who would have gotten the job?

Rep Sestak: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell must go

January 31, 2010

January 29, 2010

Updated – transcript added


Lt Choi/Lt Col Fehrenbach/DADT

Rep Joe Sestak (D-PA), retired 3-star Admiral with 31 years service in the US Navy thinks it’s time for DADT to be repealed. He was on Hardball before, which I thought I had a post on but couldn’t locate. He makes the point that the average age in the military is 19 and they aren’t as hung up on gays in the military or elsewhere. That it’s “a time where leadership is needed” and “the commander in chief needs to say, make it happen” and it’s time to move beyond the discrimination, which is exactly what it is.

Discrimination the Commander in Chief does not care about.

As of October 2009:

DADT dismissals in the last 5 years:

800 mission-critical troops
At least 59 Arabic linguists
9 Farsi linguists
Women dischaged at a higher rate then men.

Each and every one of those Arabic linguists are vital to national security and each and every one would have been able to see through the Ft Hood muslim murderer.

There have been 600 428 discharges – 169 women, 259 men since barry, who campaigned on repealing DADT, could have done something about it. He doesn’t need and act of Congress and he doesn’t need the Pentagon’s approval or feasibility studies or anything else to sign an executive order stopping discharges. But, like everything else – it’s just talk.

The most ridiculous justification I have heard – it might have even been a comment here somewhere – was gay (men) get to look at other men naked so it’s not fair unless they get to look at women. Truth is – they are doing more than looking. They are RAPING their female “comrades” at a rate at least double the civilian population.

Women in the military: 1 in 3 vs civilian 1 in 6 and both are only estimates because the rate of unreported rapes is 80-90% in the military according to the Pentagon’s own reports. And it’s not gay male soldiers raping gay female soldiers. Women in Iraq and Afghanistan, who, contrary to propaganda, are involved in active combat (Why are there so many female veterans with traumatic amputations? They’re not getting them in the mess hall or entering data into a computer.), are more likely to be raped than killed.

That is a disgusting thought and it is the military’s dirty little secret that no one in Congress wants to unleash. How much have you heard about healthcare in the last 2 years? Heard any discussion about women veteran’s care for the “other PTSD”? Any discussion of how women veterans are treated after discharge? Heard the term Military Sexual Trauma?

Didn’t think so.

And “therapy”? Talking to male therapists and/or group therapy with male soldiers as if that is going to help. So what do the women do? Keep quiet. If there is no true help available, why would they say anything? All it would do is heap more shame on them and have more men questioning whether they “asked for it”.

Lot’s of talk and outrage about DADT but nothing about women getting raped in the military or their alleged battle buddies who stand by and say nothing. And suddenly women became so important in Iraq that US Army Maj Gen Cucolo tried to punish (including court martial) women soldiers who get pregnant while on active duty – making sure to note that the impregnator gets the same “punishment”. Madness. Of course once it was made public the policy went away.

The unasked question: How many pregnancies result from rape?

It’s not something the good general didn’t think of because his policy stated: Does not apply to pregnancies resulting from rape.

Here’s the video. Those of you who prefer the transcript – I’ll add it when it becomes available.

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Cartoon: Change!

January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

iGrow: marijuana superstore opens in Oakland

January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

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Yep. Everything the cannabis connoisseur might need to get started…including a “Grow Squad” to explain how to use everything and answer questions and an in-house doctor to right that magic prescription. Don’t know how this is legal but more power to him. He’s started a business and hired employees to help the economy grow, as will his customers.

Justice O’Connor’s website: “Our”

January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

Here is Justice O’Connor in her own words on the website she designed for young students as well teachers to learn about Civics

Our Courts is a web-based education project designed to teach students civics and inspire them to be active participants in our democracy. Our Courts is the vision of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who is concerned that students are not getting the information and tools they need for civic participation, and that civics teachers need better materials and support.

Current resources on the site include: quality online lesson plans and links to teaching resources and each branch of government in your state. These resources, written and compiled by classroom teachers, are practical solutions to classroom needs. For students, we have interactive features like Civics in Action, and Talk to the Justice, where students can tell each other and Justice O’Connor about their opinions and their civic participation.

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Our Courts

Wolf Blitzer interview with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

January 31, 2010

January 29, 2010

Wolf Blitzer speaks with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor [before the SOTU] about the Supreme Court decision re: Citizens United v Federal Election Commission. Justice O’Connor said she had not yet made it through the “170-some- odd pages” of the ruling and was reserving judgment until she did. What are the chances barry read through any of it? He clearly didn’t grasp the decision and definitely misspoke in his SOTU.

