High-ranking Dems involved in Blago-barry senate seat deal

January 28, 2010

The barry camp is on scramble mode but have learned nothing from Massachusetts voters. Maybe when the Illinois voters pick Rep Mark Kirk over barry’s basketball bud Alexi Giannoulias they might get a hint.

David Axelrod, Donna Brazile, David Plouffe and Anita Dunn have all reappeared to relaunch barry 2010. Don’t imagine Keith Boykin will be joining them.

Who will barry be campaigning for?

Think Dems want him after his 3 strikes: VA, NJ & MA?

Think Illinois Dems want him after he lost the Olympic bid?

Independents have had enough of his words and no actions. His stumping is going to lose them for good.

So why he is doing it: adoration.

Why his team is going along with it: they know nothing else.

Also not appearing on the reunion tour will be Obama Presidential Campaign Chairman, Jesse Jackson Jr, otherwise known as Senate Candidate #5.

Though they might all run into each other at Blago’s trial: Rahm Emanuel (delivered barry’s list of senate candidates), Valerie Jarrett (#1 senate candidate), Jesse Jackson Jr, Tony Rezko, David Axelrod, Roland Burris, Harry Reid, Dickie Durbin, The President of the United States and his uber-lawyer, Robert Bauer, who is the husband of Ms Mao tse-Dunn.

[That’s called free speech, hubby. Something your client hasn’t completely outlawed. But not for wont of trying.]

Here is the list of people involved with the alleged selling of barry’s senate seat. The non-asterisked were directly involved. The asterisked’s involvement is explained following the list.

There is only ONE high-ranking Democrat not on the list: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

[Imagine what the world would be like had she returned to Illinois and won her senate seat there…]

Can you think of any other WH that would actively afforded such a press blackout?

Just look at the titles without names attached or imagine Pres Bush/Clinton people.

The President of the United States

*Vice President of the United States

*Speaker of the US House of Representatives

US Senate Majority Leader

US Senate Assistant Majority Leader

US Senator, ex-IL Atty General & Comptroller

US Representative, ex-POTUS Campaign Chair

*US Representative (Senate Candidate)

US Representative

*ex-Democratic National Party Chairman

White House/DNC/personal POTUS counsel

White House Chief of Staff, ex-US Representative

*White House Press Secretary

Top Female Presidential Advisor

Top Male Presidential Advisor

*Illinois Democratic Party Chair cum Speaker of IL House of Representatives

*Illinois Attorney General

Impeached Illinois Governor

*Illinois Governor, ex-Lt Governor, ex-Treasurer

*Illinois Treasurer, soon to be Democratic nominee for POTUS’s senate seat

ex-POTUS Campaign Finance Advisor, now convicted felon


Speaker of the US House NANCY PELOSI was directly responsible for making that seat available when she illegally [sue me so the truth comes out in court] signed barry’s official nomination certificateS.

And by extension or with the full knowledge of Democratic National Party Chairman HOWARD DEAN. Why barry hasn’t given him a job. Who was more qualified for HHS – Dr Dean or Gov Sebelius? And Dean engineered the moving up of the Nevada and South Carolina primaries (denying Michigan and Florida) specifically to give barry a better chance. And that decision directly led to barry’s coronation.

Indirectly involved/as yet unrevealed/by extension:

Roles of: VP JOE BIDEN, WH Press Secy ROBERT GIBBS, Rep JAN SCHAKOWSKY (wanted seat), Rep BOBBY RUSH (wanted black person to get seat), IL Atty Gen LISA MADIGAN (wanted seat), her father and blago’s best bud, IL Dem Party Chair/Speaker of the House, MICHAEL MADIGAN, at the time IL Lt Gov, former IL Treasurer and now acting IL Gov, PAT QUINN, present IL Treasurer and soon to be Dem nominee for barry’s senate seat, ALEXI GIANNOULIAS.

On the periphery:

Allegedly on POTUS’ preference list submitted to Blago by RAHM EMANUEL, were IL Veterans Affairs Director and Purple Heart recipient TAMMY DUCKWORTH [presently the Assistant Secretary of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the US Dept of Veterans Affairs] and IL Comptroller DAN HYNES [presently opposing QUINN for Dem nominee for IL governor].

At the heart of the matter:

Convicted felon TONY REZKO, main fundraiser for OBAMA during his earlier elections and official Campaign Finance Committee Advisor for OBAMA’s 2004 US Senate run, which raised more than $14M.

