Chuck Todd re: IL politics “starting to rot away on the Democratic side”

February 5, 2010


birth certificate posts

Chuck Todd on the Daily Rundown mentioned the crazy pawnbroker Dem candidate for Illinois Lt Gov Scott Lee Cohen and impeached governor Blagojevich.


That’s Barack Obama’s home state.

What has happened?

This place is completely starting to rot away on the Democratic side.

How blind is this man?

Has he forgotten that barry campaigned for Blagojevich? That Rahm Emanuel had a long-standing relationship with Blagojevich? That Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Campaign Chairman Jesse Jackson Jr and barry himself were interviewed by the Feds in relation to Blagojevich?

List of high-ranking Democrats involved in barry’s alleged senate seat sale – all the way from the POTUS to his decades-long friend TONY REZKO.

If he thinks Blago is dirty for talking about pay-to-play what does he think about the Lousiana Purchase and the Nebraska Compromise and whatever barry did with the unions?

Savannah Guthrie knows – her face said it all.


On Morning Joe/Way Too Early

They brought up the Tea Party convention this weekend. To the MSM, especially MSNBC, Teapartiers = Birthers, which is absolutely wrong. And they still don’t grasp that some “birthers” believe he is an American citizen – though not a natural born citizen. But Norah O’Donnell doesn’t know any more than Gibbs what hospital barry was born at/in/aound/near.

As far as barry’s arrogant citizenship comment. As you would expect, he puts his nose up in the air.


It was shot across the bow to the teapartiers…a large amount have publicly questioned whether he is an American or not.

Cut out the kookiness.


A lot of this discussion has been ridiculous.

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