Is there a Kindle TOTUS? Or did they download a version of the Court’s ruling to his presidential ipod?

Justice O’Connor’s points:

1-More women on the Court – 50% of law school grads are women.

2-Amount of money going into judicial campaign races/election of judges:

The nation ought to at least rethink how we select our nation’s trial judges in the states.

[The Framers of the Constitution] wanted federal judges to be appointed by the president, with the advice and consent of the Senate, and to serve for good behavior.

3-Education of students on the history and working of the government:

The other thing that concerned me greatly was the elimination of teaching of history and civics to young people in our public schools. Now when I went to school, we had heavy doses of history and civics. That was a requirement. Today, half of the states or more have stopped making civics a requirement for high school. And the whole idea of a public education was to train young people about how our system of government works, so they could be good citizens and be part of it.

Justice O’Connor has set up a website []  to teach civics to teachers and students – especially young students. I find it extremely helpful since I only started following politics halfway through the primaries – intially because of the blatant sexism and pro-Obama media bias.

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Maddow: Lt Col Fehrenbach re DADT (video/text)

January 30, 2010

January 28, 2010

Lt Choi/Lt Col Fehrenbach/DADT

In his State of the Union Address barry again mentioned his intention to stop DADT – just like he did on the campaign trail and at the gay pride month luncheon and at the Annual National Human Rights Campaign dinner and still nothing despite 77 members of Congress urging him to suspend DADT immediately.

According to the Pentagon: In 2009, there were 428 discharges – 169 women, 259 men.

Rachel Maddow talks with Lt Col Victor Fehrenbach, who has not yet been dismissed from the Air Force when he was given papers in Sept 2008. The question she doesn’t ask is who is keeping Col Fehrenbach from being dismissed and why.

Lt Col Fehrenbach tries to be upbeat but admits he is disappointed because again barry mentioned nothing concrete.

Should a man with these credentials on active duty have to worry about whether he will be fired tomorrow?

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Scott Brown challenges barry to 2-on-2 hoops

January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

Scott Brown on Jay Leno’s 10@10 segment

#8 When was the last time you talked to the president and could you beat him in basketball?

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What was accomplished at barry-GOP lecture?

January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

WH changes transcript re: Jeb & Jim

Not sure why folks think this was a great! ground!breaking! event. Perhaps if he had done it before he allowed Ted Kennedy’s seat to be lost or over the summer or before the senate vote on healthcare or before he scolded the Republicans in his SOTU address.

Here it came off as indulgent political grandstanding and highlighted how few uncontrolled press conferences he has had with the actual press, as well as reminding folks how he refused to do townhalls with Senator McCain.

Instead of appearing strong, he showed what little leadership skills he has (outside talking when the cameras are on), how he has been unable to govern, and how no one is afraid of him. It was no coincidence the camera was focused on him most of the time – unlike the SOTU when the snickers and mumblings and head shakings could be seen.

The Republicans have no incentive to go along with his agenda and televising a Q & A is not going to make voters not vote for Republicans. He is the one who recuscitated the Republican party. He trashed them and President Bush for two years and after a year in office is still whining about what he walked into while making things worse. And he still refuses to release his actual birth certificate that anywhere from 30-50% of people want him to do – including Democrats.

This charade was just a repeat of his primary and general election tactics – ragging that things are getting uncivil while he allowed his female opponents to be trashed in every way imaginable – and accusing folks of being racists when he was the one using the old dollar bill line. In green, he looks just like the other presidents – Hillary Clinton is the one who doesn’t resemble any of the people on the dollar bills, including the non-presidents.

And someone might want to remind him that for the two years “before he walked in the door” the debt/deficit was made possible by a Democrat-controlled Congress, which included him. And while they’re at it, they might want to remind him that healthcare is not the most pressing issue – jobs are – and his made for TV yes I really am in charge of the Republicans did nothing to create more. And they should show him the poll that showed folks trust the tea partiers, who are actually a D-R-I-non-voter coalition of anti-barryites, more than they do Democrats, Republicans or Congress.

Continuing the woe is me I need the Republicans to govern because I don’t know how is only going to rile up his own voters, who are experiencing buyer’s remorse. The LGBT community wants DADT to be repealed now – not “during the next year,” which is what they heard two years ago. They want him to use his executive power to halt the dismissals immediately and not use the excuse of waiting for the Pentagon and Congress. Over 600 servicemembers have been discharged on his watch – all of whom could still be working if he actually had conviction. No matter what folks think about gays in or out of the military, they can’t deny the importance of folks who can communicate in Arabic. Lt Choi would have been able to see through that muslim murderer at Fort Hood after spending 10 minutes with him or by just looking at the murder’s “business card”.

