WaPost/ABC Poll: DADT, same-sex marriage

February 12, 2010

Washington Post-ABC News poll
Feb 4-8, 1004 adults, MoSe ± 3

Ok for gays to serve in military without disclosure?
Yes 83 – No 15

Serve with disclosure?
Yes 75 – No 24

Support gays serving openly in the military?
Democrats 82
Independents 77
Republicans 64

Under 30 81
Women 84

Seniors 69
Men 65

Have gay family member or friend 81
Don’t 66

Same-sex marriage
Legal 47
Illegal 50

Allowed to form legally recognized civil unions, giving them the legal rights of married couples in areas such as health insurance, inheritance and pension coverage?
Should 66 – should not 31

Know someone who is gay
Yes 63 – No 36

Don’t ask don’t tell posts

States allowing same-sex marriage/civil unions

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