“Birther” issue not just question of birthplace

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Hello birthersXXXXXXX

Your name was too rude to write out completely.

The question of barry’s birth certificate arose in late March/April 2008. It did not start after Hillary Clinton’s concession. His “birth certificate” was produced by KOS out of nowhere after NRO’s Geraghty asked for it and it was initially posted on his site June 12, 2008 – even though it was dated June 2007. It then morphed into different forms until they arrived at the one that is still posted.

The “birther” movement is not solely based on barry not being born in the US. The issue is whether or not he is Constitutionally eligible to be president, which does not necessarily mean he was not born in the US. He could have been born in the White House and still not be eligible according to the Constitution. It’s at this point “birthers” split in opinion. That he was born outside the country, that his mother wasn’t old enough, that because he was born with dual UK/US citizenship, that he never denounced his Kenyan citizenship and/or he gave up his citizenship.

barry  has never presented a birth certificate. Say what you will but it is the truth. What is posted is not a birth certificate – it’s merely a certification (COLB) that a birth certificate exists. A birth certificate that could say anything. Hawaii has very curious laws, one being a foreign born baby in 1961 could be registered as a Hawaii birth as long as the baby’s mother had lived in Hawaii for the year previous to the birth.

What is posted is a digital image – nothing more – nothing less. The “documents” that were photographed were never released to any independent party for examination. There is no complete image of the entire back page and conveniently missing are the seal and signature. There is not even a complete image of the Hawaii state seal. Look at the images for yourself. Without the entire back page visible it is useless according to Hawaii. barry has been claiming not only that it is a birth certificate but that it is a “certified copy”, which it may very well be, but there is no proof without the full page.

What they are claiming it is it is not and that is why folks want to see the actual birth certificate. He posted that COLB for the public to see he was born in Hawaii and it means nothing. And the “angry, crazy birthers” have a reason to be angry because the press continues to mischaracterize what it is aka a “certified copy of his birth certificate” and what it means that it isn’t aka it is completely worthless – including in the eyes of Hawaii.

Then you say Dr Fukino confirmed that (COLB) was a legal birth certificate. No need detailing how her second statement no longer said “birth certificate” and the significance of her change of wordage to “vital records” or why Hawaii changed their own website after it was pointed out that a COLB wasn’t even good enough for Hawaii born citizens to prove their Hawaii native heritage. All you need to know is she has never said anything about the digital image COLB they are claiming is a “certified copy of his birth certificate”. Nothing. Ever. Even when asked before she made her second statement. They are completely separate entities with absolutely no proven connection. What she is vouching for is not that COLB. And it’s completely laughable that she pronounced him to be a natural born citizen when Constitutional scholars (not barry) and the Supreme Court haven’t even defined it.

The Hawaii State Registrar, Alvin T Onaka, whose name is allegedly on that COLB as having signed/stamped it received a copy of it and declared he couldn’t say “what that image on the site represents“. Written right on Politifact’s website. The man who works with the real documents – whose name is on the image – who stamps COLBs every day and has sent them via email said he didn’t know what that image was that barry posted.

And the most important fact of all?

No one – not even Robert Gibbs – can name the hospital barry was born in. Gibbs was asked this directly in the July 13, 2009 WH press briefing and he said he “didn’t know the name of the exact hospital” and that he would “seek to interview whoever brought the President into this world“. After the controversy had been raging on for over a year, the man who speaks for the president, the man who has been in Hawaii with him, the man who asked for that COLB to be posted and had been calling it a birth certificate that proves barry was born in Hawaii, did not know the name the hospital. He doesn’t know doesn’t know that image is not a birth certificate or the name of the hospital but he’s sure barry was born in the Hawaii.

Not a single person knows his actual physical birthplace – not even the Hawaii papers who published those birth notices. Notices that do not state his place of birth. Notices that no one alive can vouch for as to how they got placed in the paper.

barry has a bronze statue in Indonesia in a park near where he went to school, but not a single hospital in Hawaii has claimed and/or honored the first Hawaii-born President. Not a single one had a celebration on his birthday in August or named a birthing suite after him or have published pictures of the operating room he was born in. Not a single nurse, doctor or other attendant has come forward to testify to his birth – not even to claim the $10K, $50K or $100K rewards, nor has barry come forward for the alleged $25M reward.

At Kapiolani hospital – what is alleged to be his birthplace – a woman who was in labor the day barry was born gave birth to twins the day after barry was born but never saw barry’s mother. That was back in the day of maternity wards and when women stayed in the hospital for several days. Every mother in there would have seen each other’s newborns, especially a set of twins. Twins who went to school with barry so she would have known Ann Dunham. Twins who refused to be interviewed about barry.

Choose to believe whatever you like.

But consider this. The birth certificate issue led in part to the Democrat’s loss in VA, NJ and MA and has led to angry townhalls with constituents demanding answers that the candidtates can’t answer, putting their re/election at stake. barry needs every seat he can get healthcare passed, so why wouldn’t he just produce his birth certificate once and for all to remove the issue? And why aren’t the candidates themselves demanding he release it?

One Response to ““Birther” issue not just question of birthplace”

  1. mattie Says:

    Hello Ann1.

    “the only birth certificate that he can produce because it is the only one that Hawaii sends out.”

    1-Wrong. It is what they send out but he can get a copy of his long form at any time. He can even designate you to get a copy of it.

    2-Gov Lingle has never said barry was born in Hawaii. Dr Fukino has never mentioned that COLB. Period. It is meaningless.

    “In 2007 Obama asked Hawaii for his birth certificate, and Hawaii sent him the COLB–which is what it sends to everyone.”

    3-Please provide proof of what barry asked for. [It doesn’t exist.] Recall also barry admitted he had an actual copy of his long form birth certificate.

    “It is accepted as proof of birth in the USA by the US State Department and the branches of the US military.”

    3-You neglected to mention the Office of the Presidency.

    “And, no, you cannot get a birth certificate–long form or short form–in Hawaii that says “born in Hawaii” on it unless there is proof that the child was born in Hawaii.”

    4-Wrong. Look up the statute. And remember that the COLB is meaningless.

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