And Independents, who he has completely lost, want action. They want at least one of his campaign promises to be fulfilled – as promised. Not distorted and blamed on the Republicans’ lack of cooperation. And as far as Republicans, he has not only lost the crossover vote – he’s provoked them enough to get out and vote.

Massachusett proved that in spades.

WH changes transcript re: Jeb & Jim

January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

They’re at it again – changing the official WH transcript. Not sure why they bothered. Everyone on the planet heard barry call Rep Hensarling  (R-TX) “Jim” not “Jeb” and everyone knows he did it on purpose. He’s familiar enough with the Bush family after spending two years trashing Pres Bush besides the fact “Jeb” corrected him. Wonder if someone has kept track of their scrubbing since day one. It’d be enough for a daily blog.

Listen for yourself.

Maddow conveniently leaves out Rep Hanserling correcting barry.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Video of full exchange]


CONGRESSMAN PENCE:  Jeb Hensarling, Texas.  And that will be it, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT:  Jim [sic] is going to wrap things up?


THE PRESIDENT:  All right.



THE PRESIDENT:  Jeb, I know there’s a question in there somewhere…

THE PRESIDENT:  Jeb, with all due respect…


One [sic] when there should have been three or at least an asterisk.

barry purposely calls Rep Hensarling by wrong name

January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

WH changes transcript…again

Last question of his Kumbaya session with the GOP – barry intentionally calls Rep Jeb Hensarling “Jim”.

What Ms Maddow left out of the exchange is Rep Hanserling corrected barry and he still did it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jim’ s going to wrap things up?

Jim, I know there’s a question in there somewhere…

Jim, with all due respect…

Have to say – “Jim’s” hair looked a lot like Blago’s.

(Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune)

POTUS brings TOTUS for show and tell

January 30, 2010

No kidding whyrangia. They can try and spin it all they like but the optics are bad even if he didn’t use TOTUS to talk to the kids, which from the video it appears he didn’t. In fact, it’s more ridiculous that they lugged all that crap (is that their rug?) in there when he talked to the kids for a few minutes. And who is responsible for setting it up? Gibbs or the SS? By now the WH should have a green screen so TOTUS doesn’t have to go out in the cold.


FALLS CHURCH, VA - JANUARY 19:   U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the 'Race To The Top' program at the Graham Road Elementary School January 19, 2010 in Falls Church, Virginia. The President is announcing his request for an additional $1.35 billion in 2011 for the program that was created as part of the economic stimulus bill signed into law last year. He is joined by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

And in this tiny room did he need two screens?

Here’s Jon Stewart’s take.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hi Kiddies – I’m Robobarry.


Healthcare bill: Where would it be…

January 30, 2010

January 29, 2010

…if Secretary Clinton were still in the senate?

Why have people never mentioned the effect her absence has had on the failure of healthcare?

And maybe even Joe Biden’s?

Joe Klein: “Obama at his best. He wasn’t cuddly, but who cares?

January 30, 2010

January 28, 2010

This man is plain creepy. Even if you didn’t know what he looked like – his words give you a hint. I hope he took a shower after he wrote these words.

JOE KLEIN [emphasis added]

It was a terrific performance.. He almost seemed to be having fun up there; he delivered the speech in a free, almost informal manner.

To barry, trashing people is fun. And he didn’t limit it to just the GOP. He trashed his own people and the Supreme Court.

Certainly, he stuck the needle time and again into the hides of the recalcitrant elephants in the room.

Klein doesn’t seem to realize barry challenges people to do things to detract from the fact he doesn’t know how.

Again and again, he challenged the opposition. He challenged them to come up with good ideas on health care. He challenged them to join in the leadership of the country, now that they had 41 Senate votes and insisted on a 60-vote super-majority to pass any bill.

Join the leadership? The word was govern: “then the responsibility to govern is now yours as well.” And leader does not equal governor, as is obvious. The Pied Piper was a leader.

Even a lapidary line [??] like, “Now let’s clear a few things up…” was barbed, since it referred to the shameless distortions that the Republican Party–and its house demagogues on Fox News–had inflicted on the health care reform process.

And whose houseboy is Klein?

