DADT hearing: Lt Col Fehrenbach (video)

February 2, 2010

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Sen Sessions re DADT:

I don’t think that they’re required to lie about who they are. I think that is an overstatement.

What planet is this man on?

Rachel Maddow had Lt Col Fehrenbach on to discuss today’s hearing. He said he was disheartened and disappointed with what Sen McCain said because McCain is a personal hero of his and that McCain was THE reason Fehrenbach joined the Air Force and was THE reason he had stayed in the AF so long. [his emphasis] He said he felt he owed a personal debt to Sen McCain and his generation.

How is a man like this considered a liability? Sen McCain’s years of suffering inspired a young man to join the AF to risk his own life as repayment to a generation that went before him. How many people have such a conviction – straight, gay or neutered? This whole thing is insane.

It was a revelation. Fehrenbach has never mentioned this before the times I’ve seen him. Also found out it was a civilian who outed him. I hope that very very small person is proud of  what he did – as in tried to ruin an unblemished record and have a decorated pilot and true hero discharged. What motivates such spite? How can an American be so selfish?

What LC Fehrenbach (or any servicemember) does in the privacy of his/her non-military life is nobody’s business. The Pentagon didn’t have any problem when they handpicked him to protect the skies on 9-11. So why the change in judgment now?

And how much are these studies going to cost?

13.5K servicemembers have been discharged for no reason other than their sexual orientation – something they did not choose any more than someone “chooses” to be heterosexual. It costs millions of dollars to train someone like LC Fehrenbach and there is no price that can be attached to 88 successful combat missions. And at present there are 65K gay servicemembers serving in the military – imagine that price tag.

What are the odds gay men served with General Washington? Signed the Constitution? Fought for the North in the Civil War? Fought alongside Sen McCain?

How many did the present Commander in Chief fight beside?

Can you imagine barry in basic training? Hand-to-hand combat? Picking up an injured comrade and carrying him to safety while bullets were flying?

And yet he looked LC Fehrenbach in the eye and promised he would get it done. A man who can lie to an American hero like Fehrenbach does not deserve to be C-i-C. I think military service should be a requirement for the presidency. At least the birth certificate issue would be taken care of.

Fehrenbach made a good point about how he has served with 25 of our allies who have had no problem with gays in their armed forces. He doesn’t think it should take a year. He said it would take a few phones calls (I’m guessing to the allies) and 30-60 days.

He then said he was very pleased with Adm Mullen’s comments. These are the most positive statements I have heard him say. He’s nort sold on barry’s sincerity.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I think this was a hopeful, promising, historic day. This is the first time we’ve seen military leaders at the very top of the military make these kinds of statements.

And I do want to just say I was overwhelmed by Admiral Mullen’s statements. I was overwhelmed by his commitment. It sounded personal, it sounded from the heart. It wasn’t something he was told to do – this was something personal and really meant something to him.

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