Washington Independent Untruths: #2 Birtherism

January 12, 2010

Birth certificate posts

It appears the Washington Independent put their own 2009 whoppers together like Politifact, and like Politifact, the birthers were included. This post is by Hannah Dreier. I don’t know her. Dave Weigel is the usual suspect there.

Hannah Dreier 12/25/09

Untruths # 2 birtherism

Too far-fetched for even the likes of Rush Limbaugh to discuss as anything but the punchline to a joke, “birtherism” has gained 9/11 truther-like staying power this year, triumphing over widespread ridicule from liberals and conservatives alike. Despite the fact that Barack Obama long ago produced his Hawaiian certification of live birth, a stubborn fringe of “birthers” has clung to the theory that Obama is not a natural born citizen, and is therefore ineligible to serve as president.

1-Props for finally getting the name right.

2-Skips right over the controversy -> the digital image “COLB” and jumps right to natural born citizen.

3-That digital image COLB has never been commented on by Dr Fukino. It isn’t even a full image as the complete back side is missing. In other words – it is meaningless.

4. barry himself referred to himself as a NATIVE BORN citizen, which is not the same thing as a NBC.

5-A native born citizen cannot be president.

6-One can have a perfectly legit Hawaii COLB and still not be a NBC and thus be ineligible to be president.

7-Birtherism cannot be labeled a conspiracy until the best available evidence is presented and then rejected

8-Birthers and truthers cannot be compared.

This is also missing the full picture.

DREIER: The movement gained new life this summer when former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs began “asking questions” about Obama’s place of birth, even after a staffer leaked a memo from CNN’s president warning Dobbs, “It seems this story is dead.”

1-It didn’t gain “new life”. The media were forced to address ti.

2-Lou Dobbs has always maintained barry is an American citizen. He has never questioned that fact. He “asked questions” about barry’s birth certificate in reference to barry’s (fraudulent) claims of transparency. He didn’t question barry’s specific “place of birth”. He questioned why he refused to release it, as in:

DOBBS: I said I believe Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t just produce his long-form birth certificate and be done with it.

Very different.

And barry has been anything but transparent.

He has no paper trail and each day his internet trail shrinks. Look in your archives and check the posts that had videos documenting barry’s lies/gaffes that have been removed because of “terms of use violation”. The other day I looked for an article on The Obama File because the website it was on had been scrubbed and Beckwith’s cache copy was gone.

No one knows anything about barry and the barrymedia has no interest in finding out.

Why is it Ms Dreier doesn’t care what type of medical problems an over 25-year smoker and former drug abuser has when he can start a nuclear holocaust and no one can veto him?

Why doesn’t she wonder why the press descended in full venom (anti-Hillary Clinton style) when Lou Dobbs, who has no party, no political office, and no voters, began to mention it?

Why doesn’t she wonder why barry is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight in court something that could be cleared up in 3-10 business days and with less than $20?

Most curiously, why is Ms Dreier risking her reputation to defend a man she knows nothing about?

Dave Weigel knows the truth. He must have received the memo. He gave it away when he chatted with Rachel Maddow and mentioned the DNC. He knows all about Nancy Pelosi’s two different Certifications of Nomination and why Hawaii needed to have the Constitutional clause added.

He has gambled his future (integrity and reputation are long gone) in trying to discredit the “birthers”. I don’t know his preference, but he seems to fancy Orly in a physical sense. And that little politijab forum he hangs out in that’s too cowardly to be open to the general public (which doesn’t mean you cannot get in without being registered) has posted graphic “art” of Ms Taitz with her legs wide open, having just given birth. It’s a glimpse of who the true perverted nutballs and bizarre human beings are.

Why would someone spend hours painting such a thing?

And what occupied his mind before Orly Taitz?

Why have so many people spent so much time and effort and ranted words on something they say is a non-issue – going after people they say will never be convinced no matter what?

Where’s the payoff?

And with all Weigel’s nastiness, he has not been able to make the birthers go away.


Because of barry’s fraudulent claims of “transparency” that have served only to legitimize the birthers’ claims and energize their efforts.


Because they know the only logical explanation is barry has to be hiding something.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean he is not eligible to be president. It simply means he is hiding something – a lot of somethings – and the barrymedia has been complicit in allowing him to keep those things hidden, as well as willfully hidden them for him and attacked his opponents.

There is no such thing as free press is the US. The media is completely corrupted – including FOX and WND – and have been since March 3, 2008 when they let barry walk away from the podium after answering, like 8 questions.

What is available is the internet, which barry controls through googleman and which barry will have complete control of in case of “national emergency”. You know, like the catastrophic! Joe Biden-predicted manmade H1N1 pandemic set off to push healthcare reform. Or was it really a genuine assassination attempt?

