Barnicle flips: Teapartiers “are NOT all birthers”

February 8, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Morning Joe

Give Mike Barnicle a couple of days and he will contradict himself. This time about teapartiers and birthers. On the 2nd, says the media overlooked the teapartiers and that birthers are teapartiers. Today he says teapartiers are not all birthers and the media covered them too much over the summer.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the video.


That’s the thing that emerged from Massachusetts about Tea Party people. They’re not all birthers and those crazy people we showed too much of last summer.


It’s evolving and diverse.


We didn’t win Massachusetts and Virginia, New Jersey talking about birthers.

When are they going to get teapartiers are a group of angry people who are not happy with the media first and foremeost and secondly barry. At this point, they do not have well-delineated or defined ideas or a cohesive strategy – but it doesn’t matter. They are a force to be reckoned with.

One Response to “Barnicle flips: Teapartiers “are NOT all birthers””

  1. mattie Says:

    Greetings Montana.

    Sorry you’re having such a rough morning.

    “We won.”

    if you voted for barry – yes you did. The question is: Did you get a winner?

    And you don’t seem to understand the birth certificate issue but have no problem with the usual party line: spew your hate with lies, dumb, racist, crazy…zero points for originality.

    As your leader calls for civility, his little followers keep on with the nasty comments.

    No case has ever been allowed to be heard – meaning no evidence has ever been allowed to be presented. No judge has ever ruled on the merits of the case – meaning they have never verified his birth, that digital image COLB or anything else.

    Bottom line: No judge has ruled he is eligible. Period.

    And the reason the cases haven’t advanced have to do with standing – simply put no one citizen can challenge barry.

    I’m curious why you folks have never even wondered why your leader refuses to release any of his records – including his medical records. You seem to have no problem with the fact that nothing is known about the physical condition and psychiatric of a 20+ year smoker and ex-drug addict who can start a nuclear war without veto.

    And why hasn’t this brilliant! Constitutional law “professor” ever released his transcripts or written any scholarly writings, including when he was president of the Harvard Law Review? He never even got a clerkship. Why doesn’t anyone remember barry during his time at Columbia?

    How is it you are certain your leader was born in Hawaii when his own spokesman Robert Gibbs does not even know?

    None of the Hawaii papers know where he was born. The birth announcements folks like to point out do not say where he was born – just that he was.

    No one knows the physical location of barry’s birth. No hospital in Hawaii has ever come out publicly to claim him. No hospital has dedicated the barry soetoro birthing room and no hospital celebrated barry’s birthday.

    The first “Hawaii-born” president and no hospital claims he was born at their hospital?

    I have to wonder why folks are so mindless.

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