At the same time, he made a series of proposals that Republicans should love–like a new generation of nuclear power and judicious offshore drilling, like a capital gains tax holiday for small businesses, free-trade deals with South Korea, Panama and Korea.

Proposals the key word. All it was was recycled stump bits except – as always – barry’s statements as a candidate were different.

Seems the bong has worn off. The truth nestled between Klein’s mancrush gushings = 47 words.

That said, the substance of the speech wasn’t spectacular. The new proposals were modest. The freeze on discretionary spending, starting in 2011, still seems ill-advised. He was vague on when and how health care reform might be passed. The section on foreign policy seemed less than perfunctory.

Seems he took another hit.

But in the end–the very end–the eloquence and sense of purpose was riveting. The President described, as accurately as I’ve seen it done, the cynicism sapping the Republic–which also was a tacit attack on the Republicans in the room. He admitted that he’d had a tough year, had made mistakes…

He did not admit he made mistakes. He said: “I take my share of the blame…”. That’s it. And nowhere was the mention of his broken promise lie re: closing Guantanamo.

This was Obama at his best. He wasn’t cuddly, but who cares?


He was smart and he was funny–and he was drop-dead

Yeah, I expected the next word to be gorgeous.

serious about the country.


Making fun of everyone in the room, including the Supreme Court? Reciting the same old promises that have never been and will never be actualized? Taunting Republicans about something the majority if the country doesn’t want? Not mentioning Ft Hood or the diaper bombings?

The speech should do him some good, but it’s not enough. Now he has to preside, in the true sense of the term. He can’t let himself get caught up in the tawdy doings of the Congress. He has to stand above the muck, leading, jawboning a sense of responsibility–as he did tonight.

Leno chuckle on SOTU

January 30, 2010

January 28, 2010


Tomorrow night, President Obama will give his State of the Union address. The White House says the speech will focus on American jobs…

So, I guess he’s going to talk a lot about India.

Hardball: “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour”

January 30, 2010

January 27, 2010

Chris Matthews love for barry gushes over…he actually uses the word “seduction”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Transcript and second video follow


John Stewart mocks Olbermann

January 30, 2010

January 25, 2010

John Stewart’s hilarious breakdown of Herr Hateful Olbermann’s rant after Scott Brown won.  If the Dems keep losing – the WH has shown they still have no clue – Stewart should have plenty of material.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

AZ proposes their own barry soetoro birth certificate bill

January 30, 2010

January 22, 2010

Birth certificate posts
Bill passes first hurdle (Feb 22)
Passes second hurdle (Apr 19)
Birther bill critics: Rep Sinema, SoS Bennett

Rep Judy Burges

Judy M. Burges

Seems Arizona state lawmakers want to make sure future presidential candidates provide proof of natural born citizenship BEFORE they get placed on the ballot. The proof will be independently assessed by the secretary of state, and if unsatisfied, the SoS can withhold the candidate’s name from the ballot.

That’s a step beyond Florida Rep Bill Posey’s bill.

The measure, HB 2441, was introduced by Rep Judy Burges (R-District 4), who apparently had no comment.


Certainly, there has been controversy over President Obama and his birth certificate, where he was born, etc. It just makes sense and will stop any controversy in the future to just show you are a natural born citizen.

And of course the democrats immediately think it refers to barry. Why? It cannot be used retroactively. And if barry is a natural born citizen, why are they even commenting on it – let alone characterizing it as “ridiculous and offensive”. And in the state of Arizona, one would think a democrat would want this measure to pass because of Sen McCain’s tenuous NBC status on the infinitesimal though possible chance he were to run again.

REP KRYSTEN SINEMA (D-Phoenix) said it was:

…ridiculous and offensive.

He clearly met the standards to run for president and hold office as president because the federal government installed him as president in January of last year. The question has been asked and answered.

[By whom and what was the answer?]

Notice Rep Sinema mentions nothing about his COLB or birth status – just that the federal government installed him. Yes, they installed him. Perfect word. Just like he was coronated – not nominated. He hasn’t earned anything and is an empty suit. He will go down as the most arrogant fraud in US history and right down the hall with be the most corrupt media in US history.


Gyne envy.

They could not stand the thought of having a woman as president. Especially THAT women. And they got something “worse” than a woman – they didn’t get a man.

They got a ditherer.

And the ditherer has been dithering while the job market burned.

Then Rep Sinema makes a curious statement about the likelihood of it being enforced when it hasn’t even been passed.

Listen closely:

The secretary of state has no jurisdiction over federal law or over the federal government.

