Yemeni Gitmo detainees should not be repatriated


January 4, 2010

Yemen is now considered the hotbed for al Qaeda – al Qaeda Arab Peninsula (AQAP) – and yet barry just repatriated 6 Yemeni Gitmo detainees. The reason he wanted to close Gitmo was because of the recruitment potential it represented and yet he just sent 6 eyewitness inhabitants of Gitmo to a known place where al Qaeda is gaining strength.


To fulfill a campaign promise? To pander to muslims?

Because he has no clue about what he’s doing?

Yemen is not our ally and has no intention of ever becoming one, so why are we sending anyone back there?

And why did we just pledge more funding to them?

Where is the logic? Especially when 2 ex-Gitmo detainees were involved with the diaper bomber.

Out of 500 or so prisoners released, the Pentagon says roughly 60 have returned to killing. Approximately half of the detainees left at Gitmo are Yemenis. Perhaps they might not have been caught in the act before they were detained, but after all the years spent there, they have become hardened, and if repatriated, will be under extreme pressure to act.

John Brennan, White House advisor on counterterrorism.

We’re working very closely with the Yemeni authorities to address the threat that is out there. But again, it just demonstrates that al Qaeda is determined to carry out these attacks and we’re determined to thwart those attacks.

Determined is not the same as proactive or successful.

What are the odds those 6 repatriated detainees are NOT going to be involved in terrorism again?

And what are the odds the Yemeni government will actually use the money as intended when they allow the US to be blamed for attacks they are carrying out?

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