WND’s Kingsolving: Katie Couric should donate her salary to save jobs at CBS

February 9, 2010

Birth certificate posts

This has to be the most bizarre post I’ve seen lately. WND’s Lester Kingsolving is wondering why “anchor lady” Katie Couric isn’t sharing her salary with other CBS employees who are allegedly being laid off.

I saw the exchange in the press briefing transcript and had no idea where it was coming from, especially when Gibbs addressed him as Chip instead of Lester. After reading his post I still have no idea.

Why is he focused on Katie Couric?

America is still known as “The Land of Opportunity.” And this made me wonder why CBS’ anchor lady, Katie Couric, has not, reportedly, offered to share some of her income to save dozens of her fellow CBS employees – whom the New York Observer and the New York Post, among others, reported are being laid off.

His emphasis.

And why is it he thinks it’s her job to give up her salary to other people?

Because Drudge said she is “the highest-paid TV news personality in history”.

Would he be asking anchor dude Dan Rather to give money to CBS employees?

And why isn’t he going after David Letterman who is costing CBS around $32M a year?

How many employees could he save?

And what about Conan O’Brien getting $32M for 8 months work and then leaving his employees, many of whom traveled with him from New York, without jobs?

And somehow his logic gets him to where he thinks Katie Couric should only be paid what barry makes.

Will Katie Couric ask that all of her salary, except the same amount as Obama’s salary, be shared with her fellow CBS employees, to save them from being laid off?

What planet is this sexist old fart on?

His smirk in his pix says it all.

And why is Lester getting paid at all when he’s not even man enough to push Gibbs about barry’s birth certificate – even after Gibbs opened the door and said they could talk about it “next week”?

And did good old Lester ask?


Gibbs asked him if he had his birth certificate and Lester said: “I’m not going to ask about that.”

Here’s his bizarre exchange with Gibbs.

Feb 4th press briefing:

LESTER: In his commendable concern for the unemployed, the president would be gratified if Katie Couric would share 14.5 of her widely reported $15 million salary to rescue those hundreds of CBS employees laid off, so she would still have an income similar to the president’s, wouldn’t he?

GIBBS: Chip – (Laughter.)

GIBBS: Chip is – no. Look, Lester, Lester, I’m – Lester, I’m happy to answer questions on policies that the government –

LESTER: This is unemployment. This is unemployment.

MR. GIBBS: Lester, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to get into the compensation of a network any more than it is for me to get into your compensation.

For once Gibbs makes sense.

Lester concludes with this:

Earlier in the briefing, Gibbs mentioned: “This recession has cost us 7 million jobs.”

But when it came to all those jobs being lost at CBS, there was at the Obama White House no real comment of concern, but only an unwillingness to comment.

If he was concerned about this back on the 4th – why did he just post this today?

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