Direct REZKO-related contributions obtained for that race = $250K, which took over a year for OBAMA to finally admit to, proving each of OBAMA’s previous statements a lie.

Some of that money was alleged to have [did] come directly from the scheme that convicted REZKO, OBAMA having been named in the indictment.

OBAMA has also had to return monies donated to his presidential campaign by REZKO-related people.

The REZKOS and OBAMAS purchased adjoining lots on the same day using the same agents when REZKO was actively under investigation by the Feds, which “superior judgment” OBAMA said was a “boneheaded mistake”.

The man taking down Rod Blagojevich could just as easily be taking down OBAMA, which explains REZKO‘s solitary confinement until he agreed to cooperate with Feds (re: Blago) and the staged made for barryTV arrest and subsequent trashing of Blagojevich.

As acting governor of IL, he should have at least been given the respect due his office, but he was arrested at 6am on his birthday – including handcuffs and perp walk – just hours after he spoke out against Bank of America – which had been covered nationally by the press.

No coincidence. From the date and timing of his arrest, the ridiculous press conference, the release of the transcript of his wife’s profanity and the subsequent Blagobashing by the press.

And the “staggering breadth of corruption laid out in the charges” of Blago’s alleged “political corruption crime spree” that US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald talked about?

Months of profanity-laced blather. No act had yet been committed or caught on tape. Just Blago and folks talking about it. And Blago’s subsequent media appearances and his radio show [upcoming Celebrity Apprentice] have shown the national media how much he likes to talk and how nutto he really is, putting those chats in their proper perspective.

But none of it makes sense from a purely investigative standpoint – especially from the FBI. Months and months of surveillance and the Feds stop right at the point they could have gotten no doubt sbout it evidence on Blago, who they’ve been watching for years?

Not happening.

And the real reason?

Because Blago had reached the national media and could expose barry’s little secrets? Because he was trashing barry’s banker buds?

Or because barry’s people were on the verge of making a deal?

Illinois jurors are no dummies. They know Blago didn’t do anything anyone else – including POTUS – hasn’t done. The Louisiana purchase, the Nebraska Compromise and the behind closed doors capitulation with the unions re: healthcare should make that clear to non-Chicagoans.

Blago had to be the scapegoat so barry wouldn’t be involved in yet another scandal before he was inaugurated. Look above at the list if you have any doubts. And the dates. Blago was arrested on Dec 9th – the Electoral College officially declared barry president on Dec 15th.

And the statement put out by barry’s crew when the media was off for Christmas that said they had no improper dealings with Blago, which was backed up by Fitzgerald, is going to be Exhibit A.

And as crazy as Blago is, he proved he was a craftier politician than any of them expected – including Emanuel – when he stuck it to them by appointing Roland Burris. And involving Rep Bobby Rush was also pure genius, ensuring at least one sympathetic juror, which is all it takes.

By the time the trial starts, Mr Burris, who had many of Chicago’s influential pastors behind him, will almost be out of office, having been trashed for even being seated. In the process of attempting to clear his own name once and for all, [he was cleared by IL DA and US Senate Ethics Committee], he will remind folks that Blago gave him the job and that everyone on the above list did not want him to have it, especially Harry no Negro dialect Reid, who likened the fight to get healthcare passed to slavery.

And it won’t be lost on potential jurors that the third ever black US senator and the only black POTUS did not include a single black – male or female – on his preference list.

Look again at names above and reconcile them with you feelings about Blago.

If you think Milorad is scummy or guilty or worse – all those people, including the president, his top WH advisors, the heads of the Senate/House, Dem Sens and Reps, the Illinois and national Dem Party, as well as top-ranking Illinois Democrats – were involved with Blago. The specifics of which will go on record during Blago’s trial, including the veracity of these words by barry:

I was not aware of what was happening. I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not-I was not aware of what was happening.

No one on that list, knows yet what will be revealed about them or about barry. Though I’m sure AXELROD’s 11-23-08 on TV admission: “I know that he’s talked to the governor” and BARRY’s 12-10-08 denial “I didn’t discuss this issue with the governor at all” will be included.

And one thing is certain: If Blago goes down, he’s going to go down talking. And who better to talk about than barry?

Something the barrymedia won’t even be able to contain.

And the many facts that will be revealed, especially if the recordings of barry people are played in open court, will prove (once again) the absolute corruption of the media.

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