What federal law overrides the constitutional requirement for president?

And why would the federal government be involved in the placing or the “installing” of a candidate on the Arizona ballot?

The only reason she mentioned the federal government is because she knows the candidate for president (the only one known at this point) has already made it past the S of S but would not if the bill passed between now and next election.

Her comment otherwise has no meaning and therefore would not have even been thought of.

Why would she care about someone she doesn’t even know – someone whose name hasn’t even been put on a ballot – in reference to a bill that has not passed and maybe never will?

Your boss needs a license to run the business you work for. You learn that in two year’s time, when he is required by law to renew his operating license to remain the boss, a new requirement MAY be put in place. You hear he MAY have to submit his birth certificate to the state licensing board for review before he gets his new license.

Do you automatically assume your boss will not be able to do so if he’s been running the business for a year and has worked in the field for more than a decade? Besides, what’s the big deal, everyone has a birth certificate, right?

Would you think two steps ahead of something you have no reason to doubt?

You might when it means keeping your own job if you know/suspect your boss got the job because strings were pulled and that he doesn’t really have a birth certificate or won’t be able to produce one because it would blow his cover and expose all the lies he has told about himself.

You don’t need a deposition – you don’t need a birth certificate – she said it all already. She admitted there is a possibility the bill might have to be challenged and the only person it would apply to is someone she already knows will be running for president and since no one has announced their intention it has to be the incumbent president.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Any Arizona constituent out there want to solve the mystery once and for all in one short legally-videotaped visit?

Source: Az Capitol Times’ Luige del Puerto



Cartoon: Year One = Hope?

January 30, 2010

January 26, 2010

Political humor

“The Mobile Party” comic strip discontinued

January 30, 2010

January 23, 2010

Original comic strip & GLAAD statement, Comic strippers’ apology, The Observer’s apology, Fr Jenkins’ statement, Observer managing editor resigns

The Observer has discontinued “The Mobile Party” cartoon. Not much more they can do except close down the whole paper.

Statement follows.


High-ranking Dems involved in Blago-barry senate seat deal

January 29, 2010

January 28, 2010

The barry camp is on scramble mode but have learned nothing from Massachusetts voters. Maybe when the Illinois voters pick Rep Mark Kirk over barry’s basketball bud Alexi Giannoulias they might get a hint.

David Axelrod, Donna Brazile, David Plouffe and Anita Dunn have all reappeared to relaunch barry 2010. Don’t imagine Keith Boykin will be joining them.

Who will barry be campaigning for?

Think Dems want him after his 3 strikes: VA, NJ & MA?

Think Illinois Dems want him after he lost the Olympic bid?

Independents have had enough of his words and no actions. His stumping is going to lose them for good.

So why he is doing it: adoration.

Why his team is going along with it: they know nothing else.

Also not appearing on the reunion tour will be Obama Presidential Campaign Chairman, Jesse Jackson Jr, otherwise known as Senate Candidate #5.

Though they might all run into each other at Blago’s trial: Rahm Emanuel (delivered barry’s list of senate candidates), Valerie Jarrett (#1 senate candidate), Jesse Jackson Jr, Tony Rezko, David Axelrod, Roland Burris, Harry Reid, Dickie Durbin, The President of the United States and his uber-lawyer, Robert Bauer, who is the husband of Ms Mao tse-Dunn.

[That’s called free speech, hubby. Something your client hasn’t completely outlawed. But not for wont of trying.]

Here is the list of people involved with the alleged selling of barry’s senate seat. The non-asterisked were directly involved. The asterisked’s involvement is explained following the list.

There is only ONE high-ranking Democrat not on the list: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

[Imagine what the world would be like had she returned to Illinois and won her senate seat there…]

Can you think of any other WH that would actively afforded such a press blackout?

Just look at the titles without names attached or imagine Pres Bush/Clinton people.

The President of the United States

*Vice President of the United States

*Speaker of the US House of Representatives

US Senate Majority Leader

US Senate Assistant Majority Leader

US Senator, ex-IL Atty General & Comptroller

US Representative, ex-POTUS Campaign Chair

*US Representative (Senate Candidate)

US Representative

*ex-Democratic National Party Chairman

White House/DNC/personal POTUS counsel

White House Chief of Staff, ex-US Representative

*White House Press Secretary

Top Female Presidential Advisor

Top Male Presidential Advisor

*Illinois Democratic Party Chair cum Speaker of IL House of Representatives

*Illinois Attorney General

Impeached Illinois Governor

*Illinois Governor, ex-Lt Governor, ex-Treasurer

*Illinois Treasurer, soon to be Democratic nominee for POTUS’s senate seat

ex-POTUS Campaign Finance Advisor, now convicted felon


Speaker of the US House NANCY PELOSI was directly responsible for making that seat available when she illegally [sue me so the truth comes out in court] signed barry’s official nomination certificateS.

