Rep Deal goes on video record re: letter to barry about birth certificate

February 10, 2010

Birth certificate posts


You’re absolutely correct. I had enough of the birth certificate issue and legal documents and Taitz’s machinations. I appreciate what you’ve sent me and will post what I can find. Why don’t you start a blog? It’s not that complicated.

I have birther lover’s Dave Weigel’s just happened to be passing by version of the “conversation” between Joseph Farah and Andrew Breitbart at the Tea Party Convention. Breitbart was not happy about Farah’s mention of the birth certificate issue when he really should have been upset about the length (40 minutes) not content. And there are at least three other things I promised to post for someone else that I realize now I never did.

Video: February 6
Carl Swensson, Citizens Grand Jury,
Faith, Family and Freedom Kickoff
Georgia Christian Alliance
Sand Springs, Georgia

Interviewee is Rep Nathan Deal (R-GA) who wrote a letter to barry back in December asking that he clear up the birth cetificate issue. See here for background. Receipt of letter was confirmed by the WH – GANNET TSEGGAI- but as far as I know this is the first time the contents have been mentioned publicly and it is certainly the first time on video.

barry has never responded…other than his arrogant comment at the Prayer breakfast.

Curiously, Deal has not signed on to Rep Posey’s bill – probably because he is running for governor and thus won’t be around much longer. But it works to his advantage as a candidate, because, as he claims, he just wants to know where he can refer his constituents to to find definitve answers.

I can’t state this as a fact, but I think all it takes is one member of the House or the Senate to begin quo warranto proceedings, which it seems is the only way – short of barry volunteering the info – to compel him to produce it. And from what I remember, in the Hawaii version of the FOIA, there was a statute that should have compelled the DOH to release his birth certificate when it was questioned. I’m not sure if it hinged on who questioned it – like if it only applied to the Hawaii Democrat Party of the DNC, neither of which would have been interested. Don’t quote me on these. I’ll need to check them out or maybe someone can comment.

Haven’t heard back on my 4th FOIA request since they changed the website. I don’t know what happened to Miss Tickly/Terri. She was definitely on to something with the registrar thing but last I knew she was going down the avenue that barry was a Hawaiian prince or something. Aha that’s it. A women running for office on Oklahoma (Hawaii born) has released her son’s long form birth certificate…from 1981. I haven’t examined it – but I was wondering if they had a finite number of choices for race. Like a check box. No one in Hawaii could give me an answer, including the Honolulu ask a librarian.

The absolute key to all this, without involving Hawaii, is the November 1981 UPI article that MICHAEL ANDERSON referred to on MYBARACKOBAMA. It was used as the source of barry’s birth certificate in reference to him being only 8 when Ayers was a confirmed domestic terrorist. The date of the post was October 5, 2008 – a little less than 4 months after that digital image COLB was placed online by Kos – and there is no link to this article.

Why would they not refer to the “document” that they swear proves barry was born in Hawaii?

Because it was based on FACTCHECK’s April 17, 2008 post where it was enough for a fact check of barry’s age. So why would they go to such extremes to use the COLB that appeared 2 months after they used the UPI article to confirm barry’s birth certificate?


it was good for the one factcheck – why wasn’t it good for another?

UPI was one of the sites that changed barry’s birthplace after the Kapiolani letter was exposed. Their November 4th article said “Queens Medical Center” and they blamed it on a student mistake but couldn’t explain why, after eight months, with no intervening revelation, they changed it to Kapiolani — within 90 minutes or so of WNDs post – as did Snopes.

As for your last question – I don’t know what his sister’s title is or if they’re living in the WH or if her husband got a job but barry’s mother-in-law is a permanent resident. i don’t know the rules about that.



[hand transcribed]

SWENSSON: Last question I’d like to ask you has to do with the letter you sent to Barack Hussein Obama. [can’t hear] Have you receive any response back from him concerning that letter?

REP DEAL: No. No I have not.

SWENSSON: Has enough time past where you would be willing to let people see the contents of that?

REP DEAL: Well, I think that it is a communication that deserves, at least, his response, first of all, I think, which we have not received.

But, in essence, what I told him is this, is that: When I am asked a congressman, from constituents, hard questions, I don’t shy away from hard questions. I try to answer those questions. If I don’t have the information to answer the questions, I have to go to the folks who do have the answers. In this case, I think the president is the one who could clear this up.

What I’m asking him to do is tell me where I can ask my constituents to go to see authentic documentation that he says is authentic that will satisfy their curiosity.

I think that… [can’t hear]

I know that some folks are trying to label this as “politically incorrect”. I want to tell you something: Political incorrectness is paralyzing our society.

These kinds of things deserve straightforward responses – and I think this ought to be put to rest.

I’m not questioning his legitimacy to serve as the president.

I would think that he would like to clear that up in as unequivocal fashion as possible.

And that’s simply all I’m asking him to do.

One Response to “Rep Deal goes on video record re: letter to barry about birth certificate”

  1. mattie Says:

    You have to stretch your mind, MadJewess, all the way back to 2004.

    On July 27, 2004 barry bumped the previously scheduled speaker – another black man whose name I can’t recall. barry was there as an introduction to the national stage. BTW he didn’t write that speech. He didn’t even write his automythology – just a guy in the neighborhood Bill Ayers did. barry was running for the US Senate but hadn’t won.

    September 2004, the Senate Judiciary Committee decides to have a hearing re: changing the constitutional requirement of natural born citizen.

    It took place on October 5, 2004, before barry was elected to the Senate. Alan Keyes was the last minute fill in candidate for Jack Ryan whose divorce records were made public after relentless pressure by barry people. It sealed Ryan’s fate and Keyes had no chance because he was shipped in and nobody knew him besides the fact that he’s more than a tad out there.

    During one of the debates, Keyes said to barry something to the effect that he – barry wasn’t a natural born citizen and barry responded that it didn’t matter. The video was initially on public TV but has since disappeared – like everything else.

    Head of the Judiciary Committee is Patrick Leahy who 1-handled McCain’s NBC nonlegally binding NBC resolution, which was a setup for barry and 2-went on public radio and told “Hillary” to get lost.

    The resolution took place in April 2008 – around the same time people were asking about barry’s citizenship.

    The hearing had an interesting title: Maximizing Voter Choice: Opening the Presidency to Naturalized Americans.

    Some of the recommendations:

    1-living 20 years in the US
    2-foreign born child adopted by US parents
    3- another to cover the amount of years over the age of 14
    4-Barney Frank’s let any immigrant be president.

    Some of what he said was Frank was positively psychic:

    But, uhm, we do have now this major obstacle in the way of the voters, and we say to them: We don’t trust you. You could get fooled.

    I mean, they might—some foreign country might sucker you by getting some slick person, mole him into the United States, or her, and get that person citizenship, and then years later have that person get elected President, and you will be too dumb to notice.

    If you have the time read this post or watch the video and then ask yourself if he was talking about a nebulous person in the future or setting the stage for someone he was already aware of.

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