Capt Sullenberger: “Brace for Impact” screening (video)

January 7, 2010

Flight 1549 posts

Captain Sullenberger interviewed by Access Hollywood at The Walter Reade Theater in NYC for the world premiere screening of the Flight 1549 documentary “Brace for Impact” which is set to air Sunday, January 10th, 9pm (EST) with re-airing at 11pm, Jan 13th 10pm and Jan 14th 1am. 60 minutes.

It is fresh footage. Capt Sully traces his route over the Hudson in a helicopter and gives a play-by-play of what happened, they talk with his wife Lorrie Sullenberger, first responders (on the water), passengers, First Officer Jeff Skiles, as well as air traffic controller and marathoner/triathlete Patrick Harten.

*Update: The flight attendants were not interviewed. Not sure why.

It is narrated by Harrison Ford (also a pilot), who nominated Sully/Skiles to succeed him as (co) chairs of the EAA Young Eagles Program. [Thanks to Beth for the scoop.] Capt Sullenberger requested the documentary be narrated by Ford and said he wouldn’t mind having Ford play him in a film version.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One word to sum up the year?


Here’s the link to TLC if you’re interested in a few sneak peeks at the documentary:

Brace for Impact (1:00)
After The Crash (1:31)
Patrick Harten: The Other Voice  (2:17)
Sully Meets With The Boat Captains (2:47)
A Wife’s Perspective (1:53)

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