Airport body scanners (video)

January 1, 2009

American College of Radiology: airport scanners are not dangerous

A look at the body scanner aka “strip scanner”. The TSA already has 40 units in use in 19 airports (O’Hare coming soon). They blur facial features and don’t save the images but there is still a privacy concern as everything shows up. I imagine men would have a little problem if they have a little problem to begin with.

An interesting comment I heard during the discussions about body scanning vs pat downs on CNN or MSNBC. A man said that if the Nigerian muslim terrorist had been patted down, the PETN would have been missed anyway.

A hard non-fleshy 6″ package in someone’s underwear would be missed on a pat down?

Then why are they performing them at all?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Airports already using body scanners.

Added this video because sometimes the WSJ video works and sometimes it doesn’t. [You can always click on link to watch on their website.]

Take careful note where the security agent checks the man who failed the screening.


In order for this to work without risk of naked pix getting out – the computer must have absolutely no storage capacity, a man and a woman have to be in the room looking at the images and a camera has to be watching them monitored by someone LIVE, and absolutely no cellphones or other digital devices allowed in the room that could be used for screenshots. And of course someone has to oversee that all this is being done.

In other words – there will be no privacy and images will be leaked.

(Aug 2010) Feds admit to storing tens of thousands of images

2 Responses to “Airport body scanners (video)”

  1. mattie Says:

    Hello Daniel.

    I’m well aware of terahertz radiation and the associate biological risks to DNA and the panic! linked to it. The airport scanners are designed not to get to terahertz range and as long as they don’t (frequent testing) the scans are biologically safe. That’s why the link to the American College of Radiology was provided at the top of this post. Most folks, including pregnant women, have no idea the amount of radiation they are exposed to when flying and yet panic when they need dental or chest xray, which is not only less radiation, lead shields are provided.

    1000 scans = one standard chest x-ray

    The invasion of physical privacy is a completely other matter, which is discussed above. A physical pat-down is offered as an alternative to the scanners.

    And, if as you say, only the terrorists guys should get it – if they knew who the terrorist guys were there would be no need for scanning.

    The savages responded to the call for profiling by forcing a woman to be a human detonator. She blew herself up in Baghdad in the midst of a pilgrimage killing at least 5 women and 6 children – the women herself could have been pregnant.

    Muslim savages killing other muslims engaged in a religious event just to prove a point to the West. And they think what they do will someday be accepted by the non-muslim world.

    As of today, the number murdered = 54.,-wounds-over-100-Shiite-pilgrims

  2. daniel Says:

    These body scanners are a violation to citizens’ privacy by essentially behaving like a a virtual strip search!! Also, just think about the strange technology that the machines are using. ‘Terahertz ray’ is a brand new technology, how can I know what kind of damage it can do on your body and your organs! Only those terrorists guys should be scanned!!!-educate yourself.

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