Tea Party, Andrew Breitbart to media “It’s you that sucks!”

February 7, 2010

Doesn’t get much clearer than this. But out of all the MSNBC talking heads to go after – it’s not Keith Olberman or Chris Matthews or Chuck Todd or even Rachel Maddow – it’s Contessa Brewer. Gives a little insight into his gyne envy.


I know these people. I have cocktails with them when I got into Washington DC and they go: ‘I understand that it’s an act, Andrew. You’re not really one of those people’.


Oh, you better bet your ass I am!

[laughter – standing O – cheering]

When I watched [affected voice] Contessa Brewer on MSNBC [laughter] raise the question whether or not a protest was racist, in which she showed a man have his gun around his chest in his holster – MSNBC did an entire discussion on: are these protests, with these gun-wielding freaks [laughter], are they racist?

Does everybody here know what happened with that photo where they cut the head off?

[crowd: Yes]

That was an African-American gentleman.


That my friends is not media bias.

That is contempt for the American people.


In order to create the perception that the minority is the majority and the majority is not just minority, but a bad, racist, homophobic – all those buzzwords that they’ve learned in the freshman orientation class at Wesleyan [laughter] are used as weapons to try to destroy you and to intimidate you to not speak up and to speak your mind.

To the media:

And your days of doing this are over!

[Standing O – cheering]

It’s not your business model that sucks – it’s you that sucks!

I don’t know if this man is a perpetual ragger but he didn’t appreciate Joseph Farah’s mention of barry’s birth certificate in his speech. What was Breitbart expecting him to talk about it? Farah previewed his speech on his website before he gave it. Anyway – the two had words. Another post.

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