Wanna eat dinner out of a toilet?

January 5, 2009

There’s a time and a place for everything. Willingly paying to eat out of a toilet while sitting on one isn’t right anywhere at any time.

Customers at Modern Toilet restaurants in Taiwan and Hong Kong are served food in miniature toilet bowls, urinals or sinks while they sit on toilets. No word on whether the ones they’re sitting on are hooked up to plumbing.

Scrumptious looking, innit?

Appetizing wall art and display of excretion aids serving vessels.

Wash your hands in a toilet!



Take note of the Taiwan toilet, which dessert – yes, a swirl of chocolate ice cream – is served in.


The upside? If the food is not agreeable, vomiting into the serving “bowl” isn’t a problem.

I don’t see this catching on in the US.

Is visual taste perception coloring your appetite?

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