Politifact’s 2009 Truth-O-Meter Top 10 List

December 31, 2009

Politifact put together their Truth-O-Meter’s top ten list compiled from total hits. I left their links in if you’re interested in reading more. Looking at the top 10 it’s clear on which side of the aisle Politifact sits. Included are 3 Republicans: Sarah Palin, Joe Wilson, Betsy McCaughey, 3 Glenn Beck, 2 anti-barry chain emails (Koran, healthcare), birthers, teapartiers.

#5 is the most read item of all time.

On the same page they posted this list, they put the headline links for each of the items EXCEPT #2 & #7. It’s pretty clear why: they represent Politifact’s own burning britches.

Top 10 Truth-O-Meter items

1. (9-9-09) SC Rep Joe Wilson’s: “You lie!”.

2. (9-30-09) Glenn Beck and others claim that WH political director Patrick Gaspard was once the political director for Bertha Lewis, chief organizer of ACORN.

FOR THE RECORD: The story arose from a posting on ACORN own founder’s Wayne Rathke’s “Chief Organizer” blog: “Tell me that 1199’s former political director, Patrick Gaspard (who was ACORN New York’s political director before that) didn’t reach out from the White House and help make that happen, and I’ll tell you to take some remedial classes in ‘politics 101’.” that was quoted by American Spectator’s Matthew Vadum and then discussed on FOX.

ACORN’s own founder was the source. And ACORN was the one who came forward and admitted the mistake – AFTER it was reported on by Beck and others. Don’t see how an impartial factchecker could begin to blame this on anyone other than the original source. If the founder of ACORN is writing that someone worked for them, it’s reasonable to assume that is factual information as it was cited. The Politifact story was posted on Sept 30th – immediately after the mistake was corrected – and there was no update that after that date that Glenn Beck or anyone else continued to claim it after it was corrected. And Glenn Beck wasn’t even the main player in the original story – Steve Doocy was the one who was quoted and pictured.

This is a good example of Politifact’s bias and true lack of factchecking credentials. They called Beck et al liars for saying something that was only corrected after they said it. It would be like calling someone a liar for saying barry’s parents got together after Selma based on barry’s speech. Or blaming a six-year-old for writing there are 57 states after watching the President of the Untied States say so.

3. (11-30-09) Glenn Beck: less than 10% of barry’s Cabinet members had worked in the private sector.

4. (9-12-09) Bloggers claimed a photo showed millions at the “tea party” protest. But the photo was taken in 1997 at a Promise Keepers rally.

5. (12-19-07) A chain e-mail: barry took the oath of office for the Senate using a Koran.

6. (7-16-09) Death panel claim: former NY Lt Gov Betsy McCaughey claimed a provision in the health care bill would tell seniors to end their lives sooner.

7. (7-1-09) ‘Birthers’ claimed WH spokesman Robert Gibbs lied when he said Obama’s birth certificate is posted on the Internet.

FOR THE RECORD – GIBBS DID LIE. No birth certificate of any sort has been seen, let alone posted on the internet. Even Dr Fukino changed her words from Statement 1: “original birth certificate” to Statement 2: “original vital records”.

8. (7-22-09) Glenn Beck claimed science czar John Holdren proposed forced abortions and putting sterilants in drinking water to control population.

9. (7-28-09) A chain e-mail claimed the health care bill would provide free health care for illegal immigrants.

10. (8-7-09) Sarah Palin claimed the health care bill would have ‘death panels’.


So where are barry’s lies?

And they didn’t get more hits on their original birth certificate post than a photo of a tea party event or the proposed forced abortions?

Hard to believe.

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