And by extension or with the full knowledge of Democratic National Party Chairman HOWARD DEAN. Why barry hasn’t given him a job. Who was more qualified for HHS – Dr Dean or Gov Sebelius? And Dean engineered the moving up of the Nevada and South Carolina primaries (denying Michigan and Florida) specifically to give barry a better chance. And that decision directly led to barry’s coronation.

Indirectly involved/as yet unrevealed/by extension:

Roles of: VP JOE BIDEN, WH Press Secy ROBERT GIBBS, Rep JAN SCHAKOWSKY (wanted seat), Rep BOBBY RUSH (wanted black person to get seat), IL Atty Gen LISA MADIGAN (wanted seat), her father and blago’s best bud, IL Dem Party Chair/Speaker of the House, MICHAEL MADIGAN, at the time IL Lt Gov, former IL Treasurer and now acting IL Gov, PAT QUINN, present IL Treasurer and soon to be Dem nominee for barry’s senate seat, ALEXI GIANNOULIAS.

On the periphery:

Allegedly on POTUS’ preference list submitted to Blago by RAHM EMANUEL, were IL Veterans Affairs Director and Purple Heart recipient TAMMY DUCKWORTH [presently the Assistant Secretary of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the US Dept of Veterans Affairs] and IL Comptroller DAN HYNES [presently opposing QUINN for Dem nominee for IL governor].

At the heart of the matter:

Convicted felon TONY REZKO, main fundraiser for OBAMA during his earlier elections and official Campaign Finance Committee Advisor for OBAMA’s 2004 US Senate run, which raised more than $14M.

Direct REZKO-related contributions obtained for that race = $250K, which took over a year for OBAMA to finally admit to, proving each of OBAMA’s previous statements a lie.

Some of that money was alleged to have [did] come directly from the scheme that convicted REZKO, OBAMA having been named in the indictment.

OBAMA has also had to return monies donated to his presidential campaign by REZKO-related people.

The REZKOS and OBAMAS purchased adjoining lots on the same day using the same agents when REZKO was actively under investigation by the Feds, which “superior judgment” OBAMA said was a “boneheaded mistake”.

The man taking down Rod Blagojevich could just as easily be taking down OBAMA, which explains REZKO‘s solitary confinement until he agreed to cooperate with Feds (re: Blago) and the staged made for barryTV arrest and subsequent trashing of Blagojevich.

As acting governor of IL, he should have at least been given the respect due his office, but he was arrested at 6am on his birthday – including handcuffs and perp walk – just hours after he spoke out against Bank of America – which had been covered nationally by the press.

No coincidence. From the date and timing of his arrest, the ridiculous press conference, the release of the transcript of his wife’s profanity and the subsequent Blagobashing by the press.

And the “staggering breadth of corruption laid out in the charges” of Blago’s alleged “political corruption crime spree” that US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald talked about?

Months of profanity-laced blather. No act had yet been committed or caught on tape. Just Blago and folks talking about it. And Blago’s subsequent media appearances and his radio show [upcoming Celebrity Apprentice] have shown the national media how much he likes to talk and how nutto he really is, putting those chats in their proper perspective.

But none of it makes sense from a purely investigative standpoint – especially from the FBI. Months and months of surveillance and the Feds stop right at the point they could have gotten no doubt sbout it evidence on Blago, who they’ve been watching for years?

Not happening.

And the real reason?

Because Blago had reached the national media and could expose barry’s little secrets? Because he was trashing barry’s banker buds?

Or because barry’s people were on the verge of making a deal?

Illinois jurors are no dummies. They know Blago didn’t do anything anyone else – including POTUS – hasn’t done. The Louisiana purchase, the Nebraska Compromise and the behind closed doors capitulation with the unions re: healthcare should make that clear to non-Chicagoans.

Blago had to be the scapegoat so barry wouldn’t be involved in yet another scandal before he was inaugurated. Look above at the list if you have any doubts. And the dates. Blago was arrested on Dec 9th – the Electoral College officially declared barry president on Dec 15th.

