Update: Murder of 16 y/o Medine Memi (buried alive)

February 15, 2010

Local prosecutors are seeking life in prison for the father and grandfather of 16 y/o, MEDINE MEMI, who was buried alive fully conscious. [background] Her father AYHAN MEMI, 40, and grandfather FETHI MEMI, 65, have refused to talk to since they were arrested in December after MEDINE was found.

Turkey’s English paper Harriyet:

The judicial source said they would likely face a charge of “premeditated homicide with aggravating circumstances, perpetrated with cruelty” being drawn up by prosecutors.

Conviction = life in prison.

What I haven’t seen anywhere is whether they were actually charged. The mother was initially rounded up – she never reported MEDINE missing – but she was let go. There are either 8 or 9 siblings.

Turks would like the West to know that the murderers aren’t Turks – they are Kurds.

Organization to help women in Turkey: http://www.kamer.org.tr/eng/

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