Why there should be airline passenger profiling

January 11, 2010

Honestly, sometimes human beings lose all touch with reality.

As was the case at Ottawa Airport, Ontario, Canada.

A 55 y/o woman takes her 85 y/o aunt to the Ottawa airport to fly home to Toronto. It’s December 28, 2009 – just three days after the Nigerian islamoterrorist failed in his mass murder attempt. Both women are standing in the Air Canada security line – minding their own business – when a female Canadian Air Transport Security Authority agent pulls the elderly aunt aside to undergo “random” screening.

Mind you, we are talking about a 85 y/o white female who is 4’10” and weighs 90 lbs whos is dressed in normal clothing, acting appropriately, and clearly not a threat to a spider.

Not having a choice, the elderly women complies. She is told to remove her boots and get this – UNZIP HER PANTS SO THE FEMALE AGENT COULD PROBE HER ABDOMEN – which was then done.

For what?

So they could say they met their quota of random checks?

The woman’s niece:

There is nothing in her background or appearance that would justify this. The only time she gets dangerous is when we let her have a third martini and then she gets into the chocolate.

And why did the aunt not allow her name to be included in the article?

She is afraid to complain lest she be placed on a no-fly list.


It’s time for sanity to be restored.

Stop the random CYA searches. Look at the passengers. Weight the risk. Make an informed sentient decision and respect the human being’s privacy.

What was done was not a “random” search. It was done by head count….every 10th passenger in line or whatever. It was as egregious as the Catholic nun being searched.

Catholic nuns and 90lb octogenarians are not blowing people up.




“Random screening” means absolutely nothing when it is used on people who are absolutely ZERO RISK.

Random screening should be used for the target group: Men. Arab men. Muslim men. Late teens – fifties.

And those of you who fit in that group – get used to it.  If I was in the same target group as the cowardly hate-filled human detonators – I would expect nothing other than to be stopped each and every time I walked through security. And if I wasn’t, I would be more alarmed than if I were.

There is absolutely no reason for any 85 y/o woman – of any race, ethnicity, creed or size – to be searched. 85 y/o women cannot fathom the hate that exists. They cannot imagine the ignorant selfishness of a human detonator who would blow up women and children who have done absolutely nothing to him. 85 y/o women made it to 85 because they are rational beings, who can think for themselves, and aren’t about to let anyone strap a bomb or anything else to their genitals.

It is unconscionable that she was physically invaded because one more hate-filled muslim coward tried to kill people because he was a lonely nobody manipulated by other hate-filled muslim nobodies whose only purpose in life is to kill and maim.

Stop the madness and start profiling.

And, Ladies?

Sue the hell out of Air Canada so it never happens again.

Source: The Vancouver Sun

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