And the statement put out by barry’s crew when the media was off for Christmas that said they had no improper dealings with Blago, which was backed up by Fitzgerald, is going to be Exhibit A.

And as crazy as Blago is, he proved he was a craftier politician than any of them expected – including Emanuel – when he stuck it to them by appointing Roland Burris. And involving Rep Bobby Rush was also pure genius, ensuring at least one sympathetic juror, which is all it takes.

By the time the trial starts, Mr Burris, who had many of Chicago’s influential pastors behind him, will almost be out of office, having been trashed for even being seated. In the process of attempting to clear his own name once and for all, [he was cleared by IL DA and US Senate Ethics Committee], he will remind folks that Blago gave him the job and that everyone on the above list did not want him to have it, especially Harry no Negro dialect Reid, who likened the fight to get healthcare passed to slavery.

And it won’t be lost on potential jurors that the third ever black US senator and the only black POTUS did not include a single black – male or female – on his preference list.

Look again at names above and reconcile them with you feelings about Blago.

If you think Milorad is scummy or guilty or worse – all those people, including the president, his top WH advisors, the heads of the Senate/House, Dem Sens and Reps, the Illinois and national Dem Party, as well as top-ranking Illinois Democrats – were involved with Blago. The specifics of which will go on record during Blago’s trial, including the veracity of these words by barry:

I was not aware of what was happening. I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not-I was not aware of what was happening.

No one on that list, knows yet what will be revealed about them or about barry. Though I’m sure AXELROD’s 11-23-08 on TV admission: “I know that he’s talked to the governor” and BARRY’s 12-10-08 denial “I didn’t discuss this issue with the governor at all” will be included.

And one thing is certain: If Blago goes down, he’s going to go down talking. And who better to talk about than barry?

Something the barrymedia won’t even be able to contain.

And the many facts that will be revealed, especially if the recordings of barry people are played in open court, will prove (once again) the absolute corruption of the media.

Anita Mao tse-Dunn re: SOTU

January 29, 2010

January 28, 2010

Daily Run Down
Savannah Guthrie & Chuck Todd

Definitely back on the campaign trail. Axelrod, Donna Brazile, David Plouffe and now Anita Dunn.

I find this woman odd.

What do you think?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Earth to Chuck. Be happy Ms Guthrie is on your side – she could rip you to shreds.

Americans re: State of the Union (video)

January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

State of the Union (text/video)

Five Americans speak out on the State of the Union Address. Interesting comments. The ladies are clued into reality. The first, of course, is a pro-barryite in Washington.


1-good speech

2-too little too late

3-I don’t think he really cares

4-Republicans not standing = hostility

5-Hasn’t proven bipartisanship

State of the Union Address (text/video)

January 28, 2010

January 27, 2010

State of the Union Address [scroll down for text/video]

Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya.

All the campaign bits except the oceans rising and the righteous wind.

A little bit of everything for everyone that will never get done. Especially Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Still campaigning and still not taking responsibility for anything – especially the 10% unemployment.

And those folks who said he apologized and “took responsibility”?

This is it.

I take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the American people.

He’s the president and he still is not accountable for anything except his share.

He still blames “Washington” and Bush and lobbyists and Republicans…Would someone please clue POTUS into the fact that HE is Washington? That HE is the leader of the Democrats who control Congress who control special interests who control Washington?

Because of the steps we took, there are about two million Americans working right now who would otherwise be unemployed.

I hope CNN is still working on tracking those stimulus dollars, which “created/saved $2M jobs” while 4M were lost.

One thing the speechwriter should not have recycled:

I have never been more hopeful about America’s future than I am tonight.


The American people get a government that matches their decency; that embodies their strength. And tonight, tonight I’d like to talk about how together we can deliver on that promise.

No government with POTUS at the head is going to embody strength. Impossible. And The American People have been waiting for a year to get a decent government and all they hear is how he didn’t ask for all these problems…how bad things were…how he saved them from the brink of disaster. Not so for at least 4M people.

And for folks who actually listened – for almost three years they have heard him talk about talking about how “we” can deliver on that promise. That’s the theme of his presidency: Talk, promise, talk, promise, act when forced, talk, promise and what has Changed?

Wall Street.

And their bad behavior was allowed to happen because he put no limits or conditions on what they did with taxpayer money. Least he could have done was made them use a percentage of the “donation” to make money for the taxpayers like they did for themselves. Same with AIG. He can no longer hide he is their ally. The only option is he is really really stupid.

He’s been in office for a year and he’s still talking about campaigning:

But when I ran for President, I promised I wouldn’t just do what was popular–I would do what was necessary.

