2010 Turkey: 16 y/o girl buried alive by father

February 4, 2010

Update 2-15

*Updated x 3

In Turkey, barry proclaimed that we are not a Christian nation and we are not at war with Islam. And Politifact’s Pants on Fire lie that we are one of the largest muslim countries in the world.

No words condemning Sharia law, “honor” killings, female genital mutiltion and child marriages. And no mention of that American women are being raped in Muslim countries as well – by fellow Americans.

All those teleprompter sessions and I’ve not once heard him mention the epidemic of rape in the militray. I’ve never heard him say how horrifying it is that 1 in 3 women (80% unreported) are being raped by their fellow soldiers. I’ve not heard Rachel Maddow say anything but I don’t watch her very often.

What are the statistics straight vs lesbian women?


Buried Alive

16 year-old MEDINE MEMI was buried alive allegedly because her father was unhappy she had male friends. Nothing was said about improper sexual relations.


Atlas Shrugged

* UK Guardian: The grandfather is said to have “beaten her for having relations with the opposite sex”.

“Relations” still not defined.

**She had gone three times to the police to complain that she was being beaten, but she was sent back to her family each time. She had never been allowed to go to school.


She had been missing for 40 days when the police received a tip from a neighbor, which led them to a “chicken pen outside her house in Kahta town” located in Adiyaman, southeastern Turkey.


The town is known for being very conservative and religious; it is a stronghold of the once powerful Naksibendi Islamic sect, which was banned by modern Turkey’s founding father Ataturk in 1925 but has revived in recent years.

But while it is true that most such killings are carried out in conservative Muslim communities, the practice is linked more to the customs of this region of Turkey, than to religious belief.

Does it matter?

*MEDINE‘s excavated grave. (HO/Reuters)

The hole where a 16-year-old girl was buried alive by her relatives in Adiyaman, southeastern Turkey

It’s hard to even type this, thinking of the physical and emotional horror she endured. I imagine her last thought was along the line that no one would ever know what happened to her. Thankfully, that prayer has been answered and her vile “family” has been exposed.

MEDINE was found in a sitting position with her hands tied behind her back. The autopsy revealed large amounts of soil in her mouth, lungs and stomach – she was buried alive. There was no sign of severe trauma on her body and no drugs in her system – she was fully alert when she was buried alive.

And since she was not gagged or blindfolded, the last person she saw was her father shoveling dirt over her – dirt mixed with chicken feces – and the last thing her father heard were her pleas and then her gagging and then nothing.

**After which they poured fresh concrete over the area.

What wasn’t mention in the scant autopsy findings listed was whether MEDINE was genitally mutliated, whether her vaginal opening was sewn shut, whether there was evidence of recent or chronic sexual abuse, previous or present pregnancy, or whether she was in good general health or had been starved prior to her murder.

Unnamed woman being buried and it looks like a woman assisting.


No one can possibly know the actual truth of what happened to MEDINE MEMI unless the evil family members speak up. The community certainly isn’t going to make them.

And what person is capable of truth if they think burying their daughter/sister/grandchild alive is ok?

Father and grandfather were allegedly arrested and jailed pending alleged trial.

**They were not charged.

**MEDINE was one of 9 or 10 children.

*Her mother was arrested but later released.

** Medine’s body was found in December and it took this long for the autopsy to be done and results released.

**2003 and 2007 – 16 honor killings in Medine’s province.

NGOs say the official figures are almost certainly too low.

*More than 200 honor killings murders per year = half of all murders in Turkey.

There are only 400 murders/year in Turkey?

Imagine how long it took.

buried alive

AFP via Montreal Gazette

In honour killings, most prevalent in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast, a so-called family council names a member to murder a female relative considered to have sullied the family honour, usually by engaging in an extra-marital affair.

Which only has to be alleged by the husband and the woman has no ability to defend herself against the charges.

But the practice has gone so far as to kill rape victims or women who simply talked to strange men.

A final note.

Turkey’s: Hurriyet Daily News wants 16 y/o MEDINE MEMI to remain nameless, even in death. They refer to her only as MM.

She is being identified by her initials because she was under the age of 18.

Initials are used to identify minor victims of crime who are still alive.

They are not meant to be used to protect the murdered minor’s family members who are responsible for the murder.

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