The truth will be known. Sooner rather than later.

Whatever it is.

Somebody in barry’s past is going to have a relative killed in Afghanistan or lose their house or job or somehow be directly injured by him or some enterprising person will compare barry’s publicly acquired DNA with his auntie or brothers or a Chinese hacker is going to leak barry’s records over the internet or somebody he throws under the bus will not lay down and die – Tim Geithner comes to mind) – and the truth will come out.

And once the truth is known, and it’s clear Weigel “the birther authority” knew it all along and still wrote what he did, his gazillion posts are going to be the laughingstock of the universe.

What gave the barrymedia away once and for all is the way they surgically attacked Lou Dobbs, especially barry-controlled, near-apoplectic Media Matters. Dobbs has never contended barry is not an American citizen. All he did was provide a platform – though one wonders why it took him so long. And Ms Dreier mentions the leaked memo and yet neglects to mention that Jon Klein, the author of the email, reversed his own position less than 24 hours later.

A few questions for Ms Dreier:

If you truly believe barry released his birth certificate, and you truly believe it is 100% kosher, and you truly have no doubt in your own mind that he is 100% eligible to be president – why have you wasted your time writing about people who don’t believe any of it?

What is in it for you?

Have you nothing positive or enlightening to promote?

What part of your mind has never wondered why barry has never produced his birth certificate/vital records just to be done with it?

Have you never worked through the logic that barry himself gave rise to the birthers by putting his COLB on line and calling it a birth certificate? That he created his own anti-barry party and has gone out of his way to allow it to fester?


Nobody made him do it. No one in the media demanded he do it. Senator McCain had his own technical eligibility questions and barry conveniently posted the COLB 5 days after Sen Clinton suspended her campaign.

So why did he do it?

Had he actually posted a copy of whatever Dr Fukino is vouching for not a single case would have made it to court. Every court case grew out of the questions surrounding that COLB.

And Ms Dreier?

Do you realize you are financing Orly Taitz’s antics?

That your tax dollars are paying for barry’s defense, which is necessary only because he refuses to release his birth certificate?

Why aren’t you angry about this as a taxpayer?

I did enjoy your Lady Gaga reference, but why aren’t you and the rest of the barrymedia demanding accountability now, before he raises your taxes?

What good are your railings against Ms Taitz when she is sucking money from your own paycheck, with no end in sight?

What more incentive do you need to finally ask Gibbs for a copy?

I chuckle every time I read one of these anti-birther posts because the very person writing it is paying for it to continue.

Every time you write or say something snarky or derisive about Taitz, you are making fun of yourself. She continues with her lawsuits because you and the rest of the barrymedia and rest of the anti-birthers haven’t demanded she stop. And all it would take is a one minute conversation with Gibbs.

So why haven’t any of you?

What does it say about you that you haven’t?

Have you never thought of it?

Or have you reached the conclusion that the reason no one has asked is because they know Gibbs can’t produce one?

And that the real reason y’all attack the birthers is because you have no other option?

I wonder if you realized the point you were making here? Props for not coming out directly and saying “racists”.

DREIER: It was probably inevitable that a section of America would reject the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency, but the success of this easily disprovable theory is somewhat shocking — according to one poll, fully 58% percent of Republicans either think Obama wasn’t born in the United States or aren’t sure, and only 77% of Americans as a whole are confident that Obama is in fact a citizen.

Why would a section of America have reason to reject his legitimacy?

On what basis, if you are not referring to his birth certificate?

What is truly shocking is why something that is so “easily disprovable” hasn’t yet been disproven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And most shocking of all: why, with the absolute necessity for Democrats not to lose any seats, would barry allow so many people to continue wondering, when their wondering is directly giving life to his Republican opponents?

It defies logic.

Yes, some birthers may have completely irrational theories as to why he won’t release his birth certificate and some may be using the issue to displace their general discontent and some most assuredly are racists and a fdw may even be clinically insane, but it doesn’t explain why the Democrats – especially the ones up for re-election – are not demanding that barry release his birth certificate to remove the issue as a rallying cry.

Go to Alexa and look at how many visits Taitz gets a week vs the Tea Partiers or Evangelicals or whatever else. How many of them are disaffected Democrats who are wandering away because he refuses to resolve the issue and no one in the Democratic Party is making him? How many are Independents who voted for barry but have since soured because of his lies and broken promises? And how many are Republicans who otherwise would not be involved?

A final question Ms Dreier:

Since you are absolutely certain barry was born in Hawaii, and you are absolutely certain he is Constitutionally eligible to be president, would you please name the exact physical location of his birth, and then explain why that location did not have a celebration on August 4, 2009 to commemorate the birth of the first Hawaii-born president of the United States?

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