What didn’t he promise and what has he done??

How can he say the unemployment might be double if he didn’t help the banks? Total non-statement.

And it gets worse:

I supported the last administration’s efforts to create the financial rescue program….we made it more transparent and more accountable.


I’ve proposed a fee on the biggest banks

After giving them the money they needed. Why not before?

That is why jobs must be our number-one focus in 2010.

And in 2009?

Yet all we hear is how it has been/is the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last at night.

And now it’s a hurry:

I want a jobs bill on my desk without delay.

They could have had it there months ago instead of pushing healthcare that the public didn’t want, especially when no one has a job.

It’s time to get serious about fixing the problems that are hampering our growth.

Exactly what the voters in MASS said with their vote.

Great incentive for the basement Cheetos crowd:

And let’s tell another one million students that when they graduate, they will be required to pay only 10 percent of their income on student loans, and all of their debt will be forgiven after 20 years.

If after 20 years their debt needs to be forgiven – they certainly didn’t use their taxpayer funded tuition, did they?

No one should go broke because they chose to go to college.

And how many of the 4M jobs lost were held by college-educated people?

After 3352/7450 or so words:

Health insurance reform.


Our approach would bring down the deficit by as much as $1 trillion over the next two decades.

$1 Trillion over 20 years?

And the DEBT:

1-20-09: 10,626,877,048,913.08

1-20-10: 12,327,380,804,696.82

In one year, he’s increased the debt by 1.7 Trillion. Who can possibly conceptualize that much money let alone imagine it ever being paid back.

Here’s the full video.




Countries assisting Haiti

January 27, 2010

January 24, 2010

MUSLIM countries providing aid
AFRICAN countries

AID TO HAITI spreadsheet
Compiled by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on the basis of information provided by donors and appealing organization. The following countries were listed on the Totals page.

Funding, committed and uncommitted (rounded figures – % of total aid):

USA: $168M – 9.57%

Canada: $131M – 7.45%

Spain: $45.8M – 2.62%

UK: $32.6M – 1.86%
France: $31M – 1.79%
Sweden: $23.2M – 1.32%

Germany ($20.3M), Brazil ($15.5), Australia ($13.5M), China ($13M), Denmark ($11.2M), Norway ($10.4M), Italy ($8.6M), Finland ($7.7M), Japan ($5.3M), Russian Federation ($5M), Switzerland ($4.7M), Netherlands ($4.3M), United Arab Emirates ($3.2M), Ghana ($3M), Ireland ($2.89M), Indonesia ($1.7M), Czech Republic ($1.15M), Belgium ($1.15), Poland ($1.09M), New Zealand ($1M), Morocco ($1M), Estonia ($1M), Luxembourg ($723K), Greece ($290K), South Africa ($135K).

World Bank: $100M – 5.7%
European Commission: $44.8M – 2.56%
Central Emergency Response Fund: $25.8M – 1.47%
UN & Agencies: $10M – 0.5%
Inter-American Bank: $200K – 0.01%

Alyssa Milano: $50k
Clinton Foundation: $250K
Sandra Bullock: $1M
Giselle Bundchen: $1.5M
Lance Armstrong Foundation: $250K
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation: $1M
Jolie-Pitt Foundation: $1M pledged
Newman Foundation: $100K pledged
Not on Our Watch (George Clooney et al): $1M
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: $1M + $500K to provide immediate-and-medium-term medical care through PIH´s existing 10 health facilities and temporary/mobile clinics



MTP: Valerie Jarrett “I think we’ve seen enormous change!” (text/video)

January 27, 2010

January 25, 2010

Meet the Press

Here’s Valerie Jarrett lying right through her teeth and wimpy David Gregory doing nothing. He asks a few hard questions but she never answers them so why bother.

Same comments as ever: brought us back from brink of disaster, turned the economy around, same game in Washington, POTUS thinks about jobs from morning to night (but has done nothing), going to work hard for the American people, middle class, blamed the media for cluttering the healthcare message, put the country back on the right track.

JARRETT: “I think we’ve seen enormous change.” & “We’ve turned the economy around” & “The recovery act saved thousands and thousands of jobs” & “dramatic difference in terms of how the United States is perceived around the world.” & “adding discipline in government to try to get control of our–over our fiscal house” & “We had the largest federal deficit in our nation’s history. ”

And made it worse faster than any president.

Wouldn’t say anything about Osama and thinks Bernanke will be confirmed.