Flight 1549: Remnant of 320 Airbus for sale “as is”


Jan 22, 2010

Flight 1549 posts
Flight 1549: The Year in Review

What remains of the US Airways Airbus A320 that survived the water ditch on the Hudson is up for auction. It’s advertised as “as is/where is” with “severe water damage throughout the airframe” and “impact damage to underside of aircraft.”

What’s left of the fuselage, separated wings, no engines.

AIG insures US Airways and the auction, which is set to end March 27th, is being run by Chartis Insurance a division of AIG.

I’m surprised this is for sale to the public. It should be at the Smithsonian or at a aviation museum not cut up in little pieces and sold on eBay. Actually, it belongs to NYC and should be right next to where Capt Sullenberger set it down at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

And AIG might be able to gain back a little good faith if they donated it themselves.

Being stored at salvage yard in Kearny, New Jersey.



Source: CNN

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