HARDBALL: Are birthers a “Rorschach test for insanity?”

December 31, 2009


Birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

Hardball. Chris Matthews discusses Politifact’s Truth-O-Meter Top 10 List with STEVE KORNACKI (New York Observer) and JONATHAN MARTIN (Politico). Since it’s Politifact – there are no barry lies of course – even though they are keeping track of barry’s campaign lies promises. Two of the lies discussed relate to Sarah Palin and Orly Taitz.

Politifact’s full list includes: 3 Republicans (Sarah Palin, Joe Wilson, Betsy McCaughey), Glenn Beck (3), anti-barry chain emails (Koran, healthcare), birthers, teapartiers.

#1 Rep Wilson: You Lie!

They don’t mention the fact that the Senate changed the bill right after Wilson’s outburst. Or the fact that Rep Hank Johnson called Wilson the face of the KKK and was never called on by anyone – least of all the MSM – to apologize.

#7 Birthers

#10 Palin re: death panels

Is there a single person who believes medical care to the elderly, mentally ill and disabled is not going to be rationed under “barry’s” healthcare bill?

They’ve already started with women.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


MATTHEWS: Welcome back to HARDBALL. So, what were the biggest political lies of 2009?  The year is about to end.  We have got to keep score.  The editors of PolitiFact.com have ranked them based on readers‘ responses.  PolitiFact is a Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking Web site of the “Saint Petersburg Times.”  And the most outrageous lies get their lowest rating.

Joining us now from “The New York Observer,” Steve Kornacki—he‘s been on before—and Politico‘s Jonathan Martin.

[They talk about Joe Wilson first – follow transcript link if interested.]

MATTHEWS: Let‘s take a look.  Here‘s the birthers.  Talk about lies. What do you make of this? You first, Jon.


MATTHEWS: This is a lie that is out there.  Even Hillary Clinton said, “as far as I know,” or one of those lines, when this came up. What do we make of this obsession with certain people who believe that you can‘t find the birth certificateat least the birth certificate they want to find—therefore, this guy is an alien, illegal alien, and ought to be kicked out of the country, basically?

MARTIN: Yes. I think, Chris, it is a vehicle for those who just do not want to believe that this president is legitimate, so that they sort of, you know, grasp on to this, that, no, this is not our reality because he is not an American somehow. So it is a way to convince yourself that he is not really your president. But I think it sort of exposes some of the most extreme and, frankly, scary elements on the right wing of this country right now.

[Again – anyone who questions barry is “extreme” and “scary” and of course right wing. They gloss over the polls which show that Democrats are included in the folks who think barry should show his birth certificate 0r “vital records”.]

MATTHEWS: Steve, is this a Rorschach test for insanity?  Is this something that you—I mean, as Mike Huckabee said, if he were really not born in the United States, don‘t you think Hillary Clinton would have used it against him?  Don‘t you think any politician would have used it against him?

[And what happened when they tried?]

KORNACKI:  I think most rational people can put it to rest and put it to rest a long time ago, and never even really considered it.  It did give rise to one of the funniest and most creative things I saw in the year 2008.


KORNACKI:  No.  There is a website that came up that took the fake birth certificate that Orly Taitz—and you can go and put your own personal information in and get your own Kenyan birth certificate.  So now I too—

MATTHEWS: You can create these things as a joke.

KORNACKI:  I am now a native born Kenyan.

[barry’s COLB template has been out there since before that “Kenyan birth certificate” appeared. Watch one being made.]


KORNACKI:  I hope it is.  I think this is the year we discovered how irrational a good chunk of the public is, not the majority, not an overwhelming chunk.  There was that 30 percent that all through the Bush years  held on and said, no, he is a great president.  There‘s that 30 percent who believe in death panels, that 30 percent that believes he is from Kenya.

MATTHEWS: There is also a good percentage of the country out there, small but real, that believe he had one of those plungers and he blew up the World Trade Center.

KORNACKI:  All sorts of conspiracy theories.  But they‘ve really come to the fore this past year with Obama.  He has brought out something and we‘ve really seen it.

[And why is that? Because the world knows nothing about barry, which means none of what is questioned can be considered a “conspiracy” until the truth is made known. And that will never happen until the MSM investigates him, which is never going to happen now. They have too much to lose. All it would take is one senator, one congressman or one newsperson to expose barry and not a single one has the courage or integrity to do so.

That’s what this year showed. The year of barry propaganda – the MSM promoting lies about other politicians or blowing them out of proportion – while completely ignoring barry’s. Bloggers know the truth – yes, actual facts – about barry that the MSM won’t air and that is what has people so angry. Think of all the uproar of the birth certificate. Think of the hours and hours of comments by the MSM on the topic – even still – when all ONE news source had to do was ask for the real “vital records” and it would have been over before it even started. Bill O’Reilly won’t even do it — he “doesn’t care“.

The question – as always – is not where barry was born…it’s why the MSM has actively resisted finding out where barry was born.]


KORNACKI: There are platforms now that didn‘t exist in the past for this stuff to get out there, like this birth certificate thing.  Orly Taitz could go and find some website that put up what she claimed was an authentic Obama Kenyan birth certificate.  The next thing you know, a thousand right wing blogs are linking to it, and there‘s a million people in the country who believe this is a smoking gun proof that Obama is from Kenya.  Never in the past would that stuff have made it through the filter of Walter Cronkite or “New York Times” or anything like that.  All these alternative platforms have sprung up, and people can go there and believe the facts they believe are facts that come from there.

MATTHEWS: Thank you, Steve Kornacki.  Thank you, Jonathan Martin.  I know I‘m dismissive.


Never in the past would stuff get past the MSM or the MSM purposely ignore the FACTS on a candidate – especially one for president.

And the NY Times? He’s got to be joking. They got punked by some jokester who pretended he was the mayor of Paris. They have embargoed everything possible that could have hurt barry. They admitted to killing a bit on ACORN and barry right before the election. They totally missed Commie Van Jones story and made a lame excuse and the list goes on and on…they’re still missing the birth certificate story. They changed the language in stories AFTER they were posted because of protest from the WH. Any time a news source changes a story – not the basic facts but the words used and way it was reported on aka perception of barry – the news source is no longer credible.

The New York Times’ credibility is long gone – starting with the tabloid story they ran on Senator John McCain.

And not a single journalist can hold a candle to Mr Cronkite, God rest his soul. Not a single one understands truth, the search for truth, or the necessity for 100% non-biased reporting.

Instead we get the likes of a spitting misogynist with chills up his leg, a pink-faced public option! ranter, a very unhappy Santa-sized misogynist who has to find three people worse than himself to make it through the day, and the ever lovely holier-than-thou sarcastic little sister.

